Sandusky man arrested for disrobing sleeping woman

Police on Tuesday tracked down a Sandusky man who allegedly snuck into a woman’s Lawrence Street home and pulled her pants off while she slept.
Emil Whitis
Dec 7, 2012

Juliun Clinton, 29, was charged with burglary, sexual imposition and obstructing official business. Police also served him two bench warrants.

On Sept. 16, the victim, 25, was sleeping on her couch when Clinton allegedly broke into the home, a Sandusky police report said.

“While she was sleeping, she felt her pants being pulled down, however, she thought (she) stated she thought she was in a dream,” the report said. “At that point, (the victim) awoke and realized her pajama pants were in fact being pulled down and felt a hand on the outside of her naked thigh.”

The woman jolted awake and saw Clinton standing over her, the report said.  

When she screamed, Clinton jumped over the couch and bolted out of the house, the report said.

Police showed up at about 2 a.m. and found pry marks on two doors. A suspect was nowhere to be found.

A similar incident happened about two weeks prior. On Sept. 2, a victim awoke to find Clinton allegedly standing over her. Clinton told the victim he’d cut off his court-ordered ankle monitor and fled his grandmother’s house, the report said.

Clinton allegedly told the woman he planned to kill himself, but he then ran out of the house.

When the home was burglarized again Tuesday, police drove to Clinton’s grandmother’s home in the 1300 block of Farwell St. The door opened as officers walked up to the house, but someone quickly shut it.

Moments later, officers spotted Clinton dashing for the woods behind the home, a police report said.  

They arrested him at gunpoint. Late Wednesday, he was in the Erie County jail on $24,850 bond.


Whiskey Tango F...

why randy, are you suggesting that the elected officials are not issuing a punishment that fits each crime? These people are geniuses, just ask them. Isn't it ironic that when people contribute to society and don't sell drugs for a living we don't seem to have all of these issues. If you or I were passed out in the taco bell drive through I'm sure the same officers would have taken us home safely without a ticket... Afterall these are the people who help us with right and wrong.


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That is actually a pretty good idea. What a great day that would be. National Debt would be wiped out if they implimented this kind of system.

Truth Be Told....

LOL!! LOVE IT! Gotta love Mr Sandler. Highfive to you Whiskey! :)


Yes he is related to curtis clinton first cousins.


I'll donate 3 bullets. One for this Clinton, 2 for Curtis.

The General

ewww chee mama, time for a pajama party

Ellis dee

Sleep creep


Another brain surgeon from Sandumpy. When are the judges and cops going to clean up this mess? Who would want to move their plant or company here with all the scumbags and thugs running around?? What has happened to this city borders on criminal neglect, by the city commission, city manager, police department and most of all the courts. Look at this clown's rap sheet and you tell me why he is not in prison, not jail, prison??


This is just too CREEPY!» 1 of us, in our home, sound asleep, and awakened by this CREEP!
I just can't wrap my brain around this despicable crime. wtf »Lock 'n Load.


This does give S town another problem. The mom & kids. The murdered cop. Yes crime happens everywhere but in Sandusky it seems out of proportion. We in America need the liquidation of ALL upper tier criminals.

Mr. D

Out of curiosity, how many of you who criticize the cops and courts of not doing their duty, how many of you go out of your way to get out of jury duty? Just wondering!!!


sickening!!! if he ends back on the street,we as a society are once again failed...lets just lock up our daughters children and wives...the law isn't protecting them enough!!!

Don S

Put this sicko in jail. There he will find people that will like removing his pants !!!!!!!

R U Kidding me

do you want me to tell you how bad it is. The town cops sit out by trader jacks trying to catch someone going five miles over the speed limit rather then patrol the bad areas. there scared better to chase a speeder they don't have to get out of there car and run

he said she said

I feel like this. If this man had come into my house, either my dog would have chewed him a new a&&hole or my glock 40 would have. Either way, he might have walked in but he'd be laying down and feet first when he went out.


Yep he is related to the man that is charged with the muder of heather Jackson and her 2 kids..he is the muders cusion..imagin that the apple dont fall to far from the tree,,


What does this mean?:

"he is the muders cusion"...Is he the "mother's cushion"?