Berlin Heights woman accused of killing puppies

It's been about a year since she allegedly smothered a puppy to death, but a Berlin Heights woman could finally get her day in court.
Shawn Foucher
Dec 13, 2012

Leslie Holland, 26, of the 10000 block of Ohio 113 in Berlin Heights, is actually accused of smothering four puppies to death, although she's charged with just a single count of animal cruelty, Erie County dog warden Barb Knapp said.

The background story is about as long and convoluted as the misdemeanor case that's been inching its way through Vermilion Municipal Court since April.

Holland is currently being held in the Erie County jail on a probation violation for a theft case in Hardin County, Ky.

She pleaded guilty there in November 2007 to "theft by failure to make required disposition of property," a court clerk said.

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what about the scamming? guilty? i followed the link in a previous post & thers's three complaints..


i dont believe she killed dogs because i dont believe she has any dogs. at least not ones she claimed to have for sale..


Just another reason why Nitros law needs to be passed
Some of our Ohio Senators think it's a joke!


Contact this one
He is one who thinks it's a joke


who accused her?...why?...and for what means?...enemies?and who found said puppies anyways?


I wonder if anybody sticking up for her would trust this thing with their kids?

Hmmm.... what's that?

Thought so.


yea i would she has baby sat for me before and my kids absolutely love her and dont even say anything about me or my kids this is false allegations and she can prove it and when she does the person who falsely accused her of this heinous crime will get the justice they deserve.


and not to mention she was great with my kids i would trust leslie with my life maybe you should get to know her before you judge her. but then again thats whats wrong with people now adays to much time on there hands and no common sense


hopefully, she will get what she deserves too for scamming people.


she has already dealt with that so do me a favor why dont you research everything before you open your mouth. she knows what she did was wrong and accepted her responsibility for her actions. she is a good person and would never hurt innocent puppies they are her furry children. i have gotten a puppy from her before and she was healthy and in good shape when she was given to me. so she made bad choices that doesnt make her a bad person she has learned from the mistakes shes made and has made herself a better person so that is all that counts.


thats what they ALL say..


@ what the ...

I don't really care about you, what's your point again? You're the one who babbled about you and your kids, babbling brook. YOu just contradicted yourself Twice.

I'm more concerned with the puppies she killed.

For the record I have NO desire to get to know a puppy killer!!!


she didnt kill any puppies and you asked if any defending her would trust her with their children and i said i would so tell me how did i contradict myself

Kottage Kat

I worked for Leslie's mother for 4 years. Leslie has a disabled brother whom she loves dearly, and is excellent in the care of. I have seen her with animals, and she is caring and loving. I have seen her spend hours nursing a cat that was in a fight, she saved it's life and worked diligently to do so.
Have seen her through 3 litters of puppies, all thrived under her care. She is a compassionate person who has made some bad choices in life, NONE of which involve hurting a living being.
God Bless you Lelly, I am praying for you, and love you

Dont Worry Be Happy

Is she a breeder? There are just way to many dogs in the world people need to get there pets fixed we wouldn't have these problems of so many stray or unwanted dogs if people would be smart and stop trying to make a buck on selling dogs. Go on Petfinders and look at the population of dogs that need homes it's horrible to see the numbers.


no she isnt a breeder she takes in unwanted animals and keeps them until they find a good home she is very picky on where she lets them go.