City accepts $150K grant and more

Commissioners take care of business at recent meeting
Andy Ouriel
Mar 19, 2014


Sandusky city commissioners approved some important items at a recent commission meeting.
Among the more notable, city commissioners:

•Accepted a $150,000 federal grant to mainly improve Sandusky Transit’s parking lot. Enhancements will occur at the transit’s headquarters, located at the train station on North Depot Street.

The project should total about $105,000. It’s not known whether the city can keep any grant money not used for this project.

•Allowed state transportation officials to inspect two bridges on state roads.

The bridges are located near the YMCA on West Perkins Avenue and another on Tiffin Avenue passing over Mills Creek. City officials paid $10,000 for this service in a prior year.

•Applied for a $250,000 state grant to dredge the East Bay Channel.

The project’s total cost equals $500,000. The East Bay Channel Association would cover the remaining $250,000, and no city funds would be used for this project.

The East Bay Channel’s boundaries are loosely located from the Cedar Point Causeway back into the harbor near Castaway Bay.

Lake dredging circles back to an ongoing effort to make the water deep enough so vessels can more easily transport cargo through the area.

"The East Bay Channel is a public channel and was partially dredged in 2006 when the city successfully partnered with the East Bay Channel Association to receive funding from this grant source,” according to a memo written by Sandusky project engineer Jane Cullen addressed to commissioners.

“This application is to cover dredging in areas that were not done in 2006 and to dredge the sediment and silt in the previously dredged areas that have built up again in the channel, making navigation difficult for boaters”



It's time for the City to move the outfall from the storm sewers out of the headwaters of the Cove, Nantucket, Bimini, Catalina and Sandusky Harbor and get a grant to dredge the sediment from these channels. They are all filling in from the sediment of the City storm sewers. These areas are from the back in the 1940's and 1950's and should have been dredged first. These areas were built many years before the Harbor was created from Pipe Creek in the 1970's.


Federal Grants = tax $$.


Federal Grants=More Federal Debt


$150,000 for the parking lot at Sandusky Transit? Are we paving it in gold?


Well when you hire union labor, the price goes up.


wouldn't the money for the parking lot be spent in a better aspect for more bus shelters...?????


WHAT A JOKE. Have any of you ever seen the parking lot at the Sandusky Transit headquarters on N. Depot st.? Well, I have and it is in PERFECT condition, unless they're referring to where the busses are parked during the night, which is a gravel lot that suits the purpose just fine. You do realize that Sandusky is set to layoff 4 fire fighters and close down a (much needed) fire station, dont you? And you plan on spending up to $150,000.00, on a gravel lot that busses sit on for 8 hours a day? And this is a priority how? YouMustBeJoking