Body discovered on Follett Street; man charged

(UPDATED 6:40 p.m.) A Sandusky man has been charged in the death of a 33-year-old Sandusky woman found dead Wednesday afternoon in a Follett Street home.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 17, 2012

Theodis Keys Jr., 33, is charged with one count of murder.

Keys turned himself in at about 4 p.m. Wednesday, roughly two hours after Lorie Miller, 33, of Sandusky, was found dead at a residence at 114 E. Follett St.

Authories had a short-lived scramble to find a black 1999 Taurus being driven by the suspect, until Keys showed up at the Erie County Sheriff's Department.

Officials from the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation were called to assist Sandusky Police and Erie County Sheriff's Deputies in the investigation.

Police said Keys was Miller's boyfriend.

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Well, Floyd - I wholeheartedly agree with you that our children aren't learning the same right-from-wrong as generations past have learned.

However, you proved my point exactly when I said "Gun control laws are only obeyed by the law abiding". Criminals don't care if guns are controlled/outlawed by the gov't. I give you the Fast & Furious gunwalking fiasco as an example. However, if a perp knew that he was about to commit a violent crime against someone who was armed, don't you think that probability is very high that the perp would decide against it, since his/her advantage of power has been neutralized?

According to, "Since adopting a concealed carry law Florida's total violent crime rate has dropped 32% and its homicide rate has dropped 58%." This is one of many statistics that can be sighted that show that "The only way to truly keep criminals from using guns is to put a gun in the hands of every law abiding citizen."


I kind of agree with you on some points Floyd. Gun laws are too restrictive on law-abiding citizens; however, an armed citizen should shoot to kill before a criminal could ever disarm them. Finally, I attribute this violence to the failed liberal utopia experiment. Look at the most liberal cities in this country and look at their crime rates: Chicago, DC, New York, etc... it doesn't take a genius to see the forest for the trees on this one. This type of crime just took a little while longer to get to Sandusky but it's here and it's not gonna get better anytime soon. Throw political correctness out the window and replace it with common sense or else be prepared to become a victim of violent crime too.




All this violence is sad and disturbing. I truly believe the root of the problem is that the family unit is no longer a priority and children (students) are no longer disciplined (including at school) because of the laws that have been passed since the early 80's.

We're finally seeing the results of the lackadaisical discipline in society over the last 30 years. Please let parents parent, and teachers discipline once again!!!!!


There are rotten apples everywhere and the cops can only do so much. You can move but you cannot hide from crime. Things are never going to be like they were in the past. They could get considerably worse if the economy does not improve. Not all people are brought up to believe in good or God. Some have no conscience whatsoever.


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Wonder how long it was going to take for some dumb a** to bring race into this .


Get over yourself it's the truth, see the pattern of late?


u just did


I wouldn't drive to Sandusky in the daytime right now, let alone night. This is way too much stuff in a very short time.

Concerned For A...

I noticed that there are some people basically blaming the victim for not making a better choice of man? Do you all know something that us others don't? Was this guy abusive? For all you know, he could have never touched her a day in his life, and snapped and killed her. I will agree 100% and say that he is a lowlife scum for thinking he has the right to take someones life. And I'm not defending this guy by any means what so ever. I'm defending this poor woman who violently lost her life, and is getting chastised for the person she was with. Really? I guess I kind of understand that you might be trying to convey a message to women to GET OUT of the situation if you are being abused, just a very poor way of conveying that message. I haven't read through all the responses yet, but does anyone know, was she being abused in the relationship prior to this tragedy? These are facts you need to know before judging someone. Rest in peace Lorie, this community needs to come together! Every neighborhood should have a watch group! If everyone keeps sittting back in their chairs and reading about it the next day in the paper, you're doing squat! All this criminal activity....You can drive down the street in Sandusky and watch the drug deals going down! People getting murdered, robbed, beaten, raped. Get involved! Maybe if we can get more eyes on these idiots, they will be a little more reluctant to commit their crime in fear of being caught! There are definatley quite a few "hoods" that could use some police surveylance. Sandusky is a huge tourist attraction because of Cedar Point and lake erie. I know I wouldn't mind seeing my tax dollars put to a GOOD use and pay for more patroling, get more police out on these streets. Move groups of people along when they are loitering in an area to long. Sure innocent people are going to complain about their constitutional rights being violated, wah wah cry me a river. But it would be those very same nieve people crying a river about the police not doing their jobs when they get robbed, beaten, raped, ect.. This should trully be motivating for you Sandusky natives to stand up and take your community back! Start a movement and protect yourselves!


Some of us are seeing the decline of a civilization. As Santayana said. "Those who do not read history are doomed to repeat it."


Said it once & I'll say it again: If they can get away with killing a cop & beating death they'll run rampant killing women & children. What do they have to lose? They'll live with fellow thugs in prison happily ever after.


What's with the hospital not saying why this idiot showed up there? Really? Hippa is the dumbest law ever. Oh yeah...I like the way his family dressed for the court appearance.

Julie R.

A hospital can't give out that information but nevertheless, I'm sure it will come out in the trial -- if there is one, anyway.


Up your's, WhatTheHeck. What business is it of your's as to why I'm in the hospital? Nosy much?


Rest in peace, Lorie Miller. Be Blessed.


there's a pattern here and we all know it. only it's not pc to say so. Hide your heads in the sand won't make the obvious go away.