Sandusky Municipal Court updates its tech system

Local, state funds to replace computers, upgrade software
Andy Ouriel
May 3, 2014


Sandusky Municipal Court employees convicted their technology guilty of being vastly antiquated.

To enhance their digital offerings, they parlayed local and state funds to update their digital capabilities.

During a recent public meeting, Sandusky city commissioners allowed court employees to:

•Leverage $21,300 from a grant to upgrade technology to synch up with a state records system.

•Spend $15,600 in local court funds to replace a dozen computers with modern technology to handle a new software system.

“Our court computer software is over five years old,” Sandusky Municipal Court clerk Peggy Rice said. “Many improvements and new technology have been developed that we have been unable to benefit from due to our outdated software”

A technological upgrade now permits Sandusky Municipal Court to link up with an upstart state database, accessing information from other courts across Ohio.

“This is basically a data repository that would enable all Ohio courts and agencies to share information,” Rice said. “What makes this a huge undertaking is that all Ohio courts do not have the same software and operating system. The Sandusky Municipal Court has been unable to connect because we did not have the proper infrastructure and the new software in place”

Rice provided some examples as to how this system could benefit local court operations.

“Since people move so often, the (court network) will enable staff to see a defendant’s history not only in Sandusky, Perkins Township and Erie County but throughout Ohio,” Rice said. “Staff can get information in minutes concerning this individual. We will know if they are a repeat offender, where they have been, bond information, court dates, prison time and driving information”

It’s not known exactly when Sandusky Municipal Court employees can access this database.


Julie R.

For a city that was crying poverty not too long ago, Sandusky must have come into some money. A few days ago it was the 20 city employees that got raises and now the updates to the tech system in the city municipal court.

Is this the money they "saved" by firing Nicole Ard?


Between the grant money and the court fund money, it seems there was no general fund money that came out of pocket. Courts must keep a special fund for certain court revenues received that can only be spent for computers and software so they are able to stay current and informed.