Baden cross-examined

Famed forensic pathologist gets grilled on qualifications, celebrity status
Jan 31, 2014


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Teresa Grigsby, a Toledo attorney with the firm Spengler Nathanson PLL representing Sandusky County and its insurers, cross-examined Dr. Michael Baden about the death of Craig Burdine at the Sandusky County Jail. The deposition occurred May 16, 2011. 

Baden is a well-known former New York medical examiner and currently serves as the New York State police agency's forensic pathologist. 

Some of Grigsby's questions go directly at Baden's celebrity status.

Question: Have you been involved in any cases in which you or your wife has been one of the attorneys of record?
Baden: There's one case that I was called in on day one and then a few years later she was asked o be defense attorney in that case. And it had to do with the first Phil Spector trial. That was the only time we were both involved in the same.

Beisser followed the narrative

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The deposition was in May 2011, and this is news? Really SR.

Matt Westerhold

There's an ongoing investigation being conducted by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. This is news as it relates to that, and it relates to that, at the very core. Hope that helps.  


Maybe that explanation could have been in the body of the story.


An inference to that end seems reasonable.

From the Grave

Dude looks like Captain Kangaroo.