Autopsy: Cleveland boy died of blows to head, body

An autopsy shows a 3-year-old Cleveland boy allegedly killed by his mother died of blows to the head, body and limbs.
Associated Press
Dec 4, 2012


The autopsy was done last week and the cause of death was released Tuesday by the Cuyahoga County medical examiner. Prosecutors disclosed earlier that Emilliano Terry had suffered a skull fracture.

His mother had claimed the child went missing during an outing to a park. Twenty-year-old Camilia Terry was subsequently charged with aggravated murder. She's been held with a $2 million bond.

The medical examiner says the boy died around Thanksgiving Eve.

His mother says he disappeared while on an outing to a park Nov. 25. One day later, the mother's version of what happened changed and his body was found in the trash.



Sit n Spin

Not only will she be going to a special place after her trial but when her time is done here on earth a really special place awaits her. R.I.P. Little Man


This just breaks my heart, How a grown A$$ woman that gave birth beat her baby to death. I just can't imagine what he went threw, and her other kids there to hear his screams, RIP baby boy :(


The damage to his body could have been from the garbage truck he was in. Let the jury decide if she is guilty or not


The fact that he was wrapped in trash bags & thrown in the garbage is enough to prove she's guilty.


Would that make it better??? That she ONLY put him in a trash bag and she ONLY set it at the curb. WHO in the heck would do this? Even if (devils advocate here titan) the child died from natural causes, WHY on god's green earth would you then put the child in a trash bag and set it at the curb??? And I am pretty sure most forensic examiners can tell by the response in the tissue/bone whether or not it happened pre/post mortem.


double post

BlueAngel u have to be hit in the head to see what she did? let a jury decide...why go to trial? she killed that little boy...PLAIN AND SIMPLE...if the injuries were from the garbage truck the MEDICAL EXAMINER would have said so in his report... geesh!!


As a citizen it is ours as well as hers to recieve a fair trial, To throw that out is to throw away your own rights.


@Randy_Marsh........would you think this way if it was her beating your child to death (if you have any children) ??? she shouldn't even get a trial!!!


I understand the emotion involved yet everyone is given rights for a reason. It is a slippery slope when skipping the trial and just killing them. The evidence is clear and the jury will decide (Hopefully guilty as i agree with you she is guilty as sin)And she will be held accountable. To throw away a whole system on mob rule leads to anarchy and no protection from false accusations.


Randy...False accusations? Are you kidding me? They watched her throw the trashbag into the dumpster. How can you say its without merit that she did it? Or that this is false accusations. Channel 5 news said the FBI was across the street and watched her put the baby in the dumpster, got the truck number when they picked up the dumpster and re routed it to the sorting station and found the child's body. This is FAR from false accusations. They are pretty clear cut. All on video tape I might add. They showed it on television. No, this isn't mob rule, these are very clear facts.

Darwin's choice



And then some


What he went through was awful. She threw him in the trash. Just dreadful.


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Is this related to the story at hand? Why are you asking about the library here?


that library thing is in many stories. I have no idea why. Its posted everywhere. Who knows?


It's so sad there has been so many murders of children in the news lately! Not to mention most of these crazy parents have other children! Hope she gets what she has coming to her!

he said she said

I could not imagine the horror that this precious baby went through looking at his mother beating him the way she was. I hope and pray that his higher power took him before he had to endure too much pain.

IMO The mother needs to be beaten like she beat her baby...


She put him in a trash bin, not at the curb. No wonder they needed the DNA to be sure it was him. This entire thing is just sickening. I hope they put this one to death for what she did. With her history, it's not surprising that she beat him to death. She cannot handle much from the reports that I have heard on Channel 5 news from her previous social workers, and those who were called to the house before this poor child was born.

I hope this case is considered one of a capital murder case. I have no sympathy any more for any woman, no matter what her mental state, who takes the life of a child. Not when they can walk away. This child had a father and grandmother willing to take him and she refused.


@wiredmama222.......I agree with you on everything... and even if she gets it for murder and gets the death sentence, she will just get to sit on death row and live for another 30 years... I can't imagine what he saw and how scared he was at the end...poor little thing... Rest in Peace little one!


I know. Right after I heard that his body was found and that she had been arrested, that was the first thing I thought scared he must have been. I haven't had a good nights sleep since. I watched his father's face and his tears and it made me sick to think he would be alive now had she not been so selfish to want to keep him to get money from the State. What a selfish betach she is. The grandmother is paying for his funeral.


sick ,,,,, i need a license to fish to hunt to drive ...but any jacka#$ can have a baby ! ,,


clubfrog has it right!!!!! well said!!!!


oh, sorry I meant to say that many are illiterate. selfish betach isn't defamation or libel?


clubfrog, right on , the most precious job in the world and no training, testing, and prope evaluation , ,to be a parent. I hope she gets death.