City to flood Water Street with upgrades in 2015

Sandusky city commissioners recently approved a major project to bolster Water Street, a popular corridor spanning through the downtown area.
Andy Ouriel
May 4, 2014


Here are the project’s major details, provided by local engineering officials:

WHAT: Several upgrades along Water Street. The scheduled improvements include paving the street; installing new curbs, gutters and sidewalks; replacing a water line beneath the street; and expanding the Sandusky Bay Pathway, the city’s only recognized bike path.    

WHERE: Between Shelby and Wayne streets. The project’s broken down more specifically with work in various blocks:

•Water Street between Jackson and Wayne streets: milling and paving the road.

•Water Street between Jackson and Lawrence streets: installing new curbs and sidewalks.

•Water Street between Decatur and Jackson streets: improving the street area, including adding new brick pavers and street lights.

•Water Street between Lawrence and Shelby streets: installing new curbs, gutters, sidewalks; upgrading the driving surface; and extending the Sandusky Bay Pathway.

WHEN: Construction work is expected to begin and end sometime in 2015.

COST: $1.62 million for design and construction. The cost is broken down with:
•$882,700 coming from Erie County planning funds.
•$430,000 in city funds from the capital, water and sewer accounts.
•$306,500 from a state grant.

WHY: The booming corridor is now home to several new businesses. Plus tourists travel on Water Street when accessing the Paper District Marina or Shelby Street Public Boat Launch.

“This is important to get done because it’s another piece to all the improvements we’re doing to downtown,” commissioner Wes Poole said. “Water Street needs to be attractive for people coming into the city. It’s money well spent that has been on the schedule to get done for some time”




dorothy gale

How about fixing the potholes on Central Ave. first?


I am glad there are no other streets in Sandusky in need of repair.
The city commission seems to spend a lot of money in the downtown area while the rest of the city deteriorates. What's up with that?


The bars, thrift shops and tattoo parlors must be booming! The cars are coming in droves! All the streets leading to downtown are pothole ridden at best, but we spare no expense on Water Street!!!

Teeter's picture

There's a "shocker!" How about Lockwood, Anderson, Central, BUCHANAN, CALDWELL, and the 50 or so other streets that people actually live on, you know, the folks that help pay the bills. It certainly would be a shame to have a great looking downtown and the remainder of the city vacant and boarded up. Rockwell has 8 homes for sale and many other neighborhoods have equally high "For Sale" signs....oh shucks what am I saying...that's been the plan all along. That's how you get rid of all non-tax payers in an area, not just poor people but anyone on a fixed income...hint..hint. Wait for it, wait for it.....gentrification. Look out Perkins here we come!

Diedre Cole

44870 South

That post was truly annoying...but I like the idea...send all of the non-tax payers to Perkins...there's plenty of rentals popping up all over the place there. Sandusky needs to get rid of all the trash...I think it's a splendid idea. Their doing more damage than the potholes...


For those of us that love to drive downtown, It will be nice for the upgrades. And yes I would love to see downtown Bloom again like back in the old days. I hope it attracts more and more business to come downtown.

Teeter's picture

Yes, driving downtown is wonderful, I just happen to think people don't need to endure a flat tire or broken tie rod end from all the potholes to get there!

Diedre Cole

44870 South

@capcap...I Agree! Can't wait to see what they have in store....I have always said that Sandusky doesn't realize what it has...I'm glad we have some people making decisions finally that realize all that the city of Sandusky has to offer. Perkins can have their concrete and shopping centers...we have the lake!!

From the Grave

What we have is an accessible water front...for now.


Yes, water street should be made like a boardwalk, BUT only after the streets are fixed so that the taxpayers who drive everday, can get around the streets safely.

T. A. Schwanger


There is no big surprise here.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Those controlling tax dollar purse strings continue to repair streets leading to Cedar Point or downtown as the rest of our transportation corridors crumble.

The cost of this project increased due to a last minute decision to go with fancy brick pavers thanks to the insistence of the Downtown Main Streets Association.

Once again, supporting the logic it's not who's sitting at the City Commission table, it's about lack of adequate representation.

Teeter's picture

Is Jeff Smith and Scott Schell either on the Board of or paid members of Main Street? What street is that bakery on again? How can either of them have a say in how money is spent downtown. Isn't some of the money coming from the county? Does Mr. Schell still work for the county as ED of something? If Mr. Murray was barred from discussing the MD project, how is this not a conflict for others? Inquiring minds want to know! May be nothing, but better to ask up front then have another oopsie later on....just sayin'

Diedre Cole


As is typically the case, the statement by Tim Schwanger regarding the brick paver project does not reflect the whole truth. The project is being led by a group of local physicians and business professionals to honor Mr. George Mylander, and is not being driven by the Sandusky Main Street Association. Furthermore, "fancy brick pavers" are not being used for this project. The request is to merely stamp and color the blacktop that is already being used to look like bricks only in front of Schade-Mylander Plaza.

The Bizness

Thanks for clearing that up. TA is just mad for the sake of being mad.

I agree other roads are bad in town but especially the West end of water st. needs this and the completion of the pathway will be great for fitness people, and people that enjoy walking that area.


"Erie County Planning Funds. City Funds. State Grant." Those are all tax $$$...........yes??


I think it's a great idea! But (always a but) fix Shoreline Dr. as well. I chipped a tooth driving down that road.

Seriously, even though rebuilding that road is a good idea the city must address the need to repair residential streets littered with potholes. I think Sharon Johnson mentioned some sort of device that is used in other cities that permanently repairs potholes (not sure on the particulars of this device). Maybe there's grant money available to purchase such devices?


For the city of Sandusky=great value, 1.62 million dollar project is only costing the city $405,000 sounds like a no brainer to me. The county Funds are more than likely kicked in from some of the sales tax dollars they collect from city businesses.


In a story concerning repairs to First Street due to Cedar Point traffic, I noted that many of Sandusky's problems could be traced to poor logistics. I proposed building an attractive limited access boulevard from Venice Road at Tiffin Rd over to Cedar Point Rd through eminent domain by raising the Admissions tax and seeking state construction grants.

The Boulevard would have gateway intersections at major cross roads to what one might call "Old Sandusky" or some other name and secondary access roads to direct people to business and or residences set off the Boulevard. The Boulevard would run roughly parallel to Perkins Ave and would create a beautiful architecturally planned commercial and residential corridor as opposed to the aesthetic mess on Milan Road.

It would result in traffic to and from Cedar Point moving efficiently through the city but would present an attractive invitation to tourists and businesses to check out downtown and the areas along the boulevard. Much blight would be eliminated and residents and the city who own property along the boulevard would profit from sales to developers who win the right to develop the area by competitive bids and a planned theme.

Maybe one could even sell naming rights to the Boulevard.