Port Clinton man charged with 37 counts of rape

A Port Clinton man faces decades in prison if he's convicted of 37 counts of rape for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor victim for three years.
Jessica Cuffman
Dec 12, 2012


Frederick Harder, 38, is held at the Ottawa County jail without bond following his Monday indictment for the crimes.

He was first arrested Nov. 27, only a day after the victim told sheriff's deputies about the assaults.

"She disclosed the abuse to a friend, then a relative, and the relative brought her to the sheriff's office to report the crime," Ottawa County prosecutor Mark Mulligan said.

When the victim told deputies about the crimes and that she had found child pornography on Harder's computer, they decided to search his home in the 2000 block of East State Road.

When deputies told him about the allegations at his mother's house and asked him for permission to search, he agreed.

Deputies drove Harder to his home and read him his Miranda rights on the way.

"(He) said several times that he was shocked by the accusations," according to a police report.

The trailer Harder lived in was filthy, piled high with clothing and trash, and smelled of feces and rotting food.

Harder signed a form allowing deputies to search the residence. They seized bedding, a used condom, five CDs, a VHS tape labeled "Tom's Porn," a laptop and computer tower.

The next day, deputies arrested him for tampering with evidence and he has been in jail ever since.

The tampering with evidence charge has since been dropped, but Harder remains behind bars for the alleged crimes.

An Ottawa County grand jury indicted him this week on 37 counts of rape and 36 counts of sexual battery.

He remains in jail without bond.



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Ellis dee



Though I did not read what the 1rst poster said, they were probably on target with their opinion. L.E. does not arrest people just for the fun of it in situations like this. Fredrick has more than likley has done permanent damage to another human being.


I said that he should have pretty much any other punishment other than rotting in prison on our dime! Other posters have said much worse and never had their comments removed! Stupid moderators. Oh well, I am labeled violent now! I can't even kill a fly :)


I thought about my comment last night, what I meant by punishment is pretty much everything but him being free, be imaginative




Remember folks, just because he was indicted doesn't mean he is guilty. There is a saying that Prosecuters use, "You can indict a ham sandwich."
The tampering with evidence charge was likely because they didn't find any hard evidence at his trailer and assumed he had gotten rid of it. If you don't think teen girls make false accusations you need look no farther than yesterdays norwalk reflector.


This isn't one charge-it's 37. More than a sandwich-kinda like the whole PIG.


THAT's what I'm talking about!


Don't get excited about 37 counts folks. This is the same prosecutor that had like 80 counts on a female Port Clinton coach, and not a one of them stuck.

This is also the same prosecutor who is too "busy" to press charges for justice for the 81 year old Marblehead woman that was exploited for over $200,00.00

He is just an elected official (democrat), living in a very dense county of democrats. That does not make him good, that means majority rules.

It's just another case of a government employee doing a half a$$ job and still collecting the big bucks!!

Something none of hard working people could ever get away with.

Concerned For A...

You don't get charged with 37 counts of rape...without concrete proof. I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say that they took some pretty incriminating things from this sickos residence. One count, I could understand what you are saying, but come now, that is a ridiculous statement.

Ellis dee

Is that a 6x shirt


the 6 is his IQ

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3 years! Where were the parents? I would think there should been some serious behavior changes in her that someone would have noticed. So sad, that girl will hate men for most likely forever if this all comes out to be everything said here.


Yes! All molested little girls become man haters! Really!?! Trust me, she isn't a man hater, but im sure that can all be turned around to be because of what has happened or not happened! I hope this isn't true for all parties involved.




Rode through that trailer park the other day and was wondering what sheriff was doing there. Thought it would be about drugs. People in PC do make accusations about people that aren't true but most likely this one is true.








...and who would label something illegal anyway...i mean come on...lmao