Cop escorted, resident jailed

It’s a tale of two women in one township. Perkins police gave one a ride home, the other a ride to jail. The difference? The first was a Perkins cop, the second was an average person.  
Emil Whitis
Dec 8, 2012

Thursday morning, Perkins police hauled an alleged drunken driver off to jail. Her arrest came just moments after officers received a tip from a Taco Bell employee, who said the driver was possibly intoxicated.

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Two weeks earlier, Perkins police received a similar tip from a Taco Bell employee, who said a woman was passed out in her car at the drive-through. When officers went to investigate, they found Perkins Officer Kate Barker in her silver Toyota nearby, according to police.

Officers provided Barker a ride home, according to sources outside the township. A test administered hours later at the hospital put Barker's blood-alcohol content at 0.139 percent, according to a police report.

Barker was never charged with a crime.

The other woman remains in jail on more than $5,000 bond.

Meanwhile, Perkins Township trustees, the police chief and the township's attorney, John Coppeler, have refused to release an internal investigative report detailing the alleged incident involving Barker.

The report involving Thursday's alleged drunken driver was released within hours.

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Slam dunk


Remind me not to stop at Taco Bell on the way home from the bar.


Anyone surprised by this story? All cops are not "hero's", some are just "want a be's".


It appears that Perkins needs to clean out the ones who feel they are above the law again.


Why didn't the SR print this womans name? Better yet, if the SR has a copy of the report that was readily available to them, attach it to the article in a PDF and let's all read it. Emil, wiredmama already explained to Matt in another article why Perkins isn't releasing the information. Maybe you're still upset from when you broke the law driving on a closed road?


An explanation for not releasing the report does not mean it is legal. Ohio's sunshine laws and the FoIA have no teeth. Maybe we need to make failing to release public records a felony.


Just what we need, more laws to satisfy peoples need for nothing.


An explanation for not releasing the report does not mean it is legal. Ohio's sunshine laws and the FoIA have no teeth. Maybe we need to make failing to release public records a felony.


There is an ongoing investigation! Don't get me wrong, I don't agree with what's happened, but reports should not be released until an investigation is done to make sure that people are not being wrongly accused.


"To read more on this story, pick up Saturday's Register." This is written at the end of this story What appears on the SR website is an abbreviated version of the story. If you want to read the entire story you can purchase a copy of the paper or subscribe to the e-paper which is an online copy of the entire print paper. The other persons name does appear in the article in the print paper.


Shocker.... why I don't buy it.


BUSTED!!! Plain and simple! LOL!


One was driving the other wasn't. Perhaps one did not have a sober party to be released to. One investigation is done the other is not. The alcohol test was given hours later which means that drinking could have occured at a later time. Every situation is different.

The inequity in your reporting is the real tragedy. The police officer may very well be charged, in addition loose her job. The other lady who was picked up has been charged, it is highly unlikely she will lose her job or face the wrath of the SR.

While I agree there are many problems in LE in Erie County, your spin and bias contribute to the problem and doesn't help. I'm sure you see yourself as some type of watchdog but I think you need a dose of self awareness.


Well stated.


I guarantee the officer won't be charged. There is no evidence, no video, no breathalyzer etc... The alcohol content performed by PPD was already deemed inadmissible because the PPD had no jurisdiction when she was picked up at her home. I agree that the SR has a clear bias against law enforcement, especially against SPD, but this is one of those situations that the police clearly botched. And with the department and township continuing to refuse to release the report, it only adds to the debauchery. We need to know that our government will openly share that which the law says they must share. By withholding the report they are only feeding the fire.


They sure do have a bias against local law enforcement. Just like when they publish a story about the police dispatcher who bit someone's ear at putinbay but nothing on the hundreds of other fights that happen every Saturday night over there. Whatever happened to her anyway? Why was there no follow up on her discipline or status of her assault charges? I am guessing the Sandusky register made a bigger deal out of that story than it actually was. I get the impression that Matt wants to publish lots of anti police stories, but never does any follow up to let us know if they are found not guilty and he was wrong. Now they want to make a big deal out of this Perkins officer and poor Matty is upset they won't issue a press release and his "best newspaper in Ohio" might actually have to do some reporting.


RE:Dontcare-- Nice of you to let the SR know what "they need." You, my friend, need a dictionary.


Apparently I do, I have no idea what you're talking about.


Lose instead of loose is what she is talking about. Minor infraction.


Guilty as charged, I appreciate Heavenly's insight, and substantive posting. Judging from her writing style, I assume she writes for the SR.






What about the video from taco bell? Maybe when you Emil go into work tonight at taco bell you can get a copy of that tape.


Emil got a ticket for driving on a closed road? Why wasn't that in the paper? It is public record is it not? That news made this article. To which Emil didn't write. Maybe that's what did the trick.


Yes, he did. Back in the summer. Do a search. You will find it.


apples, oranges and kiwi fruit...


They where both driveing..ONCE AGAIN..JUST SHOWS YA PERKINS PD GIVES SANDUSKY A BAD NAME..and its the god honest truth..


Heh. When you type, it gives you a bad name, STB. :)




Sandusky gives itself a bad name. No murders here in the Township.