Adcock charged with murder in Sandusky stabbing

A Sandusky man is dead, his nephew is in jail and their family is struggling to make sense of it all.
Emil Whitis
Dec 18, 2012


“We’ve got a funeral and a court date,” said Herlandes Delph, a relative of stabbing victim, Jared Rhodes, 24, and the suspect, Tre'vonte Adcock, 18. “Jared is like my brother and Tre’vonte is like my son.”

Adcock, 18, was charged with murder Monday morning, just days after he allegedly stabbed his uncle, Rhodes.


Listen to a recording of Adcock's 911 call to emergency responders by clicking the video player to the right. (WARNING: The recording contains strong language that may be offensive to some listeners.)

For more family reaction and what police found at the scene of the incident, pick up a copy of Tuesday's Register.




Yep, this kid sounds like a winner. Do the deed then get upset cause someone else can't fix it for you.


Erased my comment because I said he was gonna have a sore butt in prison?


My goodness 18 yo and already has murdered another person. Probably will spend major portion of his life in prison and I might add at taxpayers expense. No I don't blame Sandusky City Schools, or his parents, or his neighbors, or social service organizations, or host of others. We are responsible for our own destiny and I doubt the good Lord did not put a gene in that said your job in life is to murder. No he is responsbile for what he is and while we as taxpayers must pay the $$$ price for him I suppose it is best to keep him in a small cell for years and years.


He sounded genuinely upset on the phone, maybe we should take it easy on him. He didnt mean to stab his uncle so many times. He's really sorry! LOL


Multiple stab wounds? yeah, sounds like an accident.

he said she said

One stab wound, I can see that as an accident. I have cut my hand by accident with a knife, then who hasn't? Two or more is intentional.

I have heard six different stories of what happened that night. Honestly, I wouldn't believe anyone if their tongue was notorized by my Higher Power. One person was in bed so they don't know what happened except what they were told. One person is legally blind, so how can this person be a reliable witness? I wouldn't believe the one that did the stabbing if my life depended on it. The one that could tell can't because he's deceased.

Tre is not the victim here. Jared was. Tre did the adult crime now he has to do the adult time. He's still wet behind the ears and has to learn that life is not a slap on the hand when you decide to jump on the wrong side of the law and this includes murder, especially family.

I believe in capital punishment. 365 days to do one appeal and you're done. Stop this nonsense of people on death row for 20-30 years; that's 20-30 years the victim didn't get so why should the killer?

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I saved this comment until I heard what the charge would be. First I thought it would be man slaughter because it was an emotional stupid act but then I read about the way he interfered with LE and now listened to this recording as well. I can now see why they chose murder; this young jerk has no respect for anyone, not even himself.

Sandusky, how sad, I was talking to a friend who knew the people that lived in the home on Central Ave. that was just burglarized while people came home. Well it turns out he had friends that previously lived in that home, they moved out of town after a scary incident took place. Sandusky better get cleaned up, it may go right to hell or the citizens will rise up and take their city back. You will see these little pieces of trash like Trey found in dumpsters and know body saw anything!!!

he said she said

The one's that the Register should be talking to are the family that was closest to him. His girlfriend, his cousins, his aunts...

G George I du kno

I agree he said she said. Then he calls 911 to get them there as fast as he can not to save his uncle but to keep himself out of prison for the rest of his life! Maybe he should have walked away and called the police before stabbing him. He could have told them to hurry up, I am about to stab my uncle 3 times because I am not a rational, clear thinking, sensitive human being.

Here is the problem with this town. It's not the cops or teachers, it's the parents and the courts that let us down. None of these kids in this town have adult supervision. Then when they get in trouble as juveniles they get 3 and 4 chances. As adults the only recourse they have for their actions is paying O'Brien some court cost. Maybe if he put them in jail or do some community service (Plenty of trash needs picked up in this town) they would say "This sucks, time to straighten up." Then they do some real crimes and end up at County Court. They are given 2, 3, and 4 chances before they finally get sent to prison for a year maybe 2.

Here is another idea, if you get in trouble instead of finding them too poor to pay a fine, suspend the fine on the condition that they get and keep a job for a certain amount of time. If they don't keep it drop the hammer. Had Tre had a job maybe he would have been at work or in bed preparing for his next days work instead of committing murder.

he said she said

@G George
When I was a kid, my parents could beat the snot of out of our a$% and it was discipline. If an adult neighbor saw us doing wrong, they could too! We were taught to respect everyone even if we didn't like a particular person.

When the law and government stepped in and told kids that if their parents touched them they could call the police and their parent would go to jail for child abuse. Parents now will not discipline their children for fear of going to jail.

I say whoop that a&* and go to jail and put the child in the DH. The law or government didn't have any part of me bringing my children into the world so how can they tell me not to discipline my child??


I say bring back the chain gangs and ones for problem teens, too Or start a " Scared Straight" program.. Maybe both.

He's gonna go to prison for 20 and get released and do it again. Just like the crappy cop killer.


they had scared straight. it didn't work and cost to much money. not to mention to many libs crying that we exposed the kids to hardened criminals. like that didn't happen anytime they had a family reunion.


..okay , well how about putting all these thugs and criminals out on deserted island somewhere at let them have at it with each other. Maybe that will help whittle the prison population down a little. And save some tax payer dollars.


works for me. I'll even chip in some money for the boat gas.



Okay. :)


yup. throw the book at him. he killed someone in his family and would kill someone in yours...


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God Of Thunder

According to the article in the paper..'they play fight alot'... Yeah.. Play fight alot with my relatives using a butterfly knife... What a bunch of nitwits.. I'm distraught my relative is dead, but I'm gonna say what I have to to save my other relative who killed him...

he said she said

@ G of T
They did play around alot. It was their way. Someone couldn't hold their underage alcohol consumtion and took it to the serious side.


Awww, really? Poor kid got all caught up in real life and killed his uncle?

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(but I'm gonna say what I have to to save my other relative who killed him...)

LOL, even if it's not the truth. Only in Sandusky!


Don't you think someone would have noticed the blood after the first play stab wound. No, we need to play stab another two times.

I can't comprehend the stupidity of the "play" defense.

Maybe Mr. Adcock can pretend he's not in prison.

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(Maybe Mr.)

"Mr." Does not apply to a little boy with a bad temper!


The truth will come out in due time. Everyone has thier skeletons in thier closets that are not aired out for the world to see yet you sit here and critize this young man. Nor is anyone looking at the facts somethings might not add up because only half of the story is out. That story to move papers and not get the full facts. They let us listen to the 911 call what about the police cameras. Where is the daily log entry? They had like six for heather and the kids, not one of this incident. Jerrod was stable after the surgery but died a few hours later? also why when they called and said that someone was bleeding the ambulance was not disbatched then? so many questions not answered! So until you have the full facts i don't believe that this young man or his family should have to hear or read you negative comments. I was taught growin up if you do not have nothing nice to say then dont say anything at all!!!


you question all of these things so I am going to assume that you know ALL of the facts then? How are the police cameras going to help when they are in the cruisers and not on the officer, so what you want to see the outside of the house. also why do you think an ambulance wasn't dispatched between the 2 calls? the calls in the recording sound as if they over lap but that is probably not the case just compressed to put on here.


Well seeing that they did end up putting the cameras on the website it shows when the ambulance would have showed up however no times are on the camera. But you hear mostly what is going on, on the outside seems like they are talking to people outside instead of being were Jared was. But you are right people need to know what happened inside the house. Not just people but the courts. I have a feeling that some funny business happened but someone is covering it up. Might it be the police or the people in the house im just sayin everyone is telling what they think happened in the house and the only ones that can really answer that are those that were there.


It seems that you have a personal interest in this, spoild. Perhaps you can share your POV with the rest of us? Erase some doubt?


People can always throw a clot after surgery. If it wasn't the fact that he was stabbed he wouldn't have been in surgery in the first place.

Trying to imply it was the hospital or EMT's doesn't wash.

yea right

BTW the ARGUMENT was over FIVE thats right 5 dollars