Man draws gun on attacker at Norwalk Walmart

A concealed carry permit-holder drew his gun on a man who allegedly attacked him Monday afternoon in the parking lot at the Norwalk Walmart, police said.
Melissa Topey
Nov 13, 2012

The alleged attacker — Eric Meade, 37, of Welton Avenue in Norwalk — was arrested and charged with assault, Norwalk police Capt. Eric Hipp said.  

Meade punched a 29-year-old Norwalk man, who responded by drawing his gun and aiming it at Meade, Hipp said.

“He pointed it at Meade to get him to stop,” Hipp said.

Even after finding himself at the business end of the man's gun, however, Meade kept trying to assault the man, police said.

Only when Walmart employees came out did the fracas subside – Meade stopped attacking the man and the man put his gun away, Hipp said. Several people in the parking lot witnessed the attack, police said.

As of Monday evening, officers were still investigating the incident. They plan to turn the case over to the Norwalk law director for consideration of further charges.

Hipp refused to release the identity of the concealed carry permit-holder, and officers have not yet said what triggered the confrontation.



Ehovemom...there is a lot more to it than just sitting through a class. There are several steps that need to be taken before you can attempt to obtain your CCW permit. And even after completing all these steps, you can still be denied by your instructor. Not to mention, anyone applying for a CCW permit has to go through a BCI background check.


Funny Ehovemama, I got my CCW at your Ehove facility - what you think about that!?


Canada is just a few miles north, they're not allowed to defend their selves there, you'd like it. I'll help you pack.


You may have a right to pull your gun but that is when it becomes gray area. I'm not sure getting punched would qualify as life threatening but that depends on the situation.


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Ready!! Fire!!! Aim!!!


Some of you seem like you want to go back to the days of the wild wild west. I prefer not to see anyone get gunned down in public or at all. It's not easy to deal with killing someone when it could have been avoided. Yes, you do have to truthfully believe your life was in grave danger before you kill someone. A fist is not quite grave enough. The guy did the right thing by not discharging his weapon.


I have to disagree. Blunt trauma to the head can give you an aneurysm. Those are deadly.


I am just saying that if I am walking out of Walmart with a child, I do not want to see someone waving a gun - I don't care if he has a ccw or not. According to the article, waving the gun did nothing to stop the "attack" of the man's fists. It seems like all it did was terrify the bystanders.

Intelligent Citizen

So you would rather see a man beaten to death, than someone defending themself? In this case, if showing the gun didn't stop this man and I felt my life was in danger, I would've fired. Having a CCW is meant for protection, even if that means "terrifying" some citizens to save your own life.


Bullets do not have eyes. A CCW does not mean you have good aim. What if you happen to be walking out of the store with a child and the bullet struck the child? The guy's life did not seem to be in danger!


Anyone who is striking you could cause you to fall backward and blunt trauma to the head can cause an aneurysm. It happened to my mom and she didn't even know it until years later.
Until you have witnessed the effects that a ruptured aneurysm, which almost always ends fatally, has on a person as it is rupturing..I do not feel you should pass judgement so hastily.
Even if the aneurysm is detected prior to rupturing, you could die on the operating table just from the operation they do to coil platinum around the blood vessel.

Seen it All

Ok Ehovemom, lets say you and that child were sitting in McDonalds enjoying your lunch, when all of a sudden a crazy idiot walks in and starts shooting up the place. He is stopped, by a trained, permit holding, gun carrier. I would have to think you would be on your knees kissing his feet.

How do you or anyone else know when Mr Meade's fists were going to stop, and perhaps his feet start had he got this man to the ground? I would think if someone is crazy enough to come at you in broad daylight, in the middle of a busy parking lot, he's crazy enough to do about anything.


Nobody got beat to death or anywhere close. CCW is for girls.

Intelligent Citizen

Ignorance is bliss.

The Rudy

Indeed it is for girls. And boys. 21 and over and duly licensed.


realy dear me - for girls? take a walk or better yet have your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister, daughter, grandmother take a walk down hancock street at night and follow behind and see what happens.

I for one would rather have a gun and not need it than need a gun and not have it.


I for one will exercise my right to defend myself any time I feel I am in danger of bodily harm. Every single day bad things happen to good people for no reason, and I believe that nobody has my best interests at heart except me.

All of you nut jobs who think guns should be illegal are absolutely deluded. Ever notice how narcotics are all illegal, yet they are readily accessible to kids and criminals? Why in the world would you ever think it would be different with illegal firearms? The only people who would have them would be those who disregard the law.

If I am attacked, unprovoked, I have to assume the person means to do me grave physical harm. Who is to say that person wouldn't elevate the situation and stab me in the neck while I am debating whether or not my LIFE is in danger? That one second a person takes to deliberate could be the difference between life and death. I take no chances. I carry everywhere I go.


Re: "That one second a person takes to deliberate could be the difference between life and death. I take no chances. I carry everywhere I go."

Wait a second, or two..............


sometimes I laugh to keep from crying...........


Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Safety and security is something that I believe many take for granted. Some in society believe it is up to law enforcement to protect us. I believe we all have the right, and the responsibility to protect ourselves.

Like I said, bad things happen to good people every day, and I sincerely hope that none of the bad people out there ever cross paths with you. Evidently, you are of the belief that it is someone else's job to protect you, but if that day ever comes, more than likely you'll be on your own.

Best wishes.


Law enforcement WILL protect you, or at least do their best to do so. The problem (as is obvious to just about anybody with an IQ above room temperature) is that law enforcement typically isn't on the scene when the crime is actually being committed.

Tell you what, hoplophobes: When the bad guy points the big, bad gun at you, you go right on ahead and dial 911. Be sure to tell the bad guy to hold off for a minute (or 3 or 4) 'til your protectors arrive! I'm sure it'll all be fine.


Even a fist fight can end with an aneurysm. Get a clue about the world, Kimo. Seriously.


Some or most of the commenter's here need to take the time to go to a CCW class that goes much further than your 12 hour class. Try one of the shooting classes around the nation. There isn't a decent one in Ohio. We have classes for CCW compliance. Try Front Sight or their equivalent. You will be surprised what they teach you about the aftermath of a legit shooting. Your life will change forever and your check book will never recover from it. I believe this man had his thoughts about him for not pulling the trigger.


First and foremost, ANY time you add a gun to the picture, chances are its going to turn out bad. Luckily, that's not the case here. This guy is a moron, to pull a gun out because somebody hit him is unreal. You guys realize how many peoples lives were put in danger because of his stupidity? Now don't get me wrong, there are many other situations where pulling a gun would be justified, but this isn't one of them.


there are thousands of defensive gun uses a day in America, most don't even wind up in the news, most end without a shot being fired


Eric,, pack up your wife and her sleazy underwear and deliver her to Zack,you can do better than her, no need to punch anyone over her ever again, Zack act professionally, you know any man dont like you sleeping w/ there wife, show some moral restraint for once. Wife, you are a sorry role model, show some class. Be better people, you can.


I have read all comments. The first thing taught in self defence class. run away, remove yourself from harm. no body said that. Secondly, The man didnt shoot, Probably didnt have any bullets. First rule of pulling fire arm. Use it. If you question this, join army. They will teach you.



Nic Williams

Fact time. Yes the gun was loaded however there wasnt a bullet in the chamber. This all started over a man going after another man for dumping in his wife. Who just so happened to be the gun pullers Ex-wife. Gun puller is a rather buff dude who is very capable of self defence without a gun. Not to mention if you sleep with someones wife you have to expect something to come from it when it comes to light. Not that any of us know if the cheating really happened. In the end the attacker should have just tossed the woman out on her butt and if he felt the need to fight the other guy saved it for a much less crowded place. I dont know a whole lot of men who wouldnt be out for revenge in this situation. Poor judgement by both parties. The only good desicion in this situation is not firing the gun in a crowded area. Personally I'm all for CCW. Its good to know that the good guys have guns too when so many bums use them to rob or kill the innocent. Also man with gun is a bondsman and was bounty hunter so CCW is not suprising for him and rather necasary.