Ohio family ends light display after vandalism

A central Ohio family has decided to put an end to a long neighborhood tradition after vandals destroyed an elaborate front-yard Christmas light display.
Associated Press
Dec 11, 2012

The Hall family has been putting up the display for about three decades, and this year's version featured 30,000 lights. Hundreds of people drove into their Chillicothe-area cul-de-sac to see the show every year.

But vandals hit overnight Saturday, tearing up parts of the display and stealing others.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that the Halls spent Sunday afternoon taking down what was left of it and have decided to put an end to the tradition.

Mike Hall said he has invested more than $7,000 into Christmas decorations and starts preparing it every October. He said the family considers it a Christmas card to the community.




It's too bad one act of vandalism would cause him to quit a three decade tradition. How much was damaged? I love driving around with my family seeing lights. If I had 7k in lights put up I might be wise to also have a surveillance system.


Many of you write drivel and the hungry are growing because of the economy and not because of Christmas lights. He's lucky to have $7000 to spend on lights over the years but I can empathize that he doesn't want to have to deal with the vandalism. Pranks are all good until someone gets hurt or something gets destroyed. And getting arrested-suddently it's not funny at all.


If I were him I'd sit on my roof with a paintball gun and wait for them to come back lol

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A shotgun would be better.


Unfortunately, this kind of kid stuff comes with the territory. You just go out and re-build it.


After three decades, the dude's probably just tired and no longer wants to tolerate delinquent disrespect for private property - FINI.

Here in Amerika, we are now in the Age of the Irresponsible; do whatever feels good, just vote the “right way” and earn your reward with cash and prizes from the State.

Heck, why get a job when the vandal is better off on State provided benefits?