Commission approves short-term solution

Two downtown spaces to be designated as 10-minute parking spots for quick stops
Andy Ouriel
Apr 20, 2014


Come springtime, drivers parking at certain spots in downtown Sandusky shouldn’t dilly-dally around for long.

City commissioners recently approved designating two downtown spaces as short-term parking spots, limiting drivers to no longer than 10 minutes in these areas.

Just like parking in a handicap space, any driver lingering in these spots longer than the posted time limit could receive a ticket.

The plan revolves around installing one on both the east and west sides somewhere within the 100 block of Columbus Avenue. The signs, for instance, could go in front of the Sandusky State Theatre and Mr. Smith’s Coffee House.

“This is a benefit because it provides a convenience to customers who may have short-term parking (needs) downtown,” commissioner Wes Poole said. “It could be a quick stop to pick up tickets for a State Theatre event, a pizza or just a cup of coffee”

Amending downtown parking stems from a yearlong study released in February.

In short: The $38,500 study determined enough parking in the business district exists, evident by the 1,600-plus available spots in an 18-block area, but it’s completely mismanaged.

Among the study’s recommendations: Improve signage to both direct people where to park and limit how long they can stay parked.

The two short-term parking spots are a step to addressing that recommendation.

But it hardly satisfies everyone.

“They’ll never enforce it,” said a business employee working in the impacted area who didn’t want to face consequences for speaking out. “There is no one that enforces two-hour parking now. Why would someone enforce this?”



Wow. Only $38,000 for two - 10 minute parking spaces. What a bargain.


It sounds like a good idea but unless, the city can enforce the signage, it means nothing.


they will be enforced as much as the Snow Street Signs.

The Big Dog's back

Well we know Conservatives won't follow the 10 minute limit. How dare Gov tell them how long they can park somewhere.


We also know if given a chance Liberals like dog will crap on the cars if they sit there for more than 5 mins protesting something or other. Unless of course it is a car with a Obama sticker in which case they will try to suck on the exhaust pipe.


i dont need any more than 10 minutes when im in town romancing a crack ho. it's nice to know i will have someplace to park my hooptie!