City delays start of project

Walkers and commuters trekking through a dangerous corridor must wait a bit longer before construction begins.
Andy Ouriel
Mar 24, 2014


Sandusky officials postponed a tentative starting date to revamp the Camp Street underpass.    

Originally slated to start in April and finish by October, the project has been delayed for many reasons.

“The contractor that performed the Hayes Avenue (underpass) project indicated that October was too aggressive,” Sandusky engineer Aaron Klein said. “Typically, this means that they could rush the work, possibly providing lower quality and increasing bid prices because they’d have to work overtime to meet the schedule”

Klein believes the project could start as soon as this summer and ideally finish by May 2015.

City officials previously said the project would start and finish in 2012.

“This is the third (after Columbus and Hayes avenues) and last overpass that needs some dramatic attention,” city commissioner Dick Brady said. “It’s a horrible eyesore, and it looks like a dump over there. Maintaining the infrastructure is important”

Another reason for waiting: original bid prices submitted came in above the estimated $2 million price.

Officials plan to advertise the project once again in hopes more companies will submit bids, ideally underbidding one another to lower the project’s total cost.

Work on the underpass involves bolstering the roadway, retaining walls and storm drainage system.

“The various components of the underpass are in terrible condition and has deteriorated because it is well past its useful life” Klein said. “Therefore, it is very important to improve the portion of the infrastructure owned and maintained by the city”

Not since the 1930s, when the structure debuted, has the underpass received a major upgrade.

Whenever construction does begin, plans call for crews to leave one traffic lane open in each direction.

“It will be narrower than normal though,” Klein said.

By the numbers
•$2 million:
Amount pegged for reconstruction of the Camp Street underpass.
•$1.6 million: Amount in federal funds leveraged for this project.
•$400,000: Amount in city funds being directed to this project.

Source: Sandusky engineering department



Why is the corridor dangerous? Maybe an eyesore but dangerous is a little dramatic don't you think.


it is dangerous i live by there and drive under it everyday and the walls look as tho they can cave in anytime. the city needs to push up the start date not delay it just to save a couple bucks. the lights are off at night sometimes and someone can fall on crumbling walls or be hurt by another person hiding in the dark

dorothy gale

Maybe because it is crumbling?


Re-bidding???? So they're going to ask for re-bids that are atleast what 4 years old and think the price is going to be cheaper than now? Sounds like a terrible move on the cities part. @ mil project probably will now turn into 2.5 or better now.