Accused child molester assaulted at Erie County Jail

An Erie County jail inmate broke a fellow inmate’s face Thursday after reading an article in the Register.
Emil Whitis
Nov 16, 2012

Jory Hall, 23, of Sandusky, was charged with felonious assault.

The victim, Eddie Frederick, 48, of Vermilion, was jailed Saturday, after an 11-year-old girl accused him of groping and molesting her, an Erie County deputy's report said. Frederick told Erie County deputies he was reading Wednesday’s Register when he spotted an article about his charges of gross sexual imposition.

“Frederick ... cut it out of the paper,” a deputy’s report said.

Frederick then walked back into his cell where Hall confronted him about removing the article and a fight ensued. Frederick suffered a broken left eyesocket and had to be taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center. 

“(Hall said) Frederick is a child molester and does not belong in general population,” the report said. “He continued that everyone wanted to ‘mess up’ Frederick but he was the only one that did anything about it.”

Hall was jailed Oct. 23 without bond on domestic violence charges.


sheldog 44

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Tsu Dho Nimh

I think an accused child molestor should be kept in protective custody while waiting to be tried. If found guilty, we can the throw the sicko into the general population and let him live in fear.


If only it worked that way! Criminals are criminals, I really don't believe murderes, sex offenders or any violent criminal can be rehabilitated. Throw all of the guilty parties in a cage and let them fight like animals.


Jory Hall - thank you! I don't know what your past was, but do wish you well in the future. How you like that justice Eddie?

sheldog 44

Here's just an example of someone charged with domestic violence, personally know a man charged with a DV, his wife was hitting him with a golf club and he grabbed the club out of her hands, and guess what, he got charged....Like I stated before, I don't know Mr. Hall's personal charge and not saying that the reason he is there is right, either...But I give him a thumbs up for doing what he did last night...I would bet a dollar to a donut that the victims parents would like to do the same. The children are the victim, not Eddie...she didn't deserve to be molested, his daughter doesn't deserve him as a father...


"Don't do the crime if you can't do the time." by Baretta


Some of you on here talking about "give the guy a medal" cannot possibly be serious! HE has a domestic violence charge, which means HE laid hands on someone in HIS own family and/or someone in his everyday life that he lives with. I think anyone who is coward enough to put his hands on someone in his own family deserves the same type of beating that HE gave to this alleged child molester, because honestly, what's the difference between either of these men? They BOTH allegedly violated people in two of the worst ways. So, if any of you are going to comment on here and pass judgment, do so by passing judgment on BOTH of them, do not be so ignorant as to applaud this "man" for beating the mess out of this other "man". Doing so, seriously makes very little sense at all.


As a matter of fact, a quick records search shows four DV charges against a WOMAN (most likely, from what I can tell on the report it's his wife), so therefore seeing that, really makes me feel like he is NO BETTER of a person than the man that he chose to beat for allegedly molesting the little girl. Beating/hitting a woman, and being charged on several occasions is definitely not any better than someone who molests children - simply because in both cases it is someone "stronger" preying on someone weaker - point blank!


I'll state it again...I'm glad this occurred. Jory's past..who knows both sides? This I know..NEVER hurt or bother children!


Ok, so what you are saying is, it is "OK" to hurt and/or abuse a woman (on numerous occasions), but it is not "OK" to hurt/ and or abuse a child? You make no sense, either case is WRONG...period!


I surely do NOT condone wife beating or spousal abuse of ANY kind whatsoever, but when it comes to crimes against children there is a huge difference. Very seldom can children fight back...that is the difference. Adults can.

So having said that, this guy, while he doesn't, in my book, deserve a metal, he does deserve a pat on the back for giving the guy a once over. Fredricks first mistake was to try and remove the evidence from the paper so no one could see it. Even HE knew he was potentially going to get his arse kicked when someone saw it. So I doubt that he felt too comfortable having it in print that he "potentially' hurt a child. He had a feeling that someone would do something to him when they found out and sure enough they did.

The unwritten law of the jail.....kiddie diddliers are the low man on the totem pole PERIOD. Whether they are proven guilty or not.

So before everyone gets their knickers in a knot, just remember. Jory's wife is an adult, Fredricks victim was just a child. There is a huge difference in the defense of the two.

If I had been Jory's wife...I would have used that club to wack the stuffing out of him myself....what could that little girl have done to protect herself?


Inmates are not allowed to take the newspapers into their cells nor are they allowed to cut out or otherwise remove anything from the newspapers. Don't mess with inmates food or newspapers. There isn't much else to look forward to in there so they get pretty upset if you mess with either one.


The guy ADMITTED to touching the 11 year old he got what he deserved..Im so tired of adults touching children its every freaking day you hear about another child being violated and hurt Im glad this perv got his face broke...if he did it to your daughter you would be glad to...Thats what he sympathy from here


Hey its many people that go to prison and get molested but later find out that they were innocent look at curtis clinton would you give him a chance exactly and i look at it like this if he did or didnt he gone think twice before touching any little girl again thats what jails for to make you not do it again or go back so way to go mr hall thanks for taking one for the team