Accused child molester assaulted at Erie County Jail

An Erie County jail inmate broke a fellow inmate’s face Thursday after reading an article in the Register.
Emil Whitis
Nov 16, 2012

Jory Hall, 23, of Sandusky, was charged with felonious assault.

The victim, Eddie Frederick, 48, of Vermilion, was jailed Saturday, after an 11-year-old girl accused him of groping and molesting her, an Erie County deputy's report said. Frederick told Erie County deputies he was reading Wednesday’s Register when he spotted an article about his charges of gross sexual imposition.

“Frederick ... cut it out of the paper,” a deputy’s report said.

Frederick then walked back into his cell where Hall confronted him about removing the article and a fight ensued. Frederick suffered a broken left eyesocket and had to be taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center. 

“(Hall said) Frederick is a child molester and does not belong in general population,” the report said. “He continued that everyone wanted to ‘mess up’ Frederick but he was the only one that did anything about it.”

Hall was jailed Oct. 23 without bond on domestic violence charges.



This guy should be given a medal, not charged.


Agreed! Unfortunately it just does not work that way!

Spy's picture

The only reason Jory Hall beat Eddie Frederick was to gain respect. Hall is in jail on domestic violence charges. Someone who beats their wife or girlfriend does not have the sensitivity capability to be disturbed by the thought of a child being molested. He assaulted Frederick only for selfish gains and nothing more.

Phil Packer

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I honestly see no problem here at all.. move along.


Frederick got what was deserved! Sick creep!!


You know, after reading many of these comments, I have changed my mind. IF he is guilty and gets charged after a trial, then good he got what was coming to him. BUT if it comes out that this 11 year old accused him bc she just simply didn't like him or for whatever reason, then I'd feel sorry for the guy. Let's face it, we don't know what really happened. NONE of us were there. We have to face the realization that 1. There really are some sick individuals out there and 2. Not everyone who makes these accusations are telling the truth.

With that being said, if it comes out this is true, I'm glad the mom and/or dad had the confidence and pride to believe the child. There are some parents who would not. We will see what happens after the trial, and what the verdict is.


This is classic. "I may have hit my (wife, girlfriend, fill in the blank), but at least I'm not a child molester." I'm sure many would get in line to hit a lot of those guys.

Julie R.

I agree. Give the guy a medal.


Although this guy is "probably" guilty, how would you feel if it turned out he isn't? Let's just do away with trials all together. If somebody accuses you, ANYONE who wants to gets a free shot at your face.
How well would that work?
Check out how many people are wrongfully accussed of lots of things rourinely. I hope none of you EVER sit on someone's jury. Does beating up this accussed child molester wipe the other guys slate clean? After all, he's "probably" guilty of whatever he's charged with too!


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Thank you, beatstreet. My thoughts exactly.
I cannot believe so many people are saying he deserved it. The article only states that he is in jail after an 11 year old claimed she was molested. This guy is not sentenced..this is not prison. People need to think.

Ya know, if there was a push towards a totalitarian society..I have to wonder if there would even be much resistance at all. Some of these people might actually vote for it!

Tsu Dho Nimh

valid point...if he had been tried and convicted in a court of law, I would not have a problem with someone beating the crap out of him.


You would think these kinds of things would happen all the time in jail but it doesn't. Jory was right everyone wants to do something but nobody does. General population is where these guys belong. Let them live in fear just like the children did. Jory hasn't done much good but I cant say what he did here was bad. Send him some commissary money get the man an extra blanket.


Wrong. Apparently, they should NOT be in general population before trial. People carrying out sentences before the person is even found guilty...and others are cheering it. Wow.
And my child will grow up in such a world.

I really hope you got the wrong idea, and assumed this guy was already sentenced and sent to prison.


So, domestic violence trumps child molestation... Interesting. Turn the volume up, please?

Professor Playdoh

I needed a good laugh... What a gr8 story...


i dont blame this guy 1 bit. n e 1 with a soul would beat the bricks off this perv


"accidentally ejac****ing on her", oh c'mon how, ...nevermind. Sick dude got what he deserved if it's true.

Second Opinion

He SHOULD be charged. What he did was a crime, he is not societies representative that is judge jury and executioner. There's no difference of where he did this attack, out in the street or in a jail its STILL A CRIME. And the arrogance he displayed that he somehow he's so much better than others who do something he considers worse? And there are people here that support this way of thinking? This is shocking and scary.

Shame on Julie, your suppose to be a lawyer and you side with this travesty of self submitted vigilantly justice based upon what an individual thinks and believes to be right and correct?

Society is in big trouble if even lawyers believe its permissible to take the law into their own hands.

Julie R.

Are you referring to me as supposedly being a lawyer? If so, I took that as an insult.

That said, I totally agree with your comment and I admit I jumped the gun when I made mine.

Now The Rest of...

Spy I agree with you, great comment, this outstanding citizen, beats up women and now wants to be judge, jury and prosecutor.

sheldog 44

thank you mr hall! dont know details of your case but maybe your wife or gf wanted to fight like a man and you defended yourself! As for eddie, I know that piece of trash and think he got part of what is coming to him! Get the rest when sent to prison! Can you say BUBBA!

sheldog 44

Can't believe anyoneon here would think Mr Hall was wrong, must be the sick child molestors the system already gave a break to! Next thing you eddie will have a lawsuit for millions againts the county because they didnt have him in protecive custody! GET REAL PEOPLE!

Phil Packer

I want to put a bullet in both of them. Just one bullet, though, make them stand real close together so I don't have to waste, a perfectly good bullet. Or better yet~lop both of their heads off.


I kinda want to beat the women beaters a$$. Glad the child molester got his too. What a great scenerio.......women beater will be sentenced to multiple years in prison, molester gets prison and a broken face.

sheldog 44

Anybody who thinks Mr. Hall was in the wrong must be the child molestors who played the system! Next thing you know eddie will have a lawuit againts the county for not keeping him safe and in protective custody. Get real people!


What a demagogue you are. This article says nothing about any presumption of guilt (on the part of the molestation allegations), let alone being sentenced. It says he is in jail after claims were made..not sentenced..not in prison.
I think you need to calm down and think about what you are advocating here. It is a bit extreme.


So, this is how 'innocent until proven guilty' dies..with thunderous applause.
(A tweak on the line from "Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith"..which goes "So this is how liberty dies..with thunderous applause.")