Norwalk ex-teacher sentenced to probation for sex charges

A former Norwalk teacher avoided prison time, but will be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life after a sentencing hearing Monday morning.
Jessica Cuffman
Oct 29, 2012


Alexa Nasonti, 25, convicted of sexual battery for having sex with a student during her first year of teaching, was placed on three years community control and ordered to continue with counseling.

The humiliation she has suffered, the loss of her teaching license and the more than $60,000 in college debt she has to pay back for a degree she can never use again may just be punishment enough, said Sandusky County Common Pleas Judge John Dewey.

"I don't think anyone is going to look at your case and say you had been treated too leniently," he said.

For more on Monday's sentencing hearing, pick up a copy of Tuesday's Register.



Am i wrong but wasnt she suppose to pay back her college loans anyway ???? Oh the cost of getting h@rny..........maybe the student will help her pay it back ........NOT !!!


That is true, yes she has to pay them back anyway...but the fact that now she has to pay them back....basically she is paying $60,000+ back for nothing. It was a waste.


This blog is in no way intended diminish the crime committed. However, this lifetime registration law was created for "repeat" sex offenders; "child" sex offenders, and brutal, vicious sex offenders.

Mr. Bailey would have had to agree to this for her to avoid prison time. That was not in the best interests of his client. Perhaps Mr. Bailey will try for an appeal based upon the lifetime registration.

AND, this type of registration, I believe, will demand that the registration takes place more than once per year.This woman will never again be a free person.

A Mazed

She should have thought about the consequences to her actions before sexing up her student!! Now, she'll have the rest of her life to think about the wasted money on an education she'll never use. No sympathy for her.

Phil Packer


A Mazed

Yes, really! That's the problem with society today, nobody is held accountable for their actions. She used poor judgement, why shouldn't she pay the price, a male teacher would.



Phil Packer

I agree. I just thought that it was so obvious that it didn't need to be said.

Julie R.

Agree with the comment of Cobbwebb.

If she ever gets married someday and has kids, as a registered sex offender she won't even be able to attend their school events. That's pure bull. Somebody like that monster Clinton a registered sex offender -- of course. This case --- once again, pure bull.



Ned Mandingo

Why the double standard in sentecing, if it was a male teacher and female student he would have got the jail time he deserved. sounds like the judge felt sorry for her because she screwed up her life.


Double standard


I would be richer if I had ten cents for every educator who got away with it.....teachers?... ah... I also meant administrators. No maybe I was thinking of clergy, no...boy scout leaders....silly me why forget coaches and politicians....including movie name a few....look out for the mailman, truck drivers, and milk man when you are away; especially your boss where ever you work..... on and on....


Agree, she should have to spend time in jail. I've taught for 16 yrs in a high school in Virginia and this behavior is out of control everywhere. Everything good teachers do everyday is wiped out by people who chose to corrupt their personal responsibilities. She was given a trusted position and she used it to pervert and control someone not ready to make adult choices. Also excellent comment by "nobodycares"....I didn't commit sexual battery but I remember having to pay back my student loans.....weak excuse for no jail time.


He consented - she was not HIS teacher, just A teacher - and if she was not a teacher, there would have been no sexual case under Ohio law. I think the punishment does fit the crime in this particular case.

Ned Mandingo

What if the teacher was a male? She is a sexual predator and should be treated as one.

Mime Bloggling

I agree SanduskySteve although it's these kinds of offenses that have made teachers union fees to skyrocket for legal defense. With it being a felony she will be lucky to find a job waiting tables. Sad all the way around...extremely poor judgment. It makes me wonder what the psychological mechanism is for these young teachers. Did they not date enough? Were they unpopular and trying to relive high school? I also understand the feelings of those who would have her get jail time...


I agree with sanduskysteve. I don't think she is a predator but it is true a man would have been treated differently if he was caught. It's over. Next!!!


All seriousness aside; for your listening pleasure:

Sit n Spin

Hey teacher....I forgot my peeennnncciiiiillll !!!!


If you think this woman persuaded the young man to do something he didn't want to do, I'd bet you're wrong. Teenagers have sex and not always with other teenagers. How many men do you know that had sex with an older woman when they were young? I know many. Now it's a crime; especially for teachers. I'd say she made an unwise choice but I do sympathize that she has to be labeled a sex offender for the rest of her life. It will keep her from being employed many places, not just schools.


She's only sorry she was caught. Doesn't matter if she was not his teacher. Too bad. That family has always thought they were above the law. Alexa got schooled.


Labeling a young person as a criminal for life due to a harmless mistake is not justice served. This judge needs to be replaced with a compassionate human being. Remember his abuse of authority next election time. A life time of pain and suffering would be at best given to him. The real threat to the community is JUDGE JOHN DEWEY.


shes an adult, she knew better, she surely was educated on boundarys between adults and teens, its just plain wrong nomatter what others are or arn't doing. we need to hold teachers to a higher moral standard, because they have great influence on our kids, and great responsibility in our eyes. we need to respect all teachers, and they need to show that they are worthy of our respect.

Dude i Roc

Awwwww, poor Starry was turned down by Billy in high school....


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Let's see - we do everything we can to teach our children (as young as 5 or 6) about sex and wonder why they experiment with sex.

We permit our tots to dress-up as little prostitutes and cut them loose in the Malls and streets and wonder why they are preyed upon.

We remove any and all references to moral teachings in schools based on religious foundations and wonder why our children seem out of control and have no ethics. Crime stats (since 1963 when religion and state got "separated") have increaased expoentially.

Students are encouraged to report parents who punish (within reason) because it's "bad" for the student's psyche. This enables students to usurp parental rights while the parents are financially responsible for the student's omissions or errors.

And all this while abortionists kill child after child under the freedom afforded them by "choice." Child abuse stops at the womb.

I don't espouse pedophilia, but it seems pretty hypocritical that it's O.K. to kill 'em before their born, but it's a crime to love 'em after their out of the womb.



She had sex with him, they were f'ing , WTH does "love" have to do with it?


Now you don't know that.She might have been a Monica !


My high school spanish teacher dated a girl from the time she was a sophomore until she graduated-then he married her. He is retiring at the end of this school year after more than 30 years of teaching. They are still married. And he should have been labeled a sex offender--this girl should not of been--at least for the rest of her life.

Taxed Enough Already

If this had been a male teacher and a female student he would have been hung out to dry and no one would have given a rat's rear end about his student loans. This is pathetic at best.


@Taxed Enough Already,

Frugalspender pointed a male teacher at EHOVE who had sex with a few female high school students. So tell me why this male teacher was never charged?

Frugalspender was banned a few months ago because she told the truth perhaps?


The same reason this woman's relative the coach wasn't charged years ago, when he was a young teacher, back then it was covered up and hushed up but everyone knew it was going on.

Darwin's choice

If she would have murdered him, served a sentence of 25 years, and paroled, she wouldn't have to register..........


I don't know about anyone else, but if I were her student, I'd have hit it too.

Second Opinion

The fairness of the law isn't what I'm questioning, what I question is the fairness of the judicial system as a whole.

Judge, would you say this if it was a male who committed this crime against a young 17 year old female? I DOUBT IT!

The Reflector reported the her lawyer, Ken Bailey stated:
""I understand some people look at this and say a female should be treated just the same as a male, but really, it's different," Bailey said. "She is very remorseful and I know a lot of people say they are, but she really is."

I stand by my post there, this statement is liberal and sexiest in nature. No men can be remorseful Mr Bailey?

Lets be honest here, if a male does anything sexual there's a cry to cut everything off, but if a women does it then the judges make excuses as to why they don't punish her as the would a man. There was also a study that proved that good looking women who commit sexual crimes are given favor over those who aren't so attractive. So much for justice being blind! Maybe all male judges should have to wear blind folds for those trials that involve females!

this 'judgement' was a mockery of the very definition of the word.


I'm not sure whether or not the student suffered any repercussions or not, but as it stands from the S.R., not. Now, how many students might confuse this as being an acceptable action, as long as your the student? And then, even further in their lives, might this desensitize the reality of accountability for their own actions...are we handing out get out of jail free cards now, for anyone who can make the judge smile?'s no wonder at all that just about no-one has fear of the law, and what it "can" hold one accountable for...anyone else find all these "walkers" to be as discerning as I?


The question is "Is a teacher given a role in our society that demands a special trust and a higher standard of personal responsibility?" If you say NO then a crime has not been committed. This situation is no different than a police officer who extorts or a judge who favors. There are positions in our society that demand a higher sense of personal responsibility and moral character.
Parents send their kids to school and hopefully should expect them to be safe. I'm also not so naive to think this "kid" has been victimized by this but as a school tax payer and parent this stuff has no place in a school.
No one force this person to become a teacher but she accepted the position and all that comes with it. If you don't want to be held to a higher standard then don't become a teacher, judge, doctor, police officer, military member, clergy or any number of other jobs where good moral character and behavior are necessary.
Yes this person is young and made poor choices but none the less choices she has to live with.


Shes still hot.


Doesn't anyone realized that under ohio law if she wasn't a teacher this would have been legal?

entitled to my ...

Doesn't matter-the facts are SHE WAS A TEACHER! And a few months ago, Judge Dewey sentenced a woman to 6 months in jail for stealing around $350. Why wasn't Nasonti given jail time? Especially when the prosecuter recommended some jail time? Seems like Dewey has something against thieves, but is ok with sexual predators. I'm just sayin-doesn't seem right......

Julie R.

At least Dewey has something against thieves --- Eeerie County sure doesn't!


Where the heck was all these hor ney teachers when I was in school ?


I believe it should be the 17 year old's oppinion if he was a victim or not. The court system conveniently makes under 18 years of age people THEIR choice of adult or minor to the legal system's own advantage, not the ones involved. The pursuit of "victimless" crimes are ruining law enforcement, the court system, over crowding prisons and making honest harmless people criminals. This is not about boys, girls, men or women. It's about two consenting individuals very close in age, no one else. Look around our entire nation and see those who should be behind bars out and committing crimes day after day, hour after hour ripping lives to pieces. If the American public doesn't wake up to this soon, half of their own family will be prisoners. There must be a VICTIM to constitute a crime. You can't protect someone from themselves and their own folly. I have no doubt that the ones who started the U.S.A. are turning over in their graves from our freedoms being surpressed. I suggest her next step be to M&M next to the bay to regain her dignity stolen and punish the real criminals.


When I commented on this story on April 20, I said she would have over $60,000 in college debt to repay. You fellow commenters called me crazy. Well looks like I was right.The only thing I was wrong about was that I said she was going to prison. I still think if she were a "he" she would have gone.

Fri, 04/20/2012 - 12:12pm
Many of you are quite niave, I see.

This girl, not only ruined her life, she ruined her parents.

In an attempt to lesson her prison time, they will have to cash in their 401k and get a second mortage, to be able to go out and hire a good lawyer. Not to keep her out of prison,because she is definately going, but to try to lesson the amount of time in prison.

This young girl has accumulated close to $60,000 in college loans, that will not be able to be paid back, since she will first, be locked up and second, will never get a job making that much money to pay them back


How dumb can you be. She knew what she was getting into. As a teacher myself I was disgusted by the text messages - I don't even speak that way with my significant other through text, let alone a student! What a waste of an education. If this was a male teacher, he'd have done prison time. Like many have said, she's only sorry that she got caught. She's a pretty lady, could she not find someone her own age instead of falling for a 17 year old? For this, yes, she does deserve to register as a sex offender - just think, it'd be demanded by the public had she been a "he". Paying back loans isn't a punishment - it's a responsibility. Wish I could go commit a crime, like rob a store for some new clothes, and get off with "well, the poor gal has to pay back college debt!" This is exactly why I add NONE of my students on Facebook, my profile is private as they can get, and students can only contact me through school email - not through cell phone! I feel no pity for this woman for ruining her life - a young boy just isn't worth it! What a disappointment.


@ dude i roc.... don't have a clue what you're talking about I haven't been in my twenties for several years , so then your comment is wasted on me.


DGMutley states: "The only statute that applies in this case is 2907.03 (7):
"The offender is a teacher, administrator, coach, or other person in authority employed by or serving in a school for which the state board of education prescribes minimum standards pursuant to division (D) of section 3301.07 of the Revised Code, the other person is enrolled in or attends that school, and the offender is not enrolled in and does not attend that school."

The state of Ohio does or does not follow what the law states. The powers that be use the law, twist it around and to their own advantage.


Anybody recall the retired Sandusky Register's publisher's court case of giving herpes to a little boy? That case was hushed up.


The United States is no longer the land of the free. I have been to other countries that offer much more freedom. Become informed and travel to other countries to see for yourself.

The United States land of the free? Perhaps the citizens have become indoctrinated?


I think that sex offenders reg. is not currently working you seen Clinton couldn't be arrested after that 17 year old reported that he raped her because she wouldn't press charges so what good did it do for him to register also every time i look on line they want to charge me to see who in my area is registered maybe I'm doing something wrong I don't know