Sandusky man assaulted with broom during tire dispute

During an argument over stolen tires an auto detail shop owner thumped a former employee in the ribs with a broom handle Wednesday at the corner of Roosevelt Street and Cleveland Road.
Emil Whitis
Nov 30, 2012


Brian Sanders, 29, was charged with assault. Dale Kelly, 41, ended up at the hospital. 

The feud stemmed back to Nov. 16 — the day Sanders fired Kelly after finding several tires missing from his inventory. 
“Dale was accused of allowing several tires to be stolen from the shop,” a Sandusky police report said. “The argument over the matter continued to this date.” 
They’d been exchanging heated text messages for weeks when Kelly walked by the shop at about 12:30 Wednesday. 
“As Dale was walking past Duke’s Detailing on the sidewalk in front of the business, Brian exited the business and he was carrying a stick or broom handle as he aggressively approached Dale,” a report said. 
The two began to argue and Sanders cracked Kelly in the ribs with the stick. 
Groaning, Kelly walked to a Sandusky police Officers who was fueling up at a nearby gas station. 
"Dale lifted up his shirt and he showed me a visible mark with bruising and swelling which appeared to be fresh," a report said. 
Sanders was unapologetic. 
“Brian felt it was necessary and proper to hit Dale  with the stick,” a report said. 
Police arrested then released Sanders after he signed a recognizance bond. 
Officers told both men to stay away from each other.



omg,if this (crime) was published on here, I think it says 8:05a.m, & there are Nooo comments on here yet, then what is the holdup...


If Brian felt it was necessary and proper to hit the man with a stick, what else could he do? LOL


This guy needs a time out if he feels he has the right to self justice. He should have been held over for being so aggressive. anyone else would have gotten a citation for assult and battery. What a lame thing to let him out. No way. Re-arrest this moron on that charge. Next time it may be a gun he uses. Why would the police be so light on this guy? No one deserve the right to use self help when resolving a conflict.

Which department was this?


Wire what are you talking about . Do you really believe the things you write or are you trying to get people all worked up. How do you think it will be a next time. Calm down dont get so worked up it isnt that serious obvious.


Yeah, I believe this guy was charged with assault, put in jail overnight and let go. This guy better hope nobody I know ever gets hit by this moron. I believe what I write....I hate vigalante justice by people who cannot control themselves any better than this. Who was in the wrong here? The guy walking by or the one with the weapon?

I am not trying to incite anyone. But for you to say it was not that serious makes me wonder? You have to be kidding me. Where does this stop?

You don't think someone hitting someone else isn't a big deal? Do you teach your kids that? If you do, we are all in trouble! Or if that is your general philosophy of life, OMG.

Does he understand what he did? That he took the law into his own hands? You cannot do that.

No, I am not trying to stir up trouble, he did that all by himself. But I am tired of people in this town trying to solve their problems with violence like this. Someone has to say something to put a stop to it.

Where do people get off doing something so stupid as this? How do YOU justify it? Why do you want to just sweep it under the rug like it didn't happen?

Instead, you should be putting a stop to it yourself and admitting this was a stupid thing to do. That he should never have done it and will never do so again.

He needs to control his anger. He needs to find a better way to solve problems.