Erie Co. jail inmates attack accused killer; grand jury to get case

Erie County jail officials believe two inmates the metal part of a pencil eraser to slice open the face of an alleged murderer Sunday inside the Erie County jail. (WITH VIDEO.)
Emil Whitis
Dec 4, 2012

Tony Brown, 30, and Takoma Johnson, 33, both of Sandusky, weren’t immediately charged, but they were allegedly responsible for the attack. Erie County chief deputy Jared Oliver said felonious assault charges would be sought this week during an Erie County grand jury session.

Jail guards rushed to the jail’s “G-pod” at about 7:30 a.m. Sunday for an inmate brawl.

“On arrival, corrections officers found Tommy Reogas lying on the floor bleeding from the head,” an Erie County deputy’s report states.

For a previous story, click HERE. Watch a video of the assault by clicking the video player to the right.

To learn about how Erie County jail officials are working avoid such attacks in the future, pick up a copy of Tuesday's Register.


Jalena Borders

Here is a letter to my Dad's accused killer (the one who got assaulted)...

DEAR TOMMY..... http://faithhopeloveinhim.wordpr...