Perkins Avenue to get signal upgrades

Sandusky city commissioners green-lighted the final phase of a major street enhancement project.
Andy Ouriel
Feb 17, 2014


Here are the major details, provided by local engineering officials:

•WHAT: Perkins Avenue traffic signal project. Several traffic signals at numerous intersections along Perkins Avenue will be replaced and upgraded with more efficient lighting mechanisms and overall better aesthetics.

•WHERE: The intersections slated to receive better traffic signals include Perkins Avenue at Camp Street, Hayes Avenue (Ohio 4), the Sandusky High School entrance, Campbell Street, Caldwell Street, Columbus Avenue and 52nd Street.

•WHEN: Construction should start April 18 and end by Aug. 15, according to a contract.

•WHY: Electricians constantly repair these outdated signals. New signals will reduce the time they spend repairing them. The energy-efficient signals also won’t require wires strewn across these intersections. It’s been almost four decades since traffic signals along this mile-long corridor have received a major makeover.

•OTHER IMPROVEMENTS: Some other upgrades include:

— Coordinating signals so several traffic lights in one direction simultaneously flash green. This will reduce the number of stops drivers make when traveling in one direction along Perkins Avenue.

— Replacing the electrical boxes found near intersections.

— Installing new pedestrian signals, poles and video detection equipment. The cameras detect when a red light should turn green once a car approaches an intersection.

— Painting new pavement markings, such as stop lines and pedestrian crosswalks. 

•COST: The project is $852,500 for engineering, inspection, advertising, installing and other related expenses. 

•FUNDING BREAKDOWN: State funds are covering about $672,800. Sandusky and Erie County are then splitting the remaining $179,700, with each entity contributing about $89,850.

•PROJECT’S IMPORTANCE: “It’s long awaited, and I’m glad we have the money to take care of it,” commissioner Wes Poole said. “This has been on hold for other priorities, but I’m glad we are finally getting to it. It’s a great improvement for the street.”



Of course work will be done during the busy summer tourist season. Bad enough that it's the major east-west thoroughfare in the area. And I know that it really can't be done in the winter with the current weather. And if they install LED lights, they don't generate enough heat to melt ice/snow that gets on the lights. Oh well.


If both cities are interested in improving this street, I have two suggestions:

1. Over time, require businesses to move back (such as when new buildings are built). This could be aided with Federal Grants. This would allow access roads be built parallel with Perkins Ave on both sides. Traffic to businesses could use these roads.

2. Allow RIGHT hand turns on Perkins Ave. only, and make left hand turns at major intersection. All too often, I see one west bound car trying to turn left into Krogers or other businesses off Perkins Ave. rather than turn left at Campbell Ave (which has a green arrow). These drivers back up traffic way too far. The same can be said of drivers trying to turn left from businesses. Instead of making a right hand turn, driving a block or two to turn around and go the other direction they will all too often pull out in front of other traffic causing accidents. Wake up people, take your time to be safe and PUT DOWN the D--- cell phones. You make think your life is more important than everyone else, but in reality, your life isn't.

No Wake

Turn the intersections of Perkins and Rt 4, Rt 250, Campbell, and Columbus into roundabouts and put a concrete center divider down Perkins. People needing to take a left out of businesses on Perkins would instead take a right and then follow the roundabout 180 degrees at the next intersection ahead.

I've seen the arrangement in several other places with lots more traffic than Sandusky sees; there's no lines of cars stopping for one person who wants to turn left, people don't pull out in front of oncoming traffic to squeeze into a gap, and there aren't any arbitrary traffic lights to stopping you at 2am when nobody else is on the road.


It is already illegal to make a left turn into Kroger at Kroger's entrance near The Brass Pelican. It is illegal because there is a solid double yellow line at that point. To denote it is legal, there would be a single dotted line or an opening left in the double yellow line.
The issue is that the law is not enforced and even greater issue is that most driver's do not know the meanings of the lines in the roads.

Amythe K

Can they add more telephone poles?


LOL got a good laugh out of this comment -- mostly because I was thinking the same thing :-)

Moving the power lines under ground would make this area look so much nicer -- of course it wouldn't serve any functional purpose, so there isn't much reason to do it -- nice thought though!