Body discovered on Follett Street; man charged

(UPDATED 6:40 p.m.) A Sandusky man has been charged in the death of a 33-year-old Sandusky woman found dead Wednesday afternoon in a Follett Street home.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 17, 2012

Theodis Keys Jr., 33, is charged with one count of murder.

Keys turned himself in at about 4 p.m. Wednesday, roughly two hours after Lorie Miller, 33, of Sandusky, was found dead at a residence at 114 E. Follett St.

Authories had a short-lived scramble to find a black 1999 Taurus being driven by the suspect, until Keys showed up at the Erie County Sheriff's Department.

Officials from the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation were called to assist Sandusky Police and Erie County Sheriff's Deputies in the investigation.

Police said Keys was Miller's boyfriend.

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Perkins2060, now might not be the time and place to brag about living a quarter mile south of someone who was just murdered.


I agree and was deleting my posts while you posted yours.

Would be great if others did the same.


Sal Dali

It never ceases to amaze me how people crack on the police department. They hire people all the time, if you can do better, they're an equal opportunity employer, go apply. They simply cannot be everywhere at once and the Lord knows, Sandusky has its share of scary places that most people avoid even driving through; law enforcement doesn't have that option. And by the way, they are human, which means they are not expected to be perfect either.
I was robbed in Sandusky, not once but twice. SPD did an excellent job both times. The second robbery was committed by a man from another state passing through Sandusky (caught and convicted). Crimes aren't always committed by residents, creepy thought isn't it? If you ever have an emergency and need a policeman, you will gain a greater appreciation for what they do everyday without fail.
This woman's death is a tragedy but is there a way they could have prevented it unless they had prior knowledge about it? Not really. Violent crimes seem to be rising in Sandusky or they are becoming more and violent and are getting more media attention.
In response to Good 2 B Me... maybe more effective neighborhood watch programs instead of guardian angels. Neighborhoods don't seem to be as closely connected as they used to be and that could be part of the problem. It's a good idea to know your neighbors, they could be dangerous or they could just be the person that saves your life one day.


Agreed~I would sure hate to be WITHOUT our LE! Stay safe


I think our LE are doing the best job they can. We need to hire more.


That poor woman.


That poor woman.


I know this is dumb but--his head is perfectly shaped like an egg.


Does anyone know where this Theodis dude used to live?..Looks like a guy that used to ride his bike every single day around my neighborhood asking for money to everyone he seen


Not the same guy


Very sad. You can pull her Facebook page up if you search her name. From the pictures it looks like she has two children. What another terrible loss for the community. This violence has to stop. Please be vigilant and watch out for your neighbors. To the family: you are in my thoughts and prayers and I am sorry for your loss.


I tried this, and dozens of results came back. What does the FB photo look like?


She has 2 children, her youngest has autism.


Thank God the children weren't harmed. I hope the community comes together and helps them out.

Sandusky Register, please post if there is a place for donations. Thank you.


Her kids were in school when it happened. As horrible as it is, I am glad they weren't home if it had to happen.


I agree with you. Thank God they weren't there to witness this or worse.


What the H is someone putting in the water in Sandusky


First off may she Rip. Secondly people always insult spd but they are constantly locking up scumbags. Time for the judges to do something with them


Erie county, and the surrounding counties are just a haven for gangs, and drugs/drug running. Until we have the financial backing from our county and the surrounding counties, or the government, to provide us with the proper law enforcement, we're basically screwed. I will look into a CCW permit.

Tsu Dho Nimh

There have been so many cuts in law enforcement that agencies are now reactive instead of proactive. These men and women put their lives on the line for $14/hr. in many cases.

Mr. D

Remember all the funding our fine governor kasich cut. . . You know. . . funding to cities, counties and townships. . . Well we are now paying for it. . . . .

Swamp Fox

Mr. D, which I assume stands don't have a clue. The majority of the most recent homicides occurred with the suspect knowing and having a relationship with their victim. These were not random acts of street violence or crimes where proactive policing could have avoided the crimes. How does any alleged cuts from the state effect domestic violence incidents? Maybe if the local municipal court judge took domestic violence incidents more seriously and shed his liberal attitudes towards punishment these incidents might have been avoided. Please grace us with you wealth of knowledge in the criminal justice system.

Mr. D

Swamp fox, which I assume means you've been drinking rancid swamp water. . . I didn't say a word about police. I mentioned cuts to cities, counties and townships. . . Kasich cuts caused a many programs, designed to educate not only women, but the public on how to recognize domestic violence and how to deal with it and help victims walk away from these types of relationships. These preventive/educational programs were available throughout the State by many agencies including Law Enforcement, courts,
prosecutors, family services, schools, and churches to
name a few. Most no longer exist because of kasich cuts. And yes, this type of crime can be preventable with proactive measures. Swampy, you don't know it
all, so don't try act like you do. You only make yourself appear foolish! Prayers go out to her friends and family.

Swamp Fox

mr dah, Many of these type defendants have long contact with the criminal justice system and had been exposed to in your words "These preventive/educational programs were available throughout the State by many agencies including Law Enforcement, courts, prosecutors, family services, schools, and churches to name a few." All of these resources were available for these defendants and their poor victims. Some of our largest goverment supported social programs are located in the ares with the highest crime rates. Unfortunately no matter what the funding the government is not always able to prevent these tragedies. We can't expect the goverment to "take care" of personal responsibility or the break down of the family. Only a liberal would use a tragedy like this for a cheap unrelated political reason.


You're kidding me! Does he really look like that
or was there some Photoshop done to make his head that shape?

Taxed Enough Already

looks like an egg.


Can someone post this thugs priors?


I may be mistaken but I believe he is from a southern state and just relocated to Sandusky recently.


I could not find any police records of Mr. Keys in the Sandusky area. There were plenty of "Keys" listed but not him.
RIP Lorie and my prayers are with your children.

Floyd P

"The only way to truly keep criminals from using guns is to put a gun in the hands of every law abiding citizen. Gun control laws are only obeyed by the law abiding."

This is an oxymoron if I ever heard one. In many cases, a criminal act is perpetrated by a law abiding citizen out of rage on someone they know. Now they have become the criminal. And since these laws are only obeyed by the law abiding, this contradicts itself - you are STILL going to have gun-toting criminals. There is no easy solution to gun control laws, just because you have a legal weapon in your house doesn't mean the perpetrator can't rip it out your hands or shoot you first. It starts with taking care of your own and teaching children right from wrong. Period.