Commissioners split on admissions tax issue

Jim from West Adams Street in Sandusky asked whether city commissioners would consider raising the admissions tax to solve their financial challenges.
Andy Ouriel
Mar 24, 2014
This week, a reader sent in a Mailbag question that takes a little more space to explain.

Jim from West Adams Street in Sandusky asked whether city commissioners would consider raising the admissions tax to solve their financial challenges.

Before providing answers from each commissioner, here’s some background on the issue, taken from past Register reporting:

The tax:
The admissions tax, which is a 3 percent fee tacked onto ticket sales at Sandusky-based entertainment venues, largely depends upon attendance at Cedar Point — the undisputed giant in the region’s entertainment industry.

The amount:
City officials collected about $2.81 million in admissions tax in 2013, the most in recent times. Cedar Point’s new roller coaster, GateKeeper, surely propelled this amount.

The proposed raise:
Jim referenced how an 8 percent admissions tax rate would’ve generated about $7.5 million in 2013, virtually solving all of Sandusky’s budget problems.

If commissioners were to raise a tax, many residents favor hiking the admissions fee — as opposed to the 1 percent income tax or upping property taxes — since it largely targets tourists.

The decision:
For the past few weeks, commissioners have discussed whether or not residents would support a tax increase of some kind.

Sandusky ex officio mayor Dennis Murray Jr. started the conversation by organizing town hall-style meeting, informing people about Sandusky’s budget challenges and seeking input for how to improve the city’s financial standing.

About a month ago, commissioners slashed $1.1 million of services, including eliminating four full-time fire positions — from 53 to 49 — and authorized closing the fire station on Venice Road for six months beginning in May.

But Murray, whose firm Murray & Murray represents Cedar Fair, won’t answer the question because of his work relationship with the amusement park. So the Register asked every other commissioner via email about whether they favor increasing the admissions tax or not. Any tax increase would likely have to be approved by a majority of voters. Here are their responses:

•Jeff Smith:
I would much rather work with Cedar Point as a corporate citizen than force a tax on (its) customers. I feel it is much more important for Sandusky to begin an aggressive economic development campaign focusing on our strengths. We need to build partnerships with local businesses focusing on creating more jobs within the city limits.

•Naomi Twine:
I am not in favor of supporting an increase in the admissions tax. I believe that if we are going to move this city forward, we, the commissioners, should take the lead and collaborate with city staff, citizens and business stakeholders. If this commission, after exercising responsible, measured and strategic assessment of where we are, what we need to do in order to get to where we want to go, make the appropriate adjustments when and where needed, and if all parties involved believe an admissions tax increase is something that they would be willing to support, I would consider it.

•Wes Poole:
“The Dog and (its Reflection)” An Aesop’s Fable: It happened that a Dog had got a piece of meat and was carrying it home in his mouth to eat it in peace. Now on his way home he had to cross a plank lying across a running brook. As he crossed, he looked down and saw his own shadow reflected in the water beneath. Thinking it was another dog with another piece of meat, he made up his mind to have that also. So he made a snap at the shadow in the water, but as he opened his mouth the piece of meat fell out, dropped into the water and was never seen more.

•Scott Schell:
We can not hope to meet these challenges by cuts to staff and services alone. Part of that game plan has to be a strategy to increase revenues. We will need to look at every aspect of our current revenue stream and assess what can be improved or revised to help the city provide the necessary services to our citizens. The admissions tax is just one piece of this equation. I would be in favor of beginning the dialogue with our community partners who contribute annually to the admissions tax. Share with them the state of the city today and our analysis of where we are headed in the next two years. Investigate how the current levels of tax impact their business today and how any potential increase might impact their operations in the future.

•Dick Brady:
The admissions tax issue creates a potential conflict of interest for myself. I own Brady Sign Company and Brady Electric Inc. Over the last 34 years, both of these companies have been a vendor to the largest contributor to the admissions tax collected by Sandusky, Cedar Fair. Due to this potential conflict of interest, I will be required to refrain from discussing or voting on the admissions tax issue.

•Julie Farrar:
Yes, I am in favor of raising the admissions tax. The admissions tax has been the same amount since its inception. Cedar Point and the city are in this together in my opinion. I would use an admissions tax increase for streets and otherinfrastructure improvements and also ask the citizens to get behind a safety levy to fund our police and fire departments.


Little Giant

Does Wes Poole think he is Jesus Christ speaking in parables? Sounds more like the joker!


I think it is the Riddler you are thinking of. Maybe that comic guy who can't fill out his ballot paperwork right will read this story and let you know.


Whose interests are the commissioners serving? People will not stop visiting Cedar Point and all the other entertainment venues in the area because of a modest admissions tax increase. Someone has to pay for services that also benefit all these venues, and I think is rather unfair to have the taxpayer --already tapped out, as it is-- pick up the tab!


Commissioners are serving the interest of Cedar Point, not the citizens of Sandusky. When we had a manufacturing based economy, the factories funded the city. Now the city needs to turn to the tourist economy and collect the 8%.


No one can forget how Cedar Point so generously donates the spare change people throw into the fountains. That is right they give to Sandusky what their guests discard and throw away. That is what we deserve, in CP's twisted corporate mind.


It's more than that, SanduskyGuardian. Cedar Point also donates the change that falls out of riders' pockets. Now while that may not sound like any big deal, it's historically added up to a LOT at the end of every season! Shame on you for belittling charitable donations that add up to a hefty amount and which Cedar Point is under no obligation whatsoever to collect and give!


Do what the democrats do... figure out how much you need and take it from a source that has it. Then give it to people who will never work and pay taxes just to get their votes. They stimulate the economy by giving it to drug dealers, liquor stores, lottery vendors and junk jewelry sellers.




There's no doubt that Sandusky needs all the police and fire protection that it can get... but why are current taxes not enough? Where does the money REALLY go... it goes to chasing drug dealers and other lowlife baby daddies who are reproducing at an alarming rate. Sandusky has become a multi-generational ghetto..... largely through redistribution via LBJ's great society programs.


If a single mother has to pay a 7.5% tax on everything she purchases (besides food) clothes, school uniforms, diapers, school supplies, etc. Then there is NO reason whatsoever, that there shouldn't be an 8% admission tax. Tourist that are on vacation should not pay less taxes on Cedar Point tickets, than the residents pay in taxes for a pack of toilet paper. This is just crazy. When I take my family to Disney World every other year, I expect to pay the 8% tax on our tickets. If next year when we arrive the tax has been increased to 10% then guess what? I'm going to pay the 10% and not think twice about it. I WILL support an Admission tax increase to 8%, anything less, is just a slap in the face to the people that live here, ALL YEAR.


I totally agree with you Joking... It is a no brainer to raise the tax and should be an unanimous vote on part of the commissioners and one has to wonder why it is not!


Farrar just recently jumped on the admissions tax increase ship. For years, when the admissions tax was discussed, she would always change the topic to an increase in the income tax stating "it (income tax) hasn't gone up in 40 years. It's time citizens pay their share".


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Well, I can not write anything about this comment! Just please get your facts straight! you sound like Mr. Weaterhold! Are you in the same club! The reason why I ask my last comment got deleted!


Your problems are solved.

Today's front page states that CP will hire 5000 for the summer.

Simply pay them at least $15.00/hr like the democrats want and the city income tax of 1% will deliver $750.00/hr for every hour they work.

40 hr week means $30,000 per week. How many weeks...12- 15.. you should end up with about half a million bucks. That should put 5 or 6 full time (unionized) safety personnel back to work.

This is eeeaassyyyyy.


The 5000 foreign workers DO NOT PAY CITY INCOME TAX. Raise the admission tax to 8% and allow the tourists to begin to reimburse the city for creating a CEDAR POINT corridor and repaving it and not fixing city streets, Creating a water and sewer plant for ten times the city population to subsidize Cedar Point while failing to update and separate city sanitary and storm sewers, repaving and adding lanes to the RT250 overpass while failing to repair the Camp St underpass( Is it because it serves the lower income residents?). It is time for the City Commission to serve the residents and stop worshiping The Golden Goose that is in reality laying lead turds. Sandusky's residents have paid the price for failed leadership, it is time for accountability.


How do foreign workers avoid paying local income taxes? Are they also exempt from federal and state income taxes as well as social security and medicare? If these foreign workers are not paying social security or medicare taxes than CP is getting a huge break because as the employer the company is not paying the employer tax on social security and medicare as well. That's about 10% that CP saves on payroll taxes that every other employer has to pay.

Assuming CP doesn't pay the employer's share on social security and medicare (about 10%) on foreign workers and doesn't have to collect sales tax of about 7.5% on ticket sales; this means CP has a 14.5% (17.5 less 3 admission tax) pricing advantage over businesses that must pay or collect these taxes and their employees are doing very little to contribute or improve the community.

Oh but CP donates $50,000 to the police and collected spare change. Give me a break, how much corporate welfare does CP and its taxpayer subsidized employees and customers deserve?


Those under the age of 18 are exempt from the city income tax.


Foreign Agricultural Workers on H-2A Visas are exempt from Federal Income tax withholding according to IRS website. They come here, displace our jobs, and take all the money with them since China, Russia and others are not going to make them pay taxes. Cedar Point hides under the this worker system to make more money.


To DEATHnTAXES: "FACT CHECK" You may want to go back and read the city commission minutes from the year 2009. I remember the meetings that year because they were talking about putting a income tax increase on the ballot that year. Farrar spoke up then, and now about the admissions tax increase. If it were not for her insistence the other commissioners would have NEVER put the 1/4% (joke) CP admission tax increase on the ballot combined with the 1/2% income tax increase. Check it out before you start talking about things you do not know about.

Truth or Dare

The way I feel as a taxpaying resident of this City, our City Manager, backed by 5 Commissioners should be petitioning this to be on the ballot, with the support of not only LE and Fire, but every last city employee! Because they don't, speaks volumes and explains why the only levy I will vote YES on is the school (renewal) levy. Also, bump that figure all the way up to 8%, just for GP.

Not a supporter at all of "taxation w/o representation". Since graphs and %'s seem to be the ex-officio mayors thing, If possible, I would like to know what % of the folks that fall into the two wage-earner categories (30% at $100K or more, and 70% below), what % of those folks don't live in the city and therefore have no vote as to a raise in their income tax?