Failed bomb plotter in Ohio given 6 years

A fourth man who pleaded guilty in a failed plot to bomb a highway bridge in Ohio was sentenced Friday to six years in prison.
Associated Press
Nov 30, 2012


Anthony Hayne, of Cleveland, apologized in court for his actions. He had pleaded guilty in a plea deal seeking to avoid a possible life sentence.

Three co-defendants pleaded guilty later but without plea deals. They were sentenced previously to eight- to 11-year terms.

A fifth defendant is undergoing a psychiatric exam.

The men were among five arrested in an FBI sting operation targeting a highway bridge over the Cuyahoga Valley National Park between Cleveland and Akron. The FBI has said the public was never in danger and the device was a dud provided by an informant.

The suspects were described by the government as self-proclaimed anarchists who acted out of anger against corporate America and the government. The defense has called the investigation a case of entrapment, with the informant guiding the way.




thats all /.//???/ didnt that Russo guy get 29 years for bribery ? he did nt even try to kill anyone ,,,js


What did they give the FBI agent that provided the fake bomb and set these guys up? Probably a promotion like those guys who sold guns to the cartels.


Fast and Furious??


Bureaucracies tend to rely on the Peter Principle - they'll eventually rise to their own level of incompetence.

(Can we say POTUS?)

There you go again

Sounds like he got an early Christmas present! 6 years for a potential bombing? Unbelievable!!


Back in the "old days" a "crime" had three components:

Means, motivation and opportunity.

Since it was a fake bomb, they lacked the means.

IMO, it reads more like entrapment of stupid people with motivation and opportunity.

Now we gotta give this clown free room, board and medical care for an extended period.


he should change his name to muhammad & claim a prison sentence insults islam. he would be set free with apologies from the prez..


Look, these guys obviously jumped at the chance to do this, even with a dud for a bomb. What does that tell any of you? It tells me that these low lives would do this in an instant given the chance. So what if the dumb things were given a dud?

Anyone who is given the chance to harm others like this would do so in an instant given the real thing. I am glad they are going away...even for six years. My problem is when they get OUT. They will do the real thing.....with the real thing. God help us all then. They'll be mad enough and we all know it.


I'm with alot of commenters here... we can look forward to this creep out in just 6 years. He concocted a plan to kill in masses and will be free in 6 years... unbelievable.