Erie Co. jail inmates attack accused killer; grand jury to get case

Erie County jail officials believe two inmates the metal part of a pencil eraser to slice open the face of an alleged murderer Sunday inside the Erie County jail. (WITH VIDEO.)
Emil Whitis
Dec 4, 2012


Tony Brown, 30, and Takoma Johnson, 33, both of Sandusky, weren’t immediately charged, but they were allegedly responsible for the attack. Erie County chief deputy Jared Oliver said felonious assault charges would be sought this week during an Erie County grand jury session.

Jail guards rushed to the jail’s “G-pod” at about 7:30 a.m. Sunday for an inmate brawl.

“On arrival, corrections officers found Tommy Reogas lying on the floor bleeding from the head,” an Erie County deputy’s report states.

For a previous story, click HERE. Watch a video of the assault by clicking the video player to the right.

To learn about how Erie County jail officials are working avoid such attacks in the future, pick up a copy of Tuesday's Register.


Sit n Spin

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I didn't realize there was a right and wrong way to kick the crap out of someone. IMO all violence, except in self defense, is pure coward.

Sit n Spin

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Licorice Schtick

No right way to fight, except in organized controlled athelic events. I's no more legal in jail than it is on the street.


sounds to me like a racially motivated attack. they should be charged with a hate crime.

Sit n Spin

Good one but we all know that is a double standard :)

Ellis dee

Typical you know what


I have to agree about the sucker punch being a punk move. I'll leave race out of it since I was not there. The double standard comment is "bull puckey".

My Opinion is...

If you turn off the sound you can make up your own theories. My theory: The fight started after the "victim" sang "I see London, I see France, I see that idiot's underpants!". Seriously - why is the sucker punch guy's pants down to his knees?? It begs the question - why bother giving inmates pants at all? It'd be a lot cheaper for the taxpayers to only have to pay for shirts.


Wasn't bustin' a sag started in prisons as a way for one inmate to show other inmates that he was available for sex ?


Yes, yes it was. And yet all these gang members and wannabe thugs think it is just SO cool! Ridiculously absurd!

he said she said

Brown is in the county for domestic violence, assault, resisting arrest and felonious assault. Johnson is in the county for domestic violence, assault, concealed weapon and felonious assault. I don't know if the felonious assault was added because of the fight or not but that's what they are in there for.
Anyone that has to fight someone 3 on 1 is a coward. Men beat on women because they know they can get the best of her one on one. They had to go after Reogas three-on because they were afraid he would be able to take the one aggressor down but he couldn't take three down.


OR it was to instill FEAR

Brick Hamland

you shouldn't be allowed to walk around with your pants sagging, clean it up Erie County Jail officials.

Phil Packer

I swear I've seen this before...


Isn't this the jail where the guy jumped


I find it weird that when the SR refers to criminals they are "accused", yet when referring to stories with police officers (or any other public servant for that matter) they are always made to look guilty first. If person IS guilty then call it what it is. But if it hasn't been proven yet then why don't you forward them that same courtesy of "innocent until proven otherwise" to those that serve that you give the rest of our "outstanding citizens of Sandusky". That is some first class "unbiased" news media right there. Don't know why the SR always brags about being the best news source in the area. The choice to read their paper for news is like deciding whether to wipe with tree bark or poison ivy.


I ALSO wear my pants around my shins, but only because its "gangsta" well at least it was in the 90's... Don't hate me, I was born this way.


Very typical..more than one on one. Never can do it alone. Punk azz BS. NO doubt that wouldve been called racially motivated had the tables been turned.


lawsuit in 3, 2, 1...


There's a word for the droopy drawers..."saggin"


Why are only 2 of them being charged??


Because only 2 of them jumped the other guy.


Funny how these two attacked a guy in there for murder but yet they are both in for some sort of violence and one of them even has a child endangerment charge. Maybe they need to keep people that are in for some sort of assault or domestic violence separated from others, solitary, or something. If someone is in for felonious assault then they are obviously a threat to others and should be locked up in a solitary cell, not in a "pod" with other inmates where they can be given the chance to do it again. I know some people will say that my idea is ridiculous but I'm willing to bet that this "beat -down" will lead to some sort Liable Suit against the SO...............JMHO


I've watched the video quite a few times now and it's pretty obvious that not just 2 men should be charged, there were 4 to 5 people involved and it looks to me that it could be a hate crime considering the parties involved. I am sure it won't be handled in that matter though...........

Simple Enough II

Won't get a "Hate Crime" charge, that goes only one way, thought you knew that.

he said she said

IMO I don't think it was a hate crime. The groups that attack other inmates are trying to tell those that they attack that they are the top dog and they control the 'pod'. It's plain and simple gang mentality.


why were there no guards on duty with the prisoners? They obviously felt comfortable doing this because no guards were there. That sucker punch was deliberate and yes, a punk move. So was the front hit. The two were a "gang". Yes, there were more than two in on it, but it doesn't show them throwing punches.

They will be charged, on top of their other charges, but that guy they attacked is in for murder. He won't get much sympathy.

Robert Paulson's picture
Robert Paulson

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Jalena Borders

Here is a letter to my Dad's accused killer (the one who got assaulted)...

DEAR TOMMY..... http://faithhopeloveinhim.wordpr...