Four charged in downtown Sandusky bar fight

Four men were charged after a bar fight that ended with the victim's face bashed by a beer bottle early Sunday morning.
Jessica Cuffman
Dec 3, 2012


The 36-year-old Green Springs man was at the Underground when the alleged assault happened at about 12:10 a.m.

A bouncer who saw the fight told police he saw the victim arguing with a few men when one of them hit him in the face with the beer bottle.

As the bouncer tried to separate everyone, another man tried to choke the bouncer, too.

Another witness said the victim, who had been taken to the hospital, had had problems with the men in the past.

After several people identified Joseph Coley, 37, of Clyde, as the suspect who used the beer bottle as a weapon, police arrested him on charges of assault and disorderly conduct.

Officers then caught up with a vehicle the bouncer said the other men involved in the fight had let in.

Michael McGrath, 40, also of Clyde, was a passenger in the car. He had a cut on the right side of his nose and his shirt was bloodied. Witnesses said McGrath was the man who tried to choke the bouncer. He was charged with disorderly conduct and was released.

Two other men in the vehicle, who had open cans of Miller Light, were charged with open container and released.



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sounds like a bunch of assholes, whatever their color, don't know that nowadays a regular 'bar fight' can end in someone's death. i mean there is no more one on one "take you outside" fights anymore. either one side has 20 friends gang up on a guy and beat the crap out of them or junior's got a gun at 15 years old and he's pissed cuz you stepped on his jordans.

everyone alive today in this world should know when to walk away and laugh it off.

better than being 6 feet under and seeing the 'light'.



Pastor Ron

Two nights in a row there was a fight in this vile pit of sin!


The underground is so nasty.. And smokey.

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Pot can cure racism


I believe you got your "facts" wrong the Ronnie boy.


Downtown Sandusky = City of Thugs after dark. People dont even want to go down to enjoy the Christmas lighting. How pitiful Sandusky has become.