Doubting DeWine

Reader says move Burdine jury for a fair grand jury
Apr 28, 2014


HEADLINE: DeWine ready for a grand jury

5:53 a.m., April 27, 2014
CTwhalers says Grand jury needs to be outside of Sandusky county for a fair jury. Justice for jake limberios knows all about that.



IMO, this case should not be in the state system at all. The temptation is too great for any politically elected Attorney General or prosecutor dependent upon the support of law enforcement to retain his job to just go through the motions.

Also as the AG for the State of Ohio it is DeWine's job ultimately to defend all actions of state actors. In other words, DeWine and Law enforcement officers are all on the same side and in the same branch of government. That is a serious conflict of interest in any other area of law.

Police misconduct and violation of civil rights cases should be handled by the US Department of Justice Civil Rights Division out of Washington DC.

The link is to a story concerning the prosecution of the Lucas County Sheriff and 3 of his deputies/corrections officers in the jail death of Carlton Benton. Originally Lucas County Coroner Assistant Beissner had not found Benton's death to be the result of jail injuries, but the US Department of Justice Civil Rights division reviewed the case and forced her to change her determination. The case was then prosecuted by the civil rights division and resulted in the conviction of two corrections officers.

Dr. Baden is respected and one would hope if he and the Burdine family with the support of the Register and its readers through a petition requested the DOJ civil rights division review this case it would happen. Also, since it is an election year it wouldn't hurt to ask assistance from Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur and Congressman Bob Latta with the DOJ.


I ask people I know all the time. NO ONE that I know has ever seved on a GRAND jury. Who do they pick and how do they pick them?
Life is full of mysteries.


when you serve on grand jury you are not supposed to speak about it, my wife and my mom have both served on grand juries in sandusky conty, you are supposed to be a registered voter to have your name in the pool

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They are secret sessions behind closed doors and includes evidence presented by only a prosecutor to the grand jury to decide whether or not to indict anyone unless a special grand jury is requested to decide on other matters upon a court in which a prosecutor may present exhibits along with witness testimony to the "grand jury" to determine probable cause to indict anyone.Even in special grand jury selection it is done by registered voter pool. Now what is unique about at least special grand jurors they are allowed to ask questions of said witnesses on the stand.