Police investigate two recent stabbings in Huron

Knife play in Huron has landed two people in jail in separate incidents — one involving a jilted lover, the other stemming from a $20 debt, according to Huron police reports.
Shawn Foucher
Nov 13, 2012


Elizabeth North, 26, of Foxborough Circle in Sandusky, was arrested Friday and charged with aggravated burglary and felonious assault. She remains in the Erie County jail without bond.  

North allegedly barged into her ex-boyfriend's Wilder Avenue home at about 9 a.m. Friday and stabbed him after discovering him in bed with a woman, a police report said.

About a week prior, Huron police arrested Nicholas Wollf, 23, of Huron, for allegedly using a razor to cut a man's face after the man shorted him $20 on a $60 debt, a police report said.

Wollf was charged with felonious assault. He remains in the Erie County jail on $50,000 bond.

For more on both these violent incidents, pick up a copy of Tuesday's Register.


Good 2 B Me

In HURON??? What is this world coming to?

Sit n Spin

Must be Sandumpy trash infiltrating & flowing over into Huron !

Erie County Resident

No need to import Sit n Sin, Huron has it's own local trash in some of the upscale neighborhoods too.

Julie R.

No truer words were ever spoken. As I've said a hundred times over --- all the idiots that criminally defrauded my elderly mother at the end of her life --- forged power of attorneys, forged Wills, internal criminal changes to contracts, fraudulent transfer of property, etc., etc. --- were all from Huron with the exception of a snake Lorain County attorney.

Erie County Resident

OMG... Hurry and get an assault knife ban passed by Congress and the UN.

Go ahead, pull a knife on me I shoot back.


At 9AM, one should be at work and not screwing around with the door unlocked.

Second Opinion

Tougher knife laws are needed! There is no reason that all these knives are out there, ANYBODY can just go out and buy a knife! Criminal checks and waiting periods should be required!


Knives dont cut people, people cut people!


If snarky comments solved these problems.............

R U Kidding me

man thats why we need knife control every tom dick and harry can purchase a knife we have got to stop this.


r u kidding?

Second Opinion

Britain has actually had Telethons to raise money and awareness to crime involving KNIVES. Simon himself was involved in at least one that I'm sure of.

WHEN ARE THE LOONS going to understand that its a MORALITY issue. Someone wants to commit murder their going to do it. Knife crimes in Briton are out of control; which this event along with another were a person sliced the face of another with a razor knife shows that people don't need guns to commit a murder or offense. But CCW's at least have a chance to protect themselves.


HURON is no safe haven and never has been. Crime can and does happen everywhere, rich or not! Easier to cover up or get out of it if you do have money!

Super Judge

I just looked up her Facebook page and it explains it all. She should of stayed in Sandusky. They should both be charged with attempted murder.

Sit n Spin

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Sit n Spin

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Once again it shows how dumb racists people can be. It also shows why you have a kids toy for your name you cant even tell the different between tv and realty. At least i know you are helping to keep black comedians with a job but i hope you dont keep the trend and teach your kids whats real and realty and everything they see on tv isnt real. And i dont have Brothas and sistas i have some brothers and some sisters .

Sit n Spin

Atleast the black comedians are "working" and supporting themselves...Not relying on the taxpayer $, their EBT card and the rest of the free handouts BRObama has given to the "entitled" uneducated masses.


How bout u racist Huron folks just stay there and not come to Sandusky I've had to many black friends bothered over there by your racist cops and people. So if you don't know Beth piss off

Sit n Spin

Huron folk frequent Perkins Township not Sandumpy, it's a little safer that way ! As for "Beth" who in their right mind would want to know a knife wielding psychopath !

Ellis dee

Black people are just as racist as white people. They can get away with it though because they are black.


All you racist people are ridiculous. Beth is an awesome person and this article is all lies...i think i would know...im the person who got "stabbed". she didnt attack me watsoever. she never threatened to kill anybody. she didnt break into my house. she is an amazing person and this is all just a bunch of bs. so if you werent there wen it happened (which none of you were) please dont jump to conclusions

Ellis dee

Why did your mom supposedly call police then?


I've only know her a short while and she was cool when we hung out I had a blast with her. The sandusky register screws up all the time on what they print. I say fire them all