VIDEO: Demolition of the Keller Building

The view changed on Wednesday with the water tower down.
Jason Werling
Mar 26, 2014


The Sandusky Register has had questions regarding the water tower atop the Keller Building. Here's an excerpt from a past story...

Another mystery revolves around the building's iconic water tower. "We have had phone calls requesting to have it and to buy it," Klein said. "At this point, it's going to be the contractor's responsibility."

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Watch the demolition as it happens in the player below



Hooray!! The rabbit kicked the bucket.


Isn't this the original headquarters and factory or the Hinde and Dauch paper company?


Tearing down the historic paper factory in the place the City is promoting as The Historic Paper District. City told at least two developers "no." Will likely be a parking lot. Sad. Will be regretted.


I wanted the door to my grandfather and great grand fathers' office. Too late.


headquarters, yes, factory now chesapeake lofts if memory serves me.


The newer Chesapeake Paper factory was rehabbed and became Chesapeake Lofts. The building being demolished is the older paper factory.


who is doing your demolition? They are obviously being very careful. You can see the machine through the window working on the backside of the building removing something...the back wall maybe?


Big deal~they will just vote to build an apartment building for Metro there with our luck!!


Can I get some bricks when they're done? I'd like to use them in the yard...and getting them from a local landmark would just make it a little cooler. :-)


I was thinking the same thing. Would love to use to build a walkway.


Watching nothing happen. Only in Sandusky. Paint dries faster.


Who gets the water tower?


Probably a scrap dealer at seven cents/pound.


Having lived in Sandusky years ago, I cannot actually remember the exact location of this building. I used to fish from the Jackson St pier, and I think Hinde and Dauch had some huge building next to it. Is that the Keller Building?
Thanks for any response, just can't place it.


You're thinking of the newer factory that is now nice condos with even nicer views. This one is the taller builing to the South. It could have been nice condos too, and/or offices and retail.

From the Grave

...if there were an actual demand for more condos...

Licorice Schtick

Good thing Bob Davis didn't check with you before building 200 condos in the Chesapeake building that the tear-it-down crowd wanted demolished.


The water tank looks pretty risky sitting on only four pillars for support. Why don't they take the water tank down first so it doesn't come crashing down?


Its on the opposite side of Feddersons. If your standing at the door of the old club X bar, if you look to your right its fedderson, if you look left its Keller. Hope that helps


Watch the Commission meeting replay last night. Smith mentions economic development, but who's marketing this property as well as the APEX and Sandusky Cabinets.

If memory serves me, Smith's idea of economic development is selling city hall and the Surf's Up property for private development. Would be interested to hear what he has to say about his plans for the properties now being demolished.


Watch the Commission meeting replay last night. Smith mentions economic development, but who's marketing this property as well as the APEX and Sandusky Cabinets.

If memory serves me, Smith's idea of economic development is selling city hall and the Surf's Up property for private development. Would be interested to hear what he has to say about his plans for the properties now being demolished.


With economic development sorely needed in Erie and Ottowa Counties, why not push transportation industries? We have the turnpike crossing Routes 2 and 4, enlarging airport in Port Clinton, growing railroads and commercial docks in the bay. Why not try to bring in major truck stops, restaruants, motels for travelers, warehouses and truck repair and service centers? Most of these are good paying jobs and create tax bases on the commercial properties.


topcop - The buiding right next to the Jackson Street Pier is now known as the Chesapeake Lofts. The Keller Building is across the street from that.

In the rendering on the front page of the web site, the Keller Building is in the top right corner and is colored red.


Anymore camera updates or is the work going so slow for the camera to even bother with live streaming it?

Truth or Dare

The demolition has been put on hold. See yesterday's (Thurs. 2/27)SR's front page story "Hold that wrecking ball. City may be violating Army Corps agreement." According to the article, demolition has been suspended. This building is like a re-occurring tax-draining nightmare! Left wondering who is benefiting, the Historical Society, lawyers? The pics that should be in the windows should depict city govt. vampires sucking and spewing taxpayer $$$'s.

The Answer Person

You can thank Ed Stout and the Old House Guild for this mess. Maybe you watched the city commission meeting where he implied that there would be major trouble if the demolition went ahead as planned? What I can't stand is that not one of these building huggers is stepping up to the plate with a checkbook. They spend NOTHING.


In fact, another developer stepped up with his checkbook but the City told him to go away. Everything about the project has been bungled and there's no reason to think those in control were ever giving rehab anything but lip service.

If the city did nothing wrong then they have nothing to worry about from Ed or anyone else, except being held accountable later for demolishing our historic legacy and missing out on the economic development opportunities historic preservation has proved over and over to bring.

And attacking a community-minded citizen for trying to get the City to do the right thing is wrong. There's nothing in it for him personally. What have you tried to do for your city lately?


First the demolition is on and then it is off, does anyone know what is going on for sure?


It probably took less time to build it than it's taking to tear it down.


Thanks for those who brought me up to speed on the location. They had a lot of work to do to make that old H&D building into condos. Glad someone had the good sense to make something of an iconic piece of real estate.

Darwin's choice

Maybe joe yost can get something started there for the city....


...and I still want to know what they're going to do with the wreckage. I want some of those bricks, darn it!

2cents's picture

Though old architecture is nice to keep, I ask myself why this building. I was never in the building but just from the demolition photos it appears that it would have a very massive undertaking to have brought this structure up to code. Just for one, I do not see any thermal insulation in the exterior walls, was there any? Back in the day when fuel was cheap people insulated little or not at all. It also appears that the rooms were small, more of an office style, could they have been opened up, and at what cost?

No Wake

Much of the building was an open layout, there were few offices and barely any walls to speak of.

The exterior walls had zero insulation, but there were steam radiators that spanned their entire length. To heat that place would cost a fortune today.

The roof and floors of the middle section of the building were made of concrete and were structurally sound. The ends must have been constructed at a later date, and were made of wood. The wooden roof section must have started leaking sometime in the 30+ years it sat vacant, and the ensuing water damage caused the roof and the top 3 or 4 floors to collapse.

It would have taken very many millions of dollars to get this building up to code, the only thing worth saving was the facade (and even that was crumbling)

I saw some interesting graffiti from the 1950's written on the bathroom walls in there, apparently someone named Steckel wasn't very well liked!