City seeks ways to spend $700K

Sandusky officials want input from community members to determine how they should spend federal tax dollars aimed at sprucing up local neighborhoods.
Andy Ouriel
Mar 6, 2014


The federal government should provide Sandusky with about $700,000 this year in Community Development Block Grant funds.

An estimated amount piggybacks off Sandusky obtaining about $2.1 million in block grant funds since 2011.

Block grant funds strive to boost quality of life for individuals in low- to moderate-income households.

In recent years, block grant funds have improved Sandusky through:

•Enhancing parks, such as new basketball courts, playground equipment, bathroom shelter and a splash pad at Lions Park.

•Promoting wellness initiatives, including establishing community gardens and maintaining re-entry programs to help felons become reacquainted to everyday life.    

•Developing recreational assets, like the Sandusky Bay Pathway, the city’s only recognized bike path, running through downtown and alongside Lake Erie.

These improvements occurred largely because residents desired them, Sandusky chief planner Rebecca Corrigan said. So officials then reserved funds for these specific projects.

And they’re looking for more input on how to spend this new batch of federal money earmarked for community improvements.

In fact, Corrigan already hosted two meetings and scheduled another session occurring for Tuesday to discuss with residents how these dollars should be doled out.

Want to go?
•WHAT: Meeting to decide how officials should spend federal tax dollars for community improvements in Sandusky.
•WHERE: Downtown Sandusky Fire Station, 600 W. Market St.
•WHEN: 10 a.m. Tuesday
•INFO: Go to to submit your input.
“I would encourage people to attend the meeting because these are their federal dollars at work that they pay through taxes,” Corrigan said. “It’s important to hear opinions and suggestions on how they see the city transforming and how they would like the city transformed. We need to hear what people think who live in this community”


Bada Bing

I think sandusky should pay a consulting company tons of money to tell them how to use this money......


The single biggest thing that could (and SHOULD!) be done is to use the funds to demolish all of those structures that have been condemned. These eyesores (and health hazards) are, in THEORY at least, only still standing because the City doesn't have the cash for the demo work. Well? Apparently it's got almost 3/4 of a million dollars to improve neighborhoods now, so...




Here is a great opportunity for you to get the ball rolling on this eyesore. If you believe there are 50 different code violations at this structure, then by all means, you should let the code enforcement people know about it (in writing), along with your signature. Word of mouth on here is of no value. There is an established process whereby deficient property issues are addressed, but the complaint must be in writing, and signed.


Repave the roads and restripe the lane lines especially on perkins ave. Demolishing the condemned buildings isn't a half bad idea either.


High resolution surveillance strategically located throughout the city .


Why cant they use the money for the streets? That would spruce up the neighborhoods.


spruce it up by keeping the firefighters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please hire my consulting firm staffed by top notch seat polishers.
We will only charge $495,000 to tell you how to spend the rest of the loot.


Pave the Damn streets. Can't see the rest of the city if your car falls apart on the way.

Tom Sawyer

I have an idea! Keep our west side fire station open and keep our 4 fire fighters in service and protect and serve our citizens that will suffer catastrophic results due to poor response times! $700,000 should go into the budget!


WOW....hyper-bowl at it's finest. No wonder your last levy attempt failed 3-1. Try again?


WOW....hyper-bowl at it's finest. No wonder your last levy attempt failed 3-1. Try again?


Fireside, not only does your comment show your lack of education which is why you probably failed the 3rd grade but it now discredits any and all statements that you make in the future. Hyper-bowl?? I believe you meant hyperbole= an exaggerated statement. Your word hyper-bowl is used when referencing marijuana use. Your pathetic and probably should not be on a fire chief selection committee.


How about finishing off Lions Park. No use in having a beautiful park and walkway if your car cant even make it down the drive to the parking lot without falling apart.


I hate to rain on everyone's parade, but this is exactly what is wrong with our bloated federal budget. If every city in America at least the size of Sandusky gets $700,000 for "community development(actually the larger cities get a lot more), this is a billion dollars. I know a billion dollars is chicken feed to our pork-barrel politicians in Washington, but a billion here and a billion there and pretty soon you are talking some serious money. Why do we have to send our tax dollars to Washington, just so they can send a few back to us. And all the time we are supposed to be overjoyed that they have deemed us worthy to get a bit of our own money back. Doesn't it make more sense to keep the dollars at home in the first place?


You're right. But complaining about this grant in specific is locking the barn door after the horse has already run off. Complaining about tax-funded grants in general? Well, I'll stand up next to you on that one!


Keep our firefighters, fix broken up sidewalks, trim trees, tear down all of the DUMPY houses~ so on and so on and so on


build a walking ,biking path around the perimeter of Sandusky, that would be neat. Fix the roads , they need it. Get another street sweeper, clean up congested boulevard areas with nicer landscaping, cut the grass more often, help paint run down houses, spruce up property that is neglected. .Divide the city up into little neighborhoods, then have a sprucing up contest, every neighborhood would have a winner receiving a cash prize. A prize for nicest flowers, nicest front door décor, most unique yard art, most improved in that neighborhood.


I think we should pass it out a dollar or two at a time to tourists visiting Cedar Point.

After all, the city is already passing up $ 4.5 million a year by not raising the admissions tax to 8 %, a rate comparable to other tourist destinations.



God Of Thunder

How about using the money to buy Nicole Ard a clue on actually how to run the city, or why not just give her a bonus out of the grant.


finish what was already started and hasn't been completed before starting something NEW. Then pave the streets or fix them. Then do some demolition and then see about keeping the firehouse open.

I do have a question. Why does the fire department send a fire truck rescue squad AND an ambulance to a house when there is an emgency? They could be saving a LOT of funds not sending so many people it would seem if they didn't send four or five men to a scene when only two are needed. Why do they send so many for one person in a call? Isn't that unnecessary?