Man draws gun on attacker at Norwalk Walmart

A concealed carry permit-holder drew his gun on a man who allegedly attacked him Monday afternoon in the parking lot at the Norwalk Walmart, police said.
Melissa Topey
Nov 13, 2012

The alleged attacker — Eric Meade, 37, of Welton Avenue in Norwalk — was arrested and charged with assault, Norwalk police Capt. Eric Hipp said.  

Meade punched a 29-year-old Norwalk man, who responded by drawing his gun and aiming it at Meade, Hipp said.

“He pointed it at Meade to get him to stop,” Hipp said.

Even after finding himself at the business end of the man's gun, however, Meade kept trying to assault the man, police said.

Only when Walmart employees came out did the fracas subside – Meade stopped attacking the man and the man put his gun away, Hipp said. Several people in the parking lot witnessed the attack, police said.

As of Monday evening, officers were still investigating the incident. They plan to turn the case over to the Norwalk law director for consideration of further charges.

Hipp refused to release the identity of the concealed carry permit-holder, and officers have not yet said what triggered the confrontation.



YES! He could have lawfully fired on the attacker. The attacker should be glad the man didn't. CCW!


not good!!! alot of people at walmart and innocent peoples lives were in danger...hope judge throws the book at someone!!


You are right...there were innocent people around. However, during CCW training, you are taught to put yourself in a position where if you fire, no one else is in the way of the bullet. CCW holders are not morons. They know that there is an attorney's name attached to each and every bullet that they fire, regardless of the circumstances.


if there is a problem with this
then your the problem




The attacker should be grateful he is alive today. Hats off to the CCW carrier for using his head and not impulse.


The attacker should be grateful he is alive today. Hats off to the CCW carrier for using his head and not impulse.


Who is the real attacker?

Just saying!


I have been saying for the last 15 yrs that between Wal-Mart and the Internet will be the end of the world as we know it! Kinda pissed that I ended up being right! I shouldnt be surprised tho, I'm never wrong.


Rick, I wrote a letter to the editor in 1987 with some concern. I based this on the excessive litigation at the time! See as follows.

Lawsuit Lunacy American Way

I believe the American way is becoming a way to fear. Today’s society is lawsuit crazy.
I read that Lloyd’s of London, an international insurer, writes 80% of it’s in the United States alone.
The American people have become completely irresponsible with their judgments. The major belief is that all companies and organizations have bottomless pockets.
As far as I know there is not one company or organization that can afford a multi-million dollar payoff without tax or consumer price increases.
We are all affected by this crisis. The cost of every item we buy is controlled by settlements and, of course, the items we make are also affected. How far might you have to drive to find an obstetrician willing to take a difficult case?
Your employer might choose to buy machines in lace of hiring personnel. Employees can sue or cause suits because of accidents, working conditions, poor assembly techniques or a multitude of other incidents machines may not create. Without those people there are no suits and no jobs.
What is happening to us as a society? I don’t believe we can be competitive in today’s market if large percentages of our business’ income must go toward insurance premiums. From what I understand and read, insurance will buy almost nothing when the suit goes to trial for a few million dollars.
It could only close your plant, while a few individuals who are judged in favor will make more money than they can expect to spend in a lifetime.
Of course their lawyers will retain a large portion of that. They need the compensation to advertise on television. The people now unemployed will have to look for another job.
We, as individuals, must establish the proper guidelines of intentional and unintentional injustice. It is our choice as consumers and jurors. We made the mess, now we must clean it up.
This lawsuit crisis must end soon, or the American way will go down the tubes. Most of our products will be manufactured offshore.
We, the most powerful nation, may find ourselves on the backside of prosperity as the rest of the world laughs at us and walks on by. The choice is ours, we consumers and jurors. I want to enjoy life and if it takes some risk, I guess it is what my parents anticipated I must accept when they created me.


John D. Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford and J.P. Morgan built modern America.

Sam Walton managed to turn it into a debtor nation.

Gotta be more to the draws gun story....


@ Kimo:

Quite a pantheon of “fat cat” bankers ya got there.

Mr. Walton helped to raise the quality of life for many poor. Just watch the welfare recipients spend, spend, spend at the beginning of the month and makin' those tax dollars go farther!

Don't go knockin' Norwalk's WalMart, millionaire. For the city, employment there is now considered a "good paying job."

The wild west in Norwalk. Helpin’ the image as a “kid’s place.”


don't forget adding the name barack obama to that list!


the list of making this a debtor nation, right?


Kimo: Don't forget to give some credit to our downfall to the AFL-CIO and the UAW. Funny how the only American cars listed in the top 10 for good quality come from non UAW operations! Facts are facts. Not Obama motors. Not Ford motors. Toyota, Honda, and even Hyundai, some produced in US plants, but non by the auto workers union. And give the NEA some credit too, for the dumbing down of America. There motto is "don't read ahead, you might get ahead." and we want all kids failing at the same slow pace!!


NO you can not just shoot someone just because he is attacking you and you have premit to carry. He would be in jail with the attacker if he would of fired.


Actually, yes, you CAN shoot someone because he's attacking you. What you CAN'T do is shoot him after he stops.


Well said, Sam!


Sure You can shoot him but it won't be without repercussions.


If you can show a reasonable fear of your life or bodily injury, you can fire. Most CCW uses are just like this, pull the gun to de-escalate a bad situation, many thousands a day go unreported on.


Hope Meade get hit hard & the other guy is let go.

VTX Rider

The way I read the law is that you have to feel your life or someone's around you is threatened. You are taught not to draw your firearm unless you intend to use it. I'm not sure getting punched would qualify as life threatening but that depends on the situation. I would assume there would be security footage available to see exactly what happened. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


First I just have to say....kudos to this man! I am sure all of the details of this attack have not been released. However, if the CCW holder was attacked, he had every right to draw his gun. CCW permits are for PERSONAL PROTECTION. If you feel that you, or someone else, are in danger of bodily harm or even death, you can lawfully draw your weapon and fire. This man did not know what Meade's intentions were. You can kill someone with your fist, can you not? This man did what he had to do and when Meade didn't back off, he could have legally shot him. He is lucky to be alive!

VTX Rider

What if the scenario is that the CCW holder provokes said assailant in some manner knowing full will he is carrying and assailant then punches him? Should the CCW holder announce he is carrying before drawing to de-escalate the situation? Then if the attacker continues draw the weapon? Then again depending on the situation, you might not have the luxury of time on your hands depending on the severity of the confrontation.


If the CCW holder provoked the attack, then yes, he would be at fault. He would have his permit pulled and might even face felony charges. A CCW holder does not have to announce that he is carrying to anyone except LE. But if you choose to announce if before drawing your weapon and the attacker continues, yes, pull your firearm. One person on here said that pulling a firearm is a great way to de-escalate the situation. I couldn't agree more than that. I don't know a single CCW permit holder who wants to shoot someone. But when pulling your gun fails to de-escalate the situation and you feel the threat of bodily harm or death, you can legally shoot.

VTX Rider

Good points. I agree.


I think that Meade's intentions were to beat the crap out of the guy who was "dating" his girl friend. How wonderful that, in the middle of the afternoon, with children and grandmothers exiting the grocery section of Walmart, there is a man with a loaded weapon (legally allowed in this country) pointing it at another individual.In the middle of a crowded parking lot.

If this was a police officer drawing his weapon, I wonder what the public outcry would be? Just because someone has completed a CCW class does not mean the person has any rational thought. He sat through the class.


Very untrue. I'm assuming you don't have your CCW permit?

Seen it All

REALLY Ehovemom? Let me go through your statement like a "rational thinking adult".

"I think that Meade's intentions were to beat the crap out of the guy who was "dating" his girl friend."

First thing wrong with that comment is: You can't go around beating the crap out of people... IT'S AGAINST THE LAW!!! Second thing wrong with that comments is: It is NOT Meade's girlfriend IF she is in fact dating someone else! Time for him to move on.

"Just because someone has completed a CCW class does not mean the person has any rational thought." He obviously DID use rational thought, as he DID NOT fire his weapon, and used it ONLY to defuse a situation.

My hat goes off to this guy!