Severe weather tips to save your plumbing

City of Sandusky urges residents to keep water running.
Feb 5, 2014


The City of Sandusky is urging residents to keep cold water dripping
from a faucet in their home, even at a trickle, to maintain a continuous
flow of water.  This will help to avoid pipes freezing within homes and
will also help to keep water flowing from the city’s water lines into
the home.

Below are additional preventative actions which can be taken by

●       Keep garage doors closed if there are water supply lines in the

●       Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warmer air to
circulate around the plumbing;

●       Keep thermostats set to the same temperature during the day and
at night to prevent more costly repairs if pipes freeze and burst;

●       Never set your home thermostat lower than 55° F.

The city has been inundated with water line breaks this winter season
and more severe weather is expected.  Emergency situations involving
water lines can be reported to the City of Sandusky’s Division of
Water Distribution at 419.627.5805. If there is no answer at this
number, contact the police dispatcher at 419.627.5900.