Attorneys ask for experts for Clinton murder trial

Accused killer Curtis Clinton appeared in Erie County Common Pleas Court on Monday for a brief pretrial hearing.
Jessica Cuffman
Oct 30, 2012

Clinton, 41, is accused of strangling to death Heather Jackson, 23, and her children, Celina, 3 and Wayne, 18-months. Their bodies were discovered in Jackson's John Street home Sept. 8 and Clinton was arrested for the murder two days later.

He also has been charged with sexually assaulting Celina and two counts of rape for an unrelated incident, in which he allegedly attacked a 17-year-old girl a week before the killings.

His attorneys also have filed motions asking the court to pay for mental health professionals to be appointed to the case and a death penalty expert.

The trial is scheduled to start in August next year, but the next hearing in the case will be Dec. 6.

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Quite frankly and i mean no disrespect but the system is a joke and a revolving door. Also prison is like a five star hotel. Why should i pay for their resort stay?


I don't know of any five star resort because I have never been to prison but Cityslicker makes the most sense if the system fails.


This looks like the same lawyer who represented Mr. Randleman. How does he sleep at night protecting murderers during the day? He probably makes a great living on taxpayers dollars.


@luvblues2...really? u think by them dragging this out that the community or her family will really be any less outraged or less upset? I believe we/they will still be just as horrifed as day one. u just cant forget about $hi!! like this.hes a freakin monster whether its today or ten years from now


I stated "public outrage" not family outrage, IXMNU. Two different things.


Obviously his first time behind bars did him no good.

IXMNU i should have said "public or family" rather than "community or family" not two different things...extremely similar. did u really read the post or just immediately jump on the defensive...give me a break. the point that time does not make anyone less angry about what happened to Heather or her family and that this man is still and always will be a moster!!


Actually time does have the ability to make people less attentive. The PUBLIC forgets about it, gets tired of hearing/reading about it, just goes on with their lives. Think back to 9/11 for a few months everyone was on the patriotic bandwagon, then it all faded away. Yes the family will not forget or heal, but Joe Q Public will just move on and just skim the stories in the paper.


Thank you for clarifying what my point was, ladydye_5. Evidently, I am not emotional enough, not being family and all.


Life goes on! Sad but true!


@ ladydye

You are absolutely correct.
Politicians DEPEND and HOPE that you/the public forget.

Shining example? -Romney
(sorry, it's the political season you know)


@IXMNU. I am in no way on the defensive. I was just stating the obvious.

Taxed Enough Already

is that lawyer the same one that defended Randleman?


Same guy!


Same lawyers who represented that dude that murdered officer Dunn, I dont know how these guys can live with themselves trying to get these this sick people off of the death penalty. Sick or not, this one needs to be put down, like we would a sick racoon, horse, or any other animal....This is just ridiculous to have the exact same lawyers...


Isn't there a gag order in place on this case? So much for that. Well, now we know what his defense will be, they just told us.


Gag order is just in place for attorneys, the state, the defendant and the jury, wiredmama. Reporters are allowed to report.

You or I could walk into that court and do whatever we want to do, to report.

Keep in mind, a good reporter does not spread falsehoods.


As much as most of you do not want to see him get what is termed a fair trial. Think about this. If he is not properly represented by his attorney then he has grounds for an appeal. Which means we start all over. And I am sure that his attorney is not his friend, but a man doing his job. And as long as he does it to the best of his ability there is no chance of an appeal. And when all the smoke clears my money still stands on a plea for life w/out parole.

Darwin's choice

He should not be offered a plea bargin!


This low life scum should have NOT been left out of prison to begin with, so where's the justice. The judge and lawyer's from his first conviction should be held accountable. Ten years for murder, come on give me break.
There's NO excuse for this stupidity, this animal bound her and threw her in a bathtub. "Plea bargaining" at its finest
If these idiot's would have done there job right the first time, we would'nt be having this conversation would we !!!!
The experts must be for the courts so they don't screw this up for the second time.


I agree.

Home Boy

@reporter54....our resident authority on the English langusage. You should know that each word in a new sentence is ALWAYS started with a capital letter. Also, "he doesn't deserve a trail even" that supposed to be a sentence? People that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Now go back to class, and pay attention this semester.


number one the reason they can draw things out is because we let them then they can yell they didn't get a speedy trial. i say limit it don't drag it out not only does it leave the families wound open longer it make it where the criminal liter punishment.Its time they speed things up as far as give her brother or family 5 min I say don't limit them on time it should take awhile and I for one will not lose interest it bothers me that they DON'T keep us more imformed