Ohio mom charged with murder in toddler's death

Police charged a 20-year-old woman with aggravated murder on Wednesday in the death of a 3-year-old son whose body had been bagged and thrown in the trash.
Associated Press
Nov 28, 2012


Deputy Police Chief Edward Tomba said additional charges were likely when a Cuyahoga County grand jury takes up the case against Camilia Terry, 20, in the death of her middle son, Emilliano.

Tomba said investigators were reviewing the woman's online song and comment postings, which could provide clues to a possible motive. The online postings reflect a life of sexual and physical abuse, loneliness and a dream that someone she knew was going to die.

County Medical Examiner Thomas Gilson joined Tomba at a news conference and said the cause of death hadn't been determined yet.

In addition, Gilson said his office was awaiting a DNA sample from the mother to make a positive identification of the partially decomposed body.

Camilia Terry had reported the child missing from a park Sunday. She came under suspicion Monday when her version changed on how the boy disappeared.

Police have searched Terry's apartment looking for clues as to where the child was killed but it wasn't clear if the boy was killed there, Tomba said. "There's no glaring indication that this is where this alleged crime took place," he said.

Nothing has turned up in the investigation indicating anyone else was involved in killing the boy, the deputy chief said.

Detectives have been questioning the woman's family and neighbors to determine when the boy was last seen and help set a time of death. Tomba said that, at this point, detectives think he was last seen by someone outside his apartment on Thanksgiving Eve.

Terry is expected to be arraigned Thursday. Prosecutors will then present the case to a grand jury.

The suspect's two other sons, one 5 years old and the other 5 months old, are in county custody.

The dead boy is the third generation of his family involved in county social services, Cuyahoga County Department of Children and Family Services spokeswoman Mary Louise Madigan said.

The family history with the agency extends back to 2000, and a neglect complaint against Terry's mother, the dead boy's grandmother. Over the years there were more neglect complaints, some unsubstantiated, and later similar neglect complaints against Terry over the handling of her children, Madigan said.




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How funny that you just KNOW she voted for PRESIDENT Obama if in fact she even voted at all.....The amount of racism that comes out in these blogs from this town DISGUSTS me to no end!! It makes me ashamed to be of the white race and ashamed to live in this city....Did you ALL forget Mr. Mike Milner who 1. is white and 2. KILLED his 3 year old step-son WHILE the MOTHER did NOTHING?!?! Guess they were ROMNEY voters....RIGHT?!


there was nothing racist said except by you


What does that have to do with anything?


well there's her defense.....A 2nd generation single mom of the system kills her 3rd generation of the system 3yr old son. Being a victim of abuse & neglect will get her a light sentence, because her life was to hard for her to turn out to be a responsible mother & make a change for the better.


hope she gets death!!


according to other posters, you will all be going to hell for your comments. only socially acceptable comments are allowed. and it depends who is commenting on whether yours are acceptable or not. good luck to all!


I am sick and tired of the "my life was so hard" card that is played for every bad thing in the world. There are MANY people that live thru HORRIBLE things and do NOT KILL CHILDREN! It is an excuse. Plain and simple. I hope they put her away forever and the other two children are given a chance at a better life.

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But, but, I'm entitled...


why? dont have kids you cant afford to care for. Do a psych evaluation on anyone having a baby needing social services, demand parenting classes and anger management classes for all parents needing assistance, especially in cases were parents were raised in neglect familys themselves. Why ,why ,why?

Ellis dee

Is she black


What would it matter??? White people kill their kids too.....

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Practitioners (all) should screen expectant mothers about any foster/adoptive issues in their history. Take a pro-active approach regarding the new generation born.


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@ Stepham , I don't have a problem with doing so. Do you?


IT WAS A JOKE. My comment had nothing to do with race. Most all ethnicities wear purchased hair. Ashamed??? Get over yourself. FYI: I happen to be the same color she is!


do you suppose it was with money from her high paying career? i got a damn good idea how.


This "lady" has no excuse for what she did (it isn't political). She will use any excuse in the book. The father and grandmother offered to take that child and raise him and she refused. He would still be alive had she let them take him. What was the reasoning? More state money flowing in? Who knows. But she couldn't do what she was supposed to do and she killed an innocent child in the end. For what? We still will never know. Obviously she messed him up pretty badly if they have to wait for DNA samples. Its all just sickening.

I hope they put her to death for what she did. Her need for entitlement is no excuse, her childhood is not excuse and her last reason for killing him is no excuse. You watch, they will claim some sort of mental defect and she will get life without parole.

I hope the other kids go to a home where they will be loved and cared for besides this maniac mother they have had. She just needs to go whereever until some jury can sort it out. She can sing her way to death row or jail forever, I really don't care....as long as she is never around another child. Her color has nothing to do with it.

(And I wish the SR would give you guys with the political problems one spot where you could go for the rest of your lives to just blog the rest of your lives out over politics....the rest of us are sick of hearing about it. Not everything is political. SR is there anyway you can give them a site for that???? Please?)


P. O. S.


I agree with most of what you said Wired but I think she does have some type of mental issue. Normal people don't kill children. I really agree that politics have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with this and the politics fanatics need a site of their own.


Normal people don't kill ANYbody! That being said, she obviously knew what she'd done was wrong. Why else would she lie? Why else would she try to dispose of the body? Why not just walk up to somebody and say, "Yeah, I've had a rough life, so I killed my kid!"

I don't care how rough her life has been. I don't care what her IQ is. I don't even care who she voted for (though given the stats — almost 100% of black women of a certain age DID vote for Obama). The POINT is that, despite her previous irresponsibility, she WILL take responsibility for this! And I sincerely hope she takes it in a vein while lying strapped to a gurney...


Your "point" is well taken but unrelated to my commernt! Too much coffee??? Try decaf!


Personally, I think the " mental" issue card is overplayed, after all, what about the the 4 kids in Sandusky and the Norwalk baby with the 9 fractures?

If it was up to me I would give all these lowlifes a ride in



I disagree! While mental issues are not necessarily a defense, people do have mental issues that may or may not have anything to do with their behavior. Your "lowlife" comment is a bit judgemental unless you have knowledge the rest of us do not.


NO it's the truth, if they have "mental issues" why are they having kids? She's had 3 kids in five years, at the age of 20...Who do you think is paying for it? NOT her.

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Whats up with all the BS..OMG i had such a bad childhood my parents didnt raise me right So i think ill murder my CHILD!! REALLY???????? I dont care if u where beat almost to death as a child thats no Excuess from killing anyone expically ur own Kid if she was so mistreated as a child herself then anyone with common since wouldnt put there child through what they went through they would want to better there lifes an make the childs life even better basically give the child everything u couldnt have or didnt have growing.Theres no Excuse n the world to do what she did to her own child she needs to put down like the DOGG she is.


She is a really poor excuse for a woman , coming from neglect herself, should have made her think twice, how in todays easy access to birth control, could she keep having babies w/ out thinking about the welfare of her children. you dont deserve children, they are a beautiful gift to you and hard work, not a prop to get government assistance. Stop this madness , be accountable to society and most of all your children. They are not garbage, to be disposed of when ever your tired of them.


That poor little boy probably wanted some attention while she was singing on her face book page......


bigmoe, dont you know, face book is way more important than her kids, hey couldnt the money for her laptop & phone be of better use for her kids?I hope she dreams of her dead son begging her night after night for his life back. I know cruel, but this is just too much for anyone to absorb.


If she was any kind of a mom, queen, she will feel ALL of that pain that you wished on her plus more. It won't bring that boy back to life, though.



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