Hydrant Flush

Let the good times flow
Luke Wark
May 30, 2014


Sandusky Water Distribution employee Brian Camp closes a hydrant on West Monroe Street after flushing the system on a sunny Thursday afternoon. The hydrants must be flushed twice a year to remove any built up debris and sediment as well as ensure proper operation.


Stop It

I remember when the City of Bellevue went on strike back in the 70's. All the employees on 24 hr. strike duty told us to let the hydrants run and squeal n peel on Main St.

As I remember, I was barely 21 and it was fun. Being older now I realize it was still fun, but probably not a good thing to do. The fire chief at the time said if just a few more were let loose all at once, we wouldn't have enough water pressure to brush our teeth let alone put fires out.

The union got what they wanted.