Two arrested after downtown Sandusky fight

Police arrested two of three men who taunted a cage fighter Wednesday morning in a downtown Sandusky bar.
Emil Whitis
Oct 11, 2012


Officers didn't identify the third man, who had allegedly punched the cage fighter twice in the face.

Chad Green, 42, and Toby Holcombe, 20, both of Sandusky, were charged with disorderly conduct. Green was also charged with resisting arrest.

When police rolled up in front of a downtown bar at about 2 a.m., they spotted several men arguing in the street.

They arrested Green and Holcombe, both of whom were yelling.  

Officers then talked to a self-proclaimed cage fighter, who accused Green, Holocombe and a third man of taunting him at the bar.

The cage fighter “told the subjects that he does not fight in bars and told the subjects if they wanted to fight, that they would need to enter into a contest and ‘put the gloves on,’” a Sandusky police report said.

The unidentified man then punched the cage fighter twice in the face.

While police were talking to the victim, a car backed into Holcombe’s illegally parked car. The driver, identified as Justin Williams, 30, of Sandusky, was charged with driving under suspension.

Holcombe also landed a parking ticket.


Good 2 B Me

Downtown...Where stupid is as Stupid does!


I bet it was at dailys bar that where all the fights seem to happen. Seen a good one during bike week


I had a great lunch at Daly's the other day....tasty burger and fries, nice atmosphere, good price.

By 2 a.m. some people just get stupid, but at noon it was all good.


Did you get a Hawaiian Punch with your food?


I love how the Register only names certain downtown bars, and are eerily quiet on the other ones