Ohio family ends light display after vandalism

A central Ohio family has decided to put an end to a long neighborhood tradition after vandals destroyed an elaborate front-yard Christmas light display.
Associated Press
Dec 11, 2012


The Hall family has been putting up the display for about three decades, and this year's version featured 30,000 lights. Hundreds of people drove into their Chillicothe-area cul-de-sac to see the show every year.

But vandals hit overnight Saturday, tearing up parts of the display and stealing others.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that the Halls spent Sunday afternoon taking down what was left of it and have decided to put an end to the tradition.

Mike Hall said he has invested more than $7,000 into Christmas decorations and starts preparing it every October. He said the family considers it a Christmas card to the community.




And a joyous and merry Dec. 25th to you and yours!


LOL. The neighbors probably got tired of it looking like daylight 24/7 and hired some thugs to go ruin it.


Yep, sometimes LESS is more. :)

Personally, I like the softer lights that don't knock out your eyeballs, gee, do they even make those anymore?

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They are not bright because they have to be, they are bright because they can be! You see, LED technology has gone so far in such a short time that people somehow think brighter is better. Now I will not argue this in Washington but I do not think the lights ever go on over there anyway! But back to technology, it is very funny, silly, and stupid what people do with LED technology. Just take the new LED billboards, yes they light the night but if you are driving you have to turn your head away so you are not blinded. This is great advertising when people look away from your signage?

Then there are the cop cars with blazing LED strobes, Oops, sorry officer I did not see you as they put him in the ambulance, yes it happens. I bought a new alarm clock that lit the walls and ceiling so I gave it away, I found a brand new older model one on EBay made by GE that was old stock, it was LED but had a knob so you could adjust the brightness down to nothing, and that brings up another subject, the 2013 Chrysler 300, my god, dashboard lights that cannot be dimmed down below a flash bulb but can be brightened up so your wife can put on mascara from the back seat in the Eisenhower tunnel.

Just like anything else, it is done because they can, not because it should be. I know those Christmas lights well, it is so sad because they are so bright one cannot even see what the display is supposed to be, we are just blinded by the intensity of the lamp! Ironically there are light pollution codes for street lights, parking lot lights and other lighting in place.

SECTION 21.12 LIGHTING REGULATIONS: Lighting standards for all
exterior lighting are hereby established to: protect the public health and safety, and in the
interest of the public convenience, comfort, prosperity and general welfare. The purpose
of this section is to control the installation of exterior lighting fixtures to prevent light
pollution in the forms of light trespass and glare and to preserve, protect and enhance the
character of the township and the lawful nighttime use and enjoyment of property located
within it.


Let's not forget the sun. It really hurts my eyes :)


Would you stare at it more than 5 minutes?

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Not really (Deep), I just try to educate the progressives that figure everything handed to them is best. You know the ones that cannot think themselves. I try to make people think, it is hard when we have big government wanting to think for everyone! Just maybe one young engineer, one young interior designer, one young buyer from the big box store that sells these lights gets a little feedback from the public, they just may have a chance to open their eyes. Posting here is more fun to teach than it is to just bitch!

Just saying!
PS, Typing in all caps is yelling! Settle down, grab a cold one.


2 cents... I don't work in a big box store , all I meant was the older versions of lights that I grew up with were much more easier on the eyesight. They lasted longer and they were prettier with the softer illumination. Ours had a nice slow twinkle, too.

That's really all I meant.


After three decades? Obviously some long term passive aggressive issues.

If you want permanent twilight, try livin' near a major airport.

Happy "X" Day.


Try spending the money to feed the hungry, instead of the electric company executives. Those displays are ego-based and have nothing whatsoever to do with Jesus.


Yea, better stop wasting all that money on city lights, trees and displays too. Why should Muslims, Jews, atheists and others have to help pay for that caca?

A record 48 million now on SNAP program - the "hungry" are growing.


sandtown born a...

I find it sad that everyone looks at this as a bad thing this family was doing. I celebrate xmas how I want to it is there right to as well and its some little spoiled punks looking for kicks who tore it up. I would put it up again obviously they enjoyed it. I do what I want with my money and so should they, if you dont agree with the use of funds use yours in the ways you describe. The entire season is commercial/fictional anyways

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AND that no one seems to mind that these vandals have no regard for the property of others. Sad commentary on our society.


No, I'm sorry. But these light show displays have gotten out of hand. It needs to be calmed down.


sharia law will fix it. coming soon to your town..

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So now theft and destruction of property are now justified because you disagree with the owner's taste?

Fine, then, I don't like your hairstyle, so I think I'll take your car.

Yeah, I know, logic is hard.




Well said, Sandtown


I seriously do not understand people. These folks liked to put on a show for their nieghbors at christmas time, Spend their own money to put it on for them and ask nothing in return. Vandals wreck the place and people blame the owners? If you spend thousands trying to make your yard and home look nice and someone tears it up we should applaud the vandals, What the heck is this world comming to? If it was my home next year i would put a sign in lights on the front of my house saying "Went on vactaion, Screw you"


Their neighbors obviously hated the lights and traffic.


The neigbors are going to steal christmas decorations for what? Does not matter, They went on private property and destroyed stuff. We live in a civilized nation, Pretty sure that means respecting others property.


Yes, absolutely.


You obviously don't live here, and have no clue what you're talking about.


what the heck is everyones problem now a days? Complaining that people are decorating their OWN house for Christmas? Unbelievable


I live in Chillicothe. The lights were not on all hours of the night. The neighbors had no issue with it. The house is one of 3 or 4 in a large cul-de-sac, and the lots are very large (about an acre). This was a popular destination to see pretty lights, and the neighbors also had lights up.

It has become a popular prank around here for kids to remove the christmas lights from one house, and then put them on a house that doesn't have any.

The Bizness

Ahhhhh people commenting just to comment is just as absurd as vandals messing with the lights.

Like none of you ever touched other people's property when you were young.

C'mon people


I remember taking my friend's mother's wicker reindeer from her lawn and returning it for easter lol


We have people that don't care about others belongings and its a real shame . I hope the people that did this is happy they did something that no one has the right to do , and I hope that they get there's sometime or some day


Not that I condone this sort of activity but I really wish vandals would mess with the crap that the trailer trash next door has left outside since they moved in (wheelchair, bike, goose, an assortment of totes, a fake Christmas tree, some yarn and a crocheted blanket on the line). Stuff has been there for months; don't know why they don't bring it inside. Some of it has been rained on several times. Lakeshore Drive PC. Come get it.


It's too bad one act of vandalism would cause him to quit a three decade tradition. How much was damaged? I love driving around with my family seeing lights. If I had 7k in lights put up I might be wise to also have a surveillance system.


Many of you write drivel and the hungry are growing because of the economy and not because of Christmas lights. He's lucky to have $7000 to spend on lights over the years but I can empathize that he doesn't want to have to deal with the vandalism. Pranks are all good until someone gets hurt or something gets destroyed. And getting arrested-suddently it's not funny at all.


If I were him I'd sit on my roof with a paintball gun and wait for them to come back lol

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A shotgun would be better.