Sandusky police capture man wanted in Thanksgiving eve stabbing

With help from the Sandusky police dog, officers nabbed an alleged Thanksgiving eve stabber early Thursday morning at Seneca and Camp streets.
Emil Whitis
Nov 29, 2012


Jonteal Cherry, 18, of Sandusky, was charged with felonious assault, obstructing official business and violation of parole.

Officers posted in an unmarked car spotted Cherry walking south on Camp Street at about midnight. When they got out Cherry high-tailed it though several backyards.

He made it all the way to Carr and Tyler streets but Cherry gave up when police released Sandusky police dog Justice. 

Police had been looking for Cherry since Nov. 21 when he allegedly stabbed a boy in the back. He has been booked into the Erie County Jail on $22,000 bond.

(Editor's note: A pervious version of this story listed an incorrect date of the initial stabbing incident. It has been corrected.)

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Way to go to the SPD and Justice!!! :)

Bada Bing

another criminal down!!!

Erie County Resident

Way to go Justice .. He takes a "bite" out of crime .. :o)

Darwin's choice

should just smear him up with A-1 sauce and let "Justice" have at him......


Nah, Don't waste good A1 sauce , besides, I wouldn't want Justice to get sick from this thing.

;] ;]


Dang he looks like a Burn out..!

Sit n Spin

Who is Justice being handled by now since Stevie was canned from the force ?


Nice looking kid. Must be a case of mistaken identity. NOT!


another romney voter

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He probably can not spell it!


Wow!!! he sure looks different then the first mugshot SR posted.
I think he is on some real bad drugs

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K, You just clicked in the obituary section instead by accident : )

Whiskey Tango F...

just turn him loose and get it over with. We know the system isn't going to do anything to him. More importantly HE knows the system won't do anything to him. Say your sorry and don't ever do that again! Your reparations, handouts, and entitlements will be in the mail. Go forth and father 14 children with 14 different mothers.


WAY TO GO SPD! Thank You!!!! Keep up the good work and get all of these punks off the streets! I saw you were all pretty busy on Reese Street again~ All I can figure is they all have a brain the size of a pea~ They just cannot figure out how to act human, completely clueless.


Good going SPD and Justice...gotcha!


Editor's note: "pervious" ....really?


how sad


Why is most of the crime in Sandusky done by one group of individuals. Please don't say this is a racist comment when it's true.


Tell me this...why do you people always focus on race?? There are three racist comments on this article but the racist Register admin...have seemed to overlook or let them remain. You people wonder why your meat out here in the world....


"You people"? Get Real...