More than 16K potholes in city

Sandusky’s street workers continue to spend a whole bunch of time smoothing out rough roads — and residents keep coughing up stacks of cash for these necessary fixes.
Andy Ouriel
May 26, 2014


Since January, city crews have filled almost 16,400 potholes, according to data the Register obtained through a public records request.

Officials contend no winter season proved more problematic for commuters battling potholes than this past one. For comparison, a year ago, city crews filled in about 14,000 potholes.

“This has been (in 2014) our worst year,” said Sandusky street foreman Art Straub, who has worked in the department for about 35 years.

Nice recent stretches of warm weather have accelerated the turnaround time in which city crews can patch a pothole.

Thus far in May, crews have tended to 6,500 potholes, equating to about 40 percent of all potholes addressed in Sandusky during 2014.

City taxpayers, meanwhile, have fronted almost $52,000 to date just on pothole patching. The money goes toward materials and time, be it regular or overtime, employees need to fix potholes.

“Every one of those dollars could have been spent in other areas,” city commissioner Dick Brady said. “We are asking every department to reduce their expenses, and then we are forced to blow through $50,000 in street repairs. But the reality is that this is Ohio. We are going to have years like this”

Patching potholes should remain a priority at least through June, coinciding with Ohio Bike Week invading Erie County and downtown Sandusky.

“In another week, we will have 10,000 bikers traveling our streets,” Brady said. “Just imagine a motorcycle encountering a pothole or a series of potholes. The result could be tragic”

Street workers must quickly fix potholes when notified by community members of their whereabouts.

If workers neglect these requests, then community members sustaining damage or injury from a previously reported pothole can receive a reimbursement — or possibly sue the city — for their troubles.

“Our residents should have a reasonable expectation that when they travel on our streets, they will not have the fillings in their teeth knocked out,” Brady said.

Spot a pothole?
Sandusky officials welcome community members to contact their offices so they can fill potholes:

•CALL: 419-627-5881
•EMAIL: art.straub@ or  

City crews will first fill potholes based on the most severe ones they know about.

They’ll then address potholes based on which ones were reported first.


dorothy gale

There's a huge hole in the middle of Rockwell St near the Hayes Ave end.


and this is why they need to raise the admissions tax or whatever it is for the tourists coming to town.

sandtown born a...

How about they chain gang the non violent offenders as pay for the stay at the Erie county jail! Free labor well we are all already paying for them to be jailed we may as well get something out of it!


That would be cruel and unusual punishment!


The inmates would love to get out and fix s**t.

Comrade Boose

Want to be updated on where some of the worst potholes are still located in Sandusky.

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In the meantime Art Straub and crew keep up the hard work rebuilding Sandusky by filling in one pothole at a time.


Columbus Avenue is AWFUL, especially northbound, from the subway to Hayes Avenue. I sympathize with those living on side streets that are also bad, but some priority for main arteries would be nice!