Perkins officer stops car after intoxicated driver bails

A Perkins police Officer stopped a car from rolling into traffic then arrested its alleged aerosol-huffing driver Saturday at a Columbus Avenue gas station.
Emil Whitis
Nov 19, 2012


Jurade Wires, 34, of Perkins, was charged with abusing harmful intoxicants, resisting arrest and reckless operation.

A gas station clerk called police at about 6:30 p.m. and said a Dodge Neon driver was slouched over in the driver’s seat. She said the same driver had passed out in the drive though just minutes before. After she went outside and woke him he slurred out an order for a brand of cigarettes that didn’t exist, a report said.  
When police showed up they found the car stopped in the middle of the parking lot with its left turn signal blinking. It was still running.

“I observed a male with his left hand on the steering wheel, his head slumped to the right and a blue can in his right hand with the name Endust on the can,”

Perkins police Officer Martin Curran’s report said. Curran called to the driver, identified as Wires, but got no response. He then tried the door but it was locked so he reached through the window and tugged on Wires’ sleeve.

“Mr. Wires suddenly jumped and it sounded like he gasped for air,” Curran wrote. “Mr. Wires was now staring at me with his eyes very wide opened.”
Curran told Wires to “relax” and shut the vehicle off but he didn’t seem to understand.

“Mr. Wires continued to stare at me with his eyes still wide open and appeared to be under the influence of what he had inhaled,” Curran wrote.

Curran again told Wires to shut the vehicle off and relax. Wires just stared. Curran then reached though the window and unlocked the car door. When he opened it Wires tried to jump at him in an “aggressive manner,” according to Curran’s report. Curran pushed Wires back into the car and again told him to shut the car off.

“The vehicle began rolling towards Columbus Avenue and I began trying to stop the vehicle from rolling by holding onto the door,” Curran wrote. “I was able to slow up the vehicle, but I was being pulled across the parking lot.”

The whole time Curran continued telling Wires to shut the car off. Instead, Wires abandoned ship.

“I then let go of the vehicle which was now gaining speed and about to enter Columbus Avenue,” a report said.

Vehicles sped by on Columbus Avenue headed north and south. Seemingly dumbfounded, Wires stood between Curran and the renegade car.

“I pulled him out of my way, entered the vehicle, stepped on the brake and put the vehicle into park,” Curran wrote.

When Curran stepped out Wires just stood there with his right hand curled against his side, a report said.

Curran grabbed ahold of Wires and, after a brief struggle, arrested him.

When paramedics showed up Wires refused treatment and denied huffing. His girlfriend, however, said she wouldn’t put it past him.

“I asked (Wire’s girlfriend) about Mr. Wires inhaling and she stated she has caught him inhaling in the past,” a report said.

Police issued Wires copies of his charges and the girlfriend took him home.



The girlfriend was dumb (when she) founded (out) he had been huffing and still took him home.


Is this a picture of the cop or the huffer?

Sit n Spin

I would say the huffer....when is the last time this rag has put a picture of a cop on here for doing something positive ? Plus cops aren't allowed to have beards or wear a stupid fedora like that :)


Thought maybe he was under cover or off duty. But that guy looks pretty good for a "huffer". Ever see one that looked that good? I haven't. No red eyes, snotty or swollen. Nope, doesn't look like a snuffer to me. At least not one that came in or treatment that just 'snuffed'.

He must not have done it yet when this was taken. LOL


shouldnt snot be running down the huffers upperlip, red raw eyes, and gasping for air, hey wake up before you look like a huffer, girlfriend run to the nearest exit.


Shes walking on sunshine!

Phil Packer


Don S

If he was under the influance of alcohol he would've been put in jail. He was under the influance do to huffing. He should have been held in jail or had to post bond. The police released a potential risk to the public. Under the influance is just that, nomater what substance was used. The police were wrong releasing this guy !!!!!