Sandusky man faces serious charges in home invasion

A 21-year-old Sandusky man faces kidnapping, robbery and assault charges for his alleged role in an armed home invasion Tuesday night on Perry Street.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 19, 2012


Police arrested Takye Fenderson, of the 2000 block of Foxborough Circle, within minutes of the late-night robbery.

At least two other suspects remain at large.

More disturbing, a Sandusky police report shows there was also an armed robbery in the 600 block of East Monroe St. just two hours prior to the Perry Street incident.    

For his alleged part in the home invasion, Fenderson was charged with complicity to kidnapping; aggravated robbery; felonious assault; complicity to aggravated burglary; complicity to disrupting public services; complicity to theft of the elderly; tampering with evidence; and obstructing official business.   

He remains in the Erie County jail on $125,000 bond.

Police believe the home invasion was an attempted robbery.

One man and two women were inside the home, in the 200 block of Perry St., when at about 10:30 p.m. three men stormed the house.

At least one of the robbers had a weapon, and only later did officers discover it was an air pistol handgun that looked exactly like a .45-caliber automatic.    

The robbers brutally beat 67-year-old Robert Garrett, throwing him through a glass door and yanking away his cell phone when he tried to call 911, police said.

Dispatchers and police initially thought it was a medical call, but when officers arrived they spotted four men running from the scene.

One of the men was Garrett, fleeing the attack.

Officers quickly caught Fenderson and found the air pistol handgun in a nearby yard. They searched into the early morning for the other two suspects, to no avail.  

About two hours before the home invasion, East Monroe Street resident Brian Grace, 36, called police and said three men tried to rob him while he was sitting in his parked car.

One of the men pointed a rifle at him and said, "Give it up, give up the money," a police report said.

Grace told police he pushed gun's barrel aside and fled on foot. The suspects chased him briefly before giving up, the report said.     

In addition to these two incidents, there were three other violent robberies in the Sandusky area in the past week.

It's still unknown if Fenderson or his alleged cohorts — as yet unidentified — played a role in these other incidents.    

On Oct. 11, two men robbed a convenience store clerk near Pioneer Trail when she was taking out the garbage. The men stole $300 and the woman's jacket.  

On Oct. 10, two men robbed a 35-year-old Green Springs woman as she was headed out to her car on East Adams Street.  

On Tuesday morning, two men robbed a 19-year-old Sandusky man as he was walking along the tracks. The assailants beat the man unconscious and stole his backpack, which contained a Mountain Dew, a set of headphones and a set of keys.     




Wow. Beat a 67 y.o. Tayke I'll be glad when they have you hold the pants pocket in tha joint. P.A.B.


The headlines say Sandusky "Man", he's gonna find out what a man is when he gets to da big house... lmfao

Taxed Enough Already

yet another P O S


What part of Sandusky? Oh yeah, THAT part.


Here soon they are going to use an "air pistol" to rob the wrong person. Then there will be some slow singing and some flower bringing. Of course I am sure that these gangs of thugs are just victims or society, right? When one of these guys makes the mistake of trying to rob the wrong guy and ends up getting shot you will hear a number of voices say it was not the thugs fault.


You got that right ! And, I hope we're sayin' Amen sooner rather than later.


It seems more and more, sandusky is raising nothing but life long career criminals. No wonder the descent people of this town talk about moving away.


No, Mr. Sandusky when one of them gets shot, they will burn their part of the city to the ground as they pillage and loot. South LA.


Give it a rest. This is not L.A. nor will there be riots because someone protected themselves from a thug, black or white. Your perception of black people's reaction to crime is way off. Most crimes are intraracial so why would it be like L.A.?


Did I say anything about color of skin, deertracker? You must have taken my statement out of context.


No I didn't. It was the context that got my attention. Don't beat around the bush. If you have something to say, say it proudly if that is what you really believe. It's your right to do so. Just own it!


I will state this. When a part of society feels like it is downtrodden, it usually returns with fire of some sort. The ignorant seem to burn their own down before attacking the real problem with the ammunition of intelligence. Nothing to do with skin color. Just an observation of society in general.


I agree mostly but in L.A. the cops and the system were the issue and we all know you can't attack the cops and yes it had alot to do with skin color. That's my observation. However, in this case it seems like you have those that would rather steal than work. Eventually it will turn out real bad for them.


Is eventually tomorrow ?? I hope so! Citizens stand up and criminals STAND DOWN .


So let me get this straight, deertracker. You are saying that South LA burned down their own part of the city because they were black? I wasn't referring to color as much as I was to ignorance. THAT part of Sandusky has been proven to be IGNORANT time and time again.

I mean, gimme a break. They had a block party in the summer on Hancock where people of many cultures had shown up. Only to have had their cars broken into and people were beaten up and robbed just a couple of blocks away. That was taking advantage of a good situation and turning it into a bad one. Ignorance.

Phil Packer

Lop their heads off.


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How do you mean?


SR why does this derogatory term fly but others simply do not. I bet if someone made a racist comment about African-Americans or Jewish people the mods would be quick to react. adopt a policy and adhere fairly please.

Jerry, please do not perpetuate hate. There are enough problems here without all that crazy bullstuff.

2cents's picture

I can picture a better outcome in my mind, like in a movie. The thugs bash on the front door, it swings open, the old guy is sitting in his Lazy Boy reading the paper but has lifted his 12 GA sawed off double barrel up from beside the chair and BAM both barrels of double 00 buckshot send these jerks full of holes right back out the front door. He sets down the gun, picks up his coffee and starts reading the paper again. LOL it would be such sweet justice for what is going on in this world!


@2cents - I totally agree with you. Have resolved to 1) have an "iron" in the night stand 2) have another in the end table 3) one at my close disposal in an undisclosed location in case 1 and 2 are not accessable quickly.
Signed: brother of a past employee of yours
P.S. Also have a sign posted: Warning....If you are found here at night you will be found here in the morning! And if the thugs fail to read that one the other says: Warning....Tresspassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot twice!


You watch too much t v!!!!! LOL!


Don't cry later on when no one hires you because of your record.


This kind NEVER apply for a job. THey live off the "kindness" of others.


Maybe locking up this punk for awhile will knock that smirk off his face, low-life scumball!!


He think he bad.

Brick Hamland

I work downtown, sometimes late at night. I am in the process of getting my CCW permit. I will be sure to hand over the $20 in my wallet and then open fire. To bad for those that have invested money into downtown business so these thugs can ruin it for everyone. Erie County needs to invest in a larger jail so that the judges can be tougher on crime and when criminals are sentenced they actually serve the full sentence (speaking of misdemeanor crimes not felonies)


Heads-up to all judges, police and investigators in these crimes: these perps have been well schooled in "how to help you" in order to help themselves. So, don't think that that will effectively "change" their behavior once they get off. Perhaps, for the purpose of revenue and jobs Erie County should look into building a prison or at least a larger criminal facility. The current "process" is NOT working. Perps "blah/blah/blah" and Sandusky System "thanks for the info", you can go now. Flawed from the beginning and a complete failure for these "wannabe" big time thugs. Take away this freebie interaction and put them where they belong.


come to my house you piece of garbage and meet my friends Beretta and Mossberg. This has to stop, these individuals have probably been in trouble before and are escalating their violence and criminal activity. It is time for something to break in this city.


I want to warn any potential criminals planning a home invasion in and around west monroe street area that if you enter the wrong house, you may never make it out. I have a right to protect my family and I will protect them from you.

SemperFi 1775

Clearly these thugs are going to continue in there ways until something causes a change. Look at the scenario from the viewpoint of the offender. The track record of the recent crimes shows some trends of attacking the vulnerable. The poor economy plays a roll in pushing decent people into doing less than decent things, but we the people need to take a look at what we are doing to push back. This doesn't necessarily mean forming community watch programs, I think we need to fundamentally change what we are doing as a society to protect ourselves from crime. Our government allows us to carry concealed weapons with propper training and certification. The Castle Doctrine of Ohio would have authorized this home owner to end these perpetrators lives. If you have loved ones, if you will mourn the death of anyone in your household, thin it is your responsibility to be prepared to be the first line of defence for your household. Be a hard target, and if they choose you as their next victim, make a stance.

Semper Fi
Change doesn't happen until you make it happen.


The violence is getting ridiculous in this city & I wont stand for it to overtake my home. My family doesnt hang out with a bad crowd, we are law abiding citizens, we both work & pay taxes...We also own guns & we dont care if you are black, white, brown, purple or orange...if you break in our house to try to harm our family, you better expect a bullet to come your way!

This is a sad way to feel but its the new american way because there are to many dirtbags out there that feel robbing others is the new american way too!


Unfortunately, MrSandusky is right on two counts: Eventually these useless morons are going to try robbing the wrong people; and when they get what they deserve, their families and friends will cry foul.

If any of you out there know these men (or men like them), if you really care about them, ask them if a can of pop or a few dollars is worth serious injury or death. It sounds to me like there are quite a few of us who aren't just able but are WILLING to defend ourselves. And if these break-ins continue, somebody, sometime IS going to die!


Here is a story about a home invasion gone bad in Elyria.


Heard this on the news this morning. More results need to be like this! You walk into my castle and guess what? Your sorry a$$ will be finished!


Takye need a fix......get off his back!!! Where do "they" come up with these names?

2cents's picture

Here is whats coming to these guys!

AJ Oliver

Wait . . if guns are supposed to keep us safe, why aren't we safe? With the U.S. being the most heavily armed place in the world, shouldn't we also be the safest country in the world. Why aren't we?

Could it posdsibly be that guns are not the answer?

Deepest sympathy to Bobby - stay strong, my friend.


Guns CAN keep you safe, but only if you have one, know how to use it, and are WILLING to use it. Bad guys typically prey on those who are weaker than they. Imagine for a moment if the victim here had been sitting in his easy chair with a shotgun close to hand. The story would have been very different if he had, just as one commenter has already noted.

Guns, of course, AREN'T "the answer." But they're one heck of a preventive measure in the absence of personal responsibility or conscience in the case of the attacker(s)! Just ask the 1 to 2 million people per year (google Gary Kleck sometime, a former anti-gun academic who changed his tune once he discovered he'd been wrong all those years) who use firearms to avoid becoming victims — and who, in the vast majority of those instances, don't even need to fire a shot to do so!


Yes Ma'am Samantha. A simple "click click" of a shotgun shell being loaded into the firing chamber will do the trick in darkness. The next step is it had better be loaded and the willingness to pull the trigger.


I agree with most all of you but please remember to "never underestimate your opponet/burglar" and the goal is to protect you and yours.

Sitting In The ...

Eventually these "thugs" will pick the wrong target and hopefully feel the sting of a hollow point.

Julie R.

Geez, beating up a 67-year-old man ---- what a bunch of low-lifes.


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What he should be facing is his maker, bang you're dead!!