Mother indicted for abusing infant daughter

An Erie County grand jury has indicted a woman on multiple felonies for allegedly beating her 6-month-old daughter to the point of near-death.
Emil Whitis
Nov 12, 2012


Daphne Waters, 20, of Toledo, was indicted on two counts of felonious assault and two counts of child endangerment.

Her daughter, Logan Wilson, suffered severe injuries in the Aug. 25 beating, and Erie County deputies initially suspected she might die.

She has almost no brain activity whatsoever as a result of her injuries.

“She’s not on life support, she’s not in a coma, but she has little-to-no brain activity,” Erie County Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said. “She requires around-the-clock care.”

Medical experts have little hope that Logan’s condition will improve, Oliver said.

The infant was rushed to Firelands Regional Medical Center emergency room Aug. 25 after sustaining life-threatening injuries at her Scott Street home in Sandusky.

From there she was flown by medical helicopter to a Toledo hospital, where staff immediately suspected her injuries stemmed from child abuse.

She suffered two distinct brain hemorrhages, a broken rib, a broken femur and a detached retina, according to Erie County deputies.

Hospital workers called social workers, who then contacted Sandusky police.

Police, in turn, issued a two-sentence police report that same day.

“I was contacted by the on-call children’s services worker of a possible child abuse incident in our city,” a Sandusky police report said. “This incident will be investigated.”

Three weeks later, Sandusky police — waist-deep in a triple homicide investigation — handed off the case to Erie County deputies.  

They immediately went to work, interviewing Waters, as well as Logan's father and a neighbor who sometimes babysat for the couple.

All three of them had access to Logan.

Under questioning, all three told deputies they had no idea what happened to Logan. After repeated interviews, deputies couldn’t get anyone to budge.

But doctors made it clear — someone had severely beaten Logan.

Deputies eventually whittled down the list of suspects to two: the mother and the father.

In the end, deputies conferred with Erie County prosecutor's office, and decided to present the case to a grand jury.

The father and Waters both testified before the grand jury, but only Waters was indicted.

“The mother was the primary caregiver,” Oliver said. “The father was always working. In her testimony, she said the father was never with the infant alone.”

Deputies never figured out exactly when the abuse happened.

Doctors said the injuries were in various stages of healing, which means the abuse had been ongoing and repeated.  

That is why Waters was indicted on two counts of each charge.

She was in the Erie County jail on $120,000 bond late Friday.



The human race just keeps getting sicker~


She is a monster. I hope she never walks free again.


mom just gave her baby a never ever chance in life, why? your baby would have been so loved and cherished by an adopted family. You could of asked for help, could have gave her up, you had a chance to do the right thing. Mother is a precious title, you are no mother, your a monster. you really could have saved this child,Why????????


She should be up on murder charges. The baby that was, the child that COULD have been, the adult that SHOULD have been, is gone forever. What remains behind is an all but empty shell. If she's the one who beat the child, then she's the one who took its life. The punishment for the charges she HAS incurred can in no way be significant enough to adequately make up for a crime like this one...


Mon, 11/12/2012 - 3:39pm

She should be up on murder charges. The baby that was, the child that COULD have been, the adult that SHOULD have been, is gone forever.

Sort of like ABORTION, right? But....................NO...............that's OK.


No not like abortion


themomx6: Hey, don't look at ME when you say abortion's okay! I don't want to get into the abortion debate here, but the bottom line (since you brought it up) is that, ESPECIALLY when it comes to later term abortions, we're in total agreement.


Sam A. your right this really is murder, murder of a soul that should have been and never will be.


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Oh for Chr' --- sakes SR: Okay I'll clean it up a little.. people like this should be sterilized... they have absolutely never benefitted society as a whole and make no contributions, and NEVER will. Thusly, we don't need them in this world!

There, better now? ;]

Bada Bing

This poor little person would have been better off dead! What has our society become???

2cents's picture

2 lives have ended here!
Sad, very sad it is :(


Yes, one life had NO choice, the other life MADE her choice to beat her child. I have NO sympathy for her. She should spend the rest of her life in prison.

Bleeding Turnips

Remind me again why the death penalty takes forever?


IMO, doctors did more harm than good saving this child's life. If she is guilty put her where she belongs but why subject the child to a life of misery?

Lillie Chaos

I understand and cannot debate the issue of misery for the child. Yet what can anyone do but try to save the life. I think the doctors are morally required to do that but my heart aches for this child. The woman should never see the light of day excuse for the behavior---no punishment too severe.


I completely agree. I just think the "do no harm" oath is harmful sometimes. A rapper once said "everybody dies but not everybody lives" and that is very true. Sad all the way around!


reflector said she beat her son, s.r. said she beat her daughter.. getting the story straight would add to media credibility. (almost couldnt type those last two words for laughing) either way, im sick of looking at that mug.


S.R. Has it right. It's a little girl. I remember seeing this article, it was brief and they hadn't named a suspect yet. The reflector probably assumed it was a little boy because of the name. And then again it could be the other way around, but I'm pretty positive it was a little girl due to the first article back in September.


it's simple FRY HER!!!


This poor child! What could a 6 month old baby possibly have done to warrant such treatment??? NOTHING! NOTHING AT ALL! I say this monster deserves what she did to that baby!


themomx6, I understand your opinion on abortion, this baby is here now, not a choice forced on the monstermom,the point is she could have done the right thing for this baby, adoption . Abortion should never be the first choice,make sure other options are considered first, after all is considered ,its a womans choice.


Again, not to get into the abortion debate here, but:

Wasn't beating the crap out of her baby her choice, too? I'm just asking...