Sandusky police seek Thanksgiving Day stabbing suspect

Sandusky police are looking for an 18-year-old in connection with a Thanksgiving Day stabbing on Reese Street.
Melissa Topey
Nov 27, 2012


Police are looking for Jonteal Cherry who is accused of stabbing another young man during a fight on Thursday afternoon, according to a report. Attempts to contact the Cherry family were unsuccessful.

The victim suffered a puncture wound about 1/2 inch by 1/4 inch to the back of his left shoulder, according to reports. He was taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center and treated.

Staff at the hospital reported to police that two men came to the hospital and wanted to know where the young man was, according to a report.

“The males were talking about retaliation. The males were denied access,” the report states.

A charge of felonious assault has been prepared against Cherry.

Cherry is additionally facing burglary, drug abuse and drug paraphernalia charges from a previous incident. He has plead not guilty to those charges.

In January 2011 a then 16-year-old Cherry plead guilty to a felonious assault charge for allegedly stabbing a woman during an altercation on Market Street. Cherry’s family and attorney maintained his innocence even as he entered the plea deal. They questioned the investigation conducted by police into that stabbing.

Anyone with information on Cherry’s whereabouts is asked to call Sandusky police at 419-627-5863.



Whiskey Tango F...

sounds like an opportunity to nip this one in the bud. Nahh lets give him hugs and kisses and shower him with sunshine and puppy dogs. That will fix everything. Lets look in santa's bag of handouts and entitlements and reward little Jonteal for being a good little street thug this year. HO HO HO!

Darwin's choice


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Let me just say I know this name! An aquantaince had her car broken into by a kid with this name and a kid with this name has been in and out of juvie since he was about 13. I think back then I mentioned the thought of trash in the making to her.

Just saying!


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The Rudy

Take away this boy's knives. He obviously doesn't play well with others with a blade in his hand. Maybe he's so angry because he was given a made-up name? Only Jonteal I ever heard of. Just sayin'.


I wonder what makes people act this way? Maybe he has very good parents who just never had control over him. The rules of parenthood has changed over the years. If he was my child (years ago) I would have blistered his behind. I know I will get feedback for saying this, but I think I had ADD when I was young, but every time it reared it's head, my mother got my attention and brought me back to reality.


You are not WRONG with what you posted and your mother must have been right in what she did. Good for her and good for you.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


I wonder what makes people write such idiotic comments. There are no steadfast 'rules of parenthood'. Most people learn how to parent on the fly whether they had 'good' parents or not and some people should not be parents at all. We can not prevent all possibility of bad things happening or kids turning out terrible by reading books on parenting or taking classes in same. Some children are damaged because of their parents and some children are just bad by birth. Ask any serial killer's mom.


Lets pass a law to make it illegal to carry a knife or hide a knife. That will cure all the problems in Sandusky and clean up the streets. Then every one will be safe.


I cannot tell if you are being sincere or sarcastic? You really think that would help? Kinda like making it illegal to carry a gun? The result of that? Upstanding law-abiding citizens are now sitting ducks and unable to defend themselves from the THUGS and CRIMINALS that do not care if there is a law or not. I will keep my knife in my purse, and someday I might take the CCW class my husband tells me I need.


CCW sounds better and better to me every day too. I think I am signing up for the next class myself. The both of us are. Its getting nutter in Sandusky every day.

We aren't decorating for Christmas outside this year because of it. Someone took our flower pots this summer. We arent running the risk with our Christmas decorations this winter. Can't afford to. We've been collecting for years.

We are just plan scared anymore. This used to be a nice town.


CCW is the better way. Knives get to up close.

Erie County Resident

Wow, better practice some more on slicing & dicing the turkey before trying this again. Maybe poke the cranberry salad with a breadstick too.


I had the pleasure of meeting a member of this family today that ISN"T the type that would slice and dice you. She is a sweet little girl and wouldn't hurt a fly. A cousin I believe. I bet she cringes with shame knowing this thing is out there somewhere. No wonder she says little when you meet her. Who would talk much with that as a family member?