Doctor: Veins of obese Ohio inmate inaccessible

A condemned killer fighting his execution because of his extreme weight does not have accessible veins in his arms or hands and could not receive a lethal injection in his legs because he is so obese, a doctor said in a court filing.
Associated Press
Nov 10, 2012


Death row inmate Ronald Post wants a federal judge to stop his January execution on the grounds his weight could cause him to suffer severe pain during the procedure. The state opposes the request.

Ohio attorneys had criticized an earlier filing by Post based on an analysis by a doctor who didn't examine him.

Thursday's filing sought to counter that opposition by presenting the affidavit of a doctor who extensively examined Post and interviewed him about his medical history.

It is "highly unlikely" that an IV could be placed in Post's legs and "extremely unlikely" that veins could be found in his hands, Ohio State medical center anesthesiologist Sergio Bergese said in affidavit dated Oct. 31 and filed Thursday.

Post also has scars on his left and right forearms from a suicide attempt that make his veins inaccessible for an IV, Bergese said. Post weighs more than 400 pounds, the doctor said.

He said Post reported he has provided some blood samples in the past only after great difficulty. Bergese said providing blood samples is no guarantee that an IV could be inserted.

Post, 53, is scheduled to die Jan. 16 for the 1983 shooting death of Helen Vantz in Elyria.

Vantz's son, Bill Vantz, has called Post's arguments "laughable."

Post argues his weight, vein access, scar tissue, depression and other medical problems raise the likelihood his executioners would encounter severe problems.

Post's attorneys also want more time to pursue arguments that claims of a full confession by the inmate to several people have been falsely exaggerated.

Post has tried losing weight, but knee and back problems have made it difficult to exercise, according to his court filing.

Post's request for gastric bypass surgery has been denied, he has been encouraged not to walk because he's at risk for falling, and severe depression has contributed to his inability to limit how much he eats, his filing said.




How many more excuses is this man and his attorney going to give before January? The man is going to have to ACCEPT his fate and, if necessary, they can always do a "cutdown" to access the necessary "veins" in his neck area.

He has no "rights" as far as most people are concerned. He has been duly convicted of his crimes by a jury of his peers. Allowing him to get to this terrible weight is his fault and the fault of his jailers. He knew this was coming, so "man up" and accept it.

You are going to die and that is it. No reprieve was allowed your victim so why should you get one??

Put this insanity to an end. Put him on a diet between now and his date of execution of need be or do the "cutdown" procedure, but either way, this man gets what was prescribed by law.

His sympathy factor is nil on most people's sympathy meter.


He's pretty much saying :'I'm not in shape to be executed'.

Licorice Schtick

Solving the wrong problem. Find an artery - a big one - and just open it up. Not too painful, with a little local anethesia.


.50 cal will do the trick.


How about we just hang him !At 400# he won't suffer long.


I know where we can get a boat anchor chain! And a building we can use to hang him from, it needs to come down anyway.


Betcha I could find a vein...



Second Opinion

Starve him to death!

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Don't have a year ;)


This slimeball is worried about severe pain and suffering well boo hoo, he didn't care what the victim and her family went through 25 years ago. Stick him in the jugular, and be done with it. I don't know how the slob got to be 400 pounds living on prison food to begin with.


@OHIOAN.... I was just going to post the same thing? he is in did he get that FAT!!!???? he better get what he has coming...he can stop whining... man up...its not fair you are still alive after 25 years anyways..the person you murdered hasn't been for 25 years!


How in the world did this man get up to 400 lbs in prison? He must eat very well and then some. Here's an idea. PUT HIM ON A DIET!!!


He probably ate his food and then ate some of the other prisoners food to get that fat. He did not care what he did to the person he killed.


Rare & great....we all agree. Please do like me & tell elected officials we in America need trash like this eliminated. Let's eliminate all upper third tier criminals nation-wide making America safer & less burdened by debt. They do not rate health care either.


one 9mm will save time and money and you don't need a vein to access, you will have all the access when you shoot him.


Let's not ask any more doctors about finding veins for an execution protocol. Instead, let's talk about how to treat prisoners humanely. That, of course, means adequate (or better) medical care. Let's pretend Fat Boy here needs dental surgery or some vericose veins stripped. Let's agree that performing such procedures without anesthetic would be cruel. So here's the question: Will Fat Boy be anesthetized for needed medical procedures, or will he not?

For those who are clueless and scared witless that someone so evil might actually suffer in any way, rest assured that Fat Boy will get perfectly good health care (better, in fact, than a lot of us on the "outside" can expect). He'll be treated humanely throughout the process, including anesthetics as needed. Whew, what a relief!

Now that we've got THAT settled, let's ask one of THOSE doctors to find a vein and get this the heck over with, shall we?


They get fat in prison because the food they are served is all high carbs. Cheap and it fills them up. They also can buy all the fattening foods they want from the commisary.


What a crock! I'd be curious to know how much he weighed when he killed his victim.


he's somebody's toy in the pokey. looks like he's been using kool aid mix for make up..


Cmon man ! Central line in his fat chest... push the drugs... Dead fat a$$

Taxed Enough Already

fat B@st@rd I know a few excellent veterinarians that could accommodate.


Does this rag smell like chloroform?

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Obviously his mouth is working well. Here, take this, please tell me if it tastes like it smells!
(Almonds) : )


anyone thats been on a 500 calorie a day diet knows the weight comes down quickly,even without exercise, you also crave every kind of food, maybe that would be a horrible punishment,and he would beg for the final solution I.V. and beg them to find a vein, any vein.

My thoughts

Use that fat to our advantage--hang him!


Put him on a heart healthy diet til his heart stops.

Don S

By the majority. take him to the morgue and Shoot him in the head.


It's easy. Just throw a "for sure" overdose for his weight size of opiates in his meal that day. He'll fall asleep after eating. No pain. No bloody mess. Just a sweet dream.


This is ridiculous! Who in the world cares how this guy feels! No criminal should have ANY rights to anything after you have been convicted! You murdered this poor innocent defenseless woman. Accept your fate you dirt bag! The average cost of an inmate is $25,000 and the average cost of a student is $10,000. Tell me where our priorities are skewed! We need to change this. Our kids deserve better, not inmates. Why should they get great medical, three square meals, education, gym, play time, etc. they didn't take that into regards when they committed murders, rapes, or any violent crime.


Dear state of Ohio. I hereby volunteer my services to start an IV on this prisoner so that his execution goes through. I have 25 yrs experience as a Paramedic and have had no problem starting IVs on people weighing in excess of 800lbs. It is quite easy to start a stardard IV in the external jugular vein of morbidly obese people and is no more painful than any other IV. In absense of an external jugular the prisoner can be sedated and then the skin in the lower leg anesthetized with 2% lidocaine. An intraosseous needle can then be drilled quickly into the bone with minimal pain and the drugs can be administered in this manner. You see, there is more than one way to skin a cat. Funny how the anesthesiologist didn't mention these procedures. But, then again, I'm sure he was paid to state what he did by the prisoner's lawyer.


I say bring knuckledragger in to do the job!


I second the motion....send in Knuckledragger.


3rd on the motion. KD. Waiting for hishonor to slam the hammer....


My offer still stands. I will even save the state money because I am offering my services for free.


If this comment section and other news about this guy has anything to say, his last day will be Jan. 16th, regardless of his weight.

PS. What do the leech lawyers have to gain from this circus???


who cares. keep him locked in his cell by himself like he has been all these years and when he eats himself to death then haul him out.

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Line him up behind the cows at the slaughter house.
If your going to kill someone, expect the same thing to happen to yourself.


Put rat poison in his food or a gun to his FAT head! DONE!


I like all solutions above, pick one and be done

Taxed Enough Already

was he also too obese to kill?


This story was on the Radio, 700 AM out of Cinn. He went to jail weighing 184 lbs. His family and friends keep sending him money to buy junk food (candy, cookies, chips, etc.). This is allowed under Ohio Law and it's what is happening to some that are on death row.


Take him out back and shoot him in the head. No veins needed there


I wonder what his last meal choice will be, salad w/ a diet coke, seriously weight issues are real, empathy aside, hes on death row.Death is the goal not health issues.


I too have to "weigh" in on this subject. I do not condone killing, but we are obviously giving this man who among the others in our prisons a great life with alot of food when there are those out there that have no food and aren't out killing, stealing or raping others who could use our $$$, but instead bacause of some humanitaristic reason ( I can't see it) we take care of scum like this instead of those unfortunates. Maybe with the new year and newly elected officials we should change some of those rules, after all, they want to separate church and state, right?

Bleeding Turnips

We are feeding our prisoners way too well, don't you think?


His last meal request will be an 18 wheeler of ravioli & will want to take his time eating it = live longer.


Lard A$$ wuss! Give him a high powered "Mickey Finn" drink and let him die in his sleep. From 240 pounds when he killed to well over 480. He must have been fed well. An Auschwitz diet would have brought his weight down. What a wuss!


so many suffer w/ weight issues, he is benefiting from it , joyfully loving every bite out of our taxes to keep him going, a diet would be cruel punishment, right? While so many struggle everyday to make a living on less so there taxes go to keep him going, he has to be enjoying this. Tax payers are another victim of his.


I suggest we give this guy 20 bottles of Magnsium Citrate (4 a day) and open the door to his cell. Put him where he has to RUN to get to a bathroom. That should knock off 20-30 pounds within a few days. Bet knuckledragger could find a vein then....easily. Or this idiot would be BEGGING for death. I can see the headlines now:

Man who Poo Poo 'd Death Penalty Phase, now Begs for Mercy Killing

The four hundred pound convict, who three weeks ago was trying to find a way to postpone his own execution, has had a change of heart. Somehow the man mistook 20 ice cold bottles of laxative for 7-up and drank them rather quickly. The sudden onset of an urge to go, go, go, got the better of him and he nearly ran him self to death going back and forth from his jail cell to the only functioning crapper on D block.

When asked, the warden explained, "we tried to get him moved to a more comfortable place, but unfortunately, his large size kept us from moving him from the cold meat locker to a more conveniet location".

The man just ran and ran night and day. One guard clocked his fastest time at a minute, four to make it from his cell to the john promting the Cleveland Browns to seriously consider intervening with an offer of a full back posiion or possible a tail back. However, given the circumstances, they changed their minds. We understand the Ravens may be interested.

Tomorrow or the next day, he will be lubricated and slid into the feight elevated to be taken two flights down, where he will be strapped to a mat on the floor. A sumo wrestler has given him a diaper and a nice new headband or the occasion. A man known only as "knuckledragger" has volunteered to start the IV for free.

The world will watch with baited breath as this bison is finally given the fire cocktail of the State of Ohio.

The guards will be sorry to see him go, as they hoped to use that last green bottle for one more race.

Willy Maket promised to run against him. You all remember Willy. He holds the urine title over in C block. They were to have a grudge match on Wednesday, but this guy has been complaining of uranius being in retro or something like that, they called it off.

Willy is naturally disappointed. The guards wish to check with NASA to find out if the Uranis thing is just another excuse.

Willy's execution doesn't come up until 2014. He says he hopes to find another challenger.


Nice story, wired...

dorothy gale

This makes me sick! Our penal system needs a complete overhaul. Scumbags like this can sit on their fat a$$es and shovel treats into their greedy pieholes for 25 years on the taxpayers' dollar and then claim they are too fat to die? What a load of BS! Making himself obese because he's afraid to die? What a disgusting piece of dog crap.


Are there other methods of execution then by lethal injection? What about hanging him? I read a book about it once.


So put a bullet in him