Off-duty officer helps arrest robber at superstore

An armed, Xanax-addled Vickery man snatched up several packs of cigarettes and headed for the door but an off-duty police officer blocked his way early Tuesday morning at the Walmart on Milan Road.
Emil Whitis
Nov 1, 2012


Lucas Reed, 30, was charged with theft, inducing panic, carrying concealed weapons, having weapons, having weapons under disability and drug abuse.

A highly-intoxicated man, identified as Reed, approached a cash register aisle at about 5:30 a.m. in Walmart. As he walked by a cashier noticed a bulge in his coat and asked what he was hiding.

Off-duty Mercy Lorain Hospital police Officer Chad Cantu, 43, overheard the conversation as he waited in line nearby.

“I heard a clerk asking what he had in his pockets so I walked over,” Cantu said. “Two packs of cigarettes fell from under his arm.”

Cantu identified himself as a police officer, flashed his pistol and patted the man down.

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Great job Officer Cantu!!!!


Thanks for a great job, Officer Cantu!


Sounds like a drunk shoplifter to me!


Thank you Officer Cantu !


Good job Officer Cantu! Glad you were there!


Good Job


A Lorain Hospital policeman? Wasn't he out of his jurisdiction? Not that the shoplifter shouldn't have been arrested, but did this policeman have the authority to do it? And, no, I don't know. That's why I am asking.


I am not sure either, but I think any peace officer has the authority to detain someone until locals make the arrest. Anyway, way to be alert officer !!!


In Ohio, a peace officer is duly sworn, The officer is allowed to detain for a misdemeanor crime until the local police jurisdiction can respond, furthermore, he is required to take action if he witnesses a felony crime in progress and in turn can make the arrest of any felony, anywhere in the state regardless of jurisdiction. If this person was shoplifting and had a weapon on him, the correct charge would be Robbery, which is a felony. The CCW charges are also felonies and again can be arrested by any peace officer duly sworn in the state.


Good Job Officer Cantu, thanks for your service and being vigilant while off duty!

Red Baby-Shoes

you could smell this guy a mile away, he told us he only had a couple beers. pfft!


Thanks Officer!


good job yes.... but my question is why was this off duty officer carrying his pistol in a store no one is allowed to carry there weapon in an establishment while off duty u areconsidered a normal citizen he should be charged for carrying his pistol in the store whenthere r signs on every door stating its illegal to do so


You are wrong. An off-duty officer may carry his weapon with him anyplace he goes. CCW restrictions do not apply to off-duty LEO's.


Police Officers are exempt from the conceal carry laws citizens are require to follow, and they're (police officers) always considered on duty.

Red Baby-Shoes

I don't care, I'm glad he had it, cause that other dude was messed up, lord only knows what he would have done to us had that Officer not been there, it took the perkins police a bit to get there because of all the storm craziness going on.


@justsaying419-- no, peace officers that are commissioned and work in law enforcement are exempt from that law. The same reason why LE can carry their weapon concealed without having a CCW permit. Just need their work ID and department issued badge. And trust me, when the crap hits the proverbial fan, you will want an armed on or off duty police officer there to help.


Hmm..not exactly how I remember the incident but ok...anyway glad Chad was there!


Do tell.

Red Baby-Shoes

Considering its the sandusky register we are lucky they didn't say something about giraffes and rifles being involved. We shouldn't complain lol


You guys are such suck ups! It wasn't a terrorist, it was a DRUNK shoplifter!


If this had happen in a bank and the robber would have had a gun and the police officer squashed people would still be b&* * ching for Christs' sake.