Police search for Circle K robber

Sandusky police are searching for a masked man who robbed the Circle K store on West Washington Street Sunday.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 13, 2012


Not much is known about the incident, other than this: A masked man entered the store at about 6 p.m. He concealed his face and placed his hand under his shirt, causing the store's two clerks to believe he had a firearm, a police report said.

After taking an unknown amount of cash from the register, the man left the store on foot. Officers checked the area but couldn't locate the suspect.

Anyone with information can call Sandusky police at 419-627-5863.


Good 2 B Me

Video or stills? Anything?


Height? Weight? Skin color?

Erie County Resident

2' 6", 15-lbs, fuzzy red complection.
Was LOL'ing the whole time and yelled "Hi Ho Elmo" when he ran out of the store.

bored reader

Happened on Sunday and two days later they are asking for help? What's missing here?


Why would this store stay open after dark in that area of town? If it gets dark at 5pm then CLOSE!


Why do t.v stations in other cities always have security camera footage & SinDUDski never has anything? How can anyone offer leads if it's kept a big secret? Seems like every big crime that happens, locals have to look to Cleveland & Toledo news to find out anything. Local radio (automation) is just the same.


Answering the question about "why 2 days later?", the paper must not have saw this as worthy enough to run as a bulletin & post it immediately. If you subscribed to the paper online you wou'd have saw it yesterday. Most things we see on here (excluding weather bulletins) are 2 days old. Besides, not much gets updated on this site on weekends.


The Circle K at that location DOES effectively close at night. You can still buy things there, but you can't get in the store. Everything is transacted through a metal bin in the wall. Although I'm more than a little uncomfortable on the rare occasion I have to use that procedure, I also totally understand why Circle K has adopted it!