Deputies seize $87K of suspected drug money

Erie County deputies seized $87,155 from a Willard man Sunday during what started as a routine traffic stop at Smith Road and Ohio 4.
Emil Whitis
Oct 16, 2012


Marcial Lopez, 40, was cited for a marked lanes violation and released but deputies kept his car and the money.

Deputies watched as a vehicle turned south on Ohio 4 from the turnpike at about 1 p.m. After the car veered off the road several times deputies stopped it. The driver, identified as Lopez, told deputies he was headed home from visiting a friend in Michigan.

Deputies called in Perkins police dog Uganda who smelled drugs in the car, though none were found.

“We still believe a nexus exists between the money and illegal activity,” Erie County Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said.

DEA agents were contacted to assist in the investigation.

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Standard government..... O you have money??? We'll take that and let you go.


Like I've said many times, drug dogs are joke!

They ALWAYS bark. EVERY time they are taken out of the car. UGANDA knows he gets a treat for barking.

They are the new fig leaf of probable cause based on pseudo science.


What will be done with the money? I could use some :)


Buffy the Wonder Dog smells drugs . . . or maybe it was a pet chihauhua in heat . . . or maybe a burger. No warrant - no drugs - no problem. We'll make the guy show up to explain his wealth. If he's got a good reason, you can bet the IRS "hounds" will be sniffing around.

More evidence of the growing Police State.


It does seem odd he was carrying so much cash but I don't think the police have a right to it, or to his car if no drugs were found. They should give his stuff back. The police automatically assume we're all drug dealers or gun carriers or have some type of contraband. They ask if you do. Then search anyway.

Randy_Marsh 4th amendment violation.


The police dont have the right to do half of the stuff that they do.


The only crime here is law enforcement for overstepping boundaries. The only victims of crime here besides the driver of this vehicle are the taxpayers for allowing this. I see crap like this daily and it reminds me of what I've learned of Nazi Germany. Law enforcement's ridiculous act is going to cost the taxpayers quite a bundle. They are protecting no one by this stupid maneuver. Protect & serve........... LMAO

Crazy Girl

I'll bet he had closer to 100K and the officers just took their 'finder's fee'


Give this time..something does not add up. 87K does seem like a lot cash to carry on ones person. S.R, keep the readers posted please.


It has been proven that a very high percentage of cash will alert a dog or test positive for drug residue. That does not mean the gov't gets to seize your property if nothing other is found.

Take one of those dogs a walk through a bank sometime. I'll bet they alert all over the place. Especially in the teller's drawers behind the counter.