Recycling reinvented

City considers scrapping sites.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 15, 2014


Some Sandusky officials want to scrap two popular yet costly drop-off recycling centers.

Ex officio mayor Dennis Murray Jr. spearheaded a recent public discussion about removing recycling bins on First Street off Cedar Point Causeway and Marquette Street by Lions Park.

He provided several reasons for his stance, including the bins: 

• Costing local taxpayers $131,000 to fund since 2012.

• Being used by residents living outside of Sandusky.

• Doubling as trash hubs where people litter and place non-reusable products.

“We are likely going to get rid of these recycling centers,” Murray said. “They cost too much money, it’s a mess and it’s getting used by people who don’t live here. We are subsidizing other communities”

Unlike garbage collection, people aren’t directly charged nor do they receive a bill to use the bins.

City officials must still budget funds via taxpayer dollars so a professional refuse company can pick up these materials. If city officials remove the bins, state law requires them to provide other opportunities for people to recycle, said Lisa Beursken, Erie County’s solid waste district coordinator.

This could include, for instance, a curbside recycling program. The tedious and controversial process — many contend the program is too expensive and could put smaller haulers out of business — could take several months to implement.

Murray also asked several haulers attending a recent public meeting to submit a bid proposal in hopes a private company can supervise the centers and make them a break-even or profitable venture.

Commissioner Dick Brady, supporting Murray’s stance, asked city manager Nicole Ard to work with area officials and local haulers in solving this issue.

“We have a problem here” Brady said.


Licorice Schtick

"Commissioner Dick Brady...asked city manager Nicole Ard to work with area officials and local haulers in solving this issue."

No need to ask the citizens, right?


Does the Register ever talk about the othe Commissioners?

T. A. Schwanger

JANUARY 24, 2011

A representative from Greener Corners (downtown recycling containers), Aaron Klein, will make a presentation at the next commission meeting. Ohio House Bill 592 states it is the responsibility of the counties to meet recycling requirement. A commissioner states "this can work in our community and education needs to take place".

Two recycle bins were replaced and will cost the city $20,000.

The City Law Director said he has also looked at the law and does not see any reason why this (Greener Corners) would not qualify. He said Colorado Springs has placed 125 of these containers and is a community similar to Sandusky.

The question now becomes why is the cost $75,000 a year now and $20,000 in 2011?

The Bizness

The Greener Corners situation is paid for by the advertisements on the side of the containers. Also those aren't for residents to drop of their household recyclables. Maybe I'm missing something, and I am misunderstanding this whole discussion.

T. A. Schwanger



The post was pointing out the complete conversation of the City Commission on the date noted---Greener Corners Recycling stations and the two household recycling bins. Rather than the Commission abandoning the recycling bins, perhaps it's time to rebid the pick up of the bins to make sure the taxpayers are getting the best buck bang.

The Bizness

Is buck bang a porn sites for deer?


There we go, promote more waste. All that time schools are promoting recycling and the city to take away the how to recycle.

Stop It

Follow the $$$. Someone is trying to make a backhanded on the lowdown deal here.


Recycling is a great idea, make it easier for residents to participate and they will, I bet some folks cant afford trash pickup, so they find ways to dispose of trash. It has to be simple and convenient. Have a phone number available for people that cant afford trash pickup, then once a week a volunteer will pick it up for them. They can separate the recycled papers, plastics,& so on for the volunteer ahead of time. Anyway it happens, it should be done. Keep Sandusky beautiful.


I've read resolution #018-10R passed on June 28, 2010 which established a cost basis by which each improved property within the city of Sandusky would be assessed a $2 amount per year, designed to cover the cost of maintaining the two (required) drop-off locations. Hearing that the recycling locations are going to "go away" troubles me, since I have been delegated as a financial supporter of the recycling program since its inception, as I own an improved property and reliably pay my taxes. Now, when I hear how the city is paying $70,000 for the drop-off locations, it suggests to me that the city has forgotten how each of us (improved property owner paying taxes) is also contributing to this effort as mandated by the resolution. On the other hand, perhaps the money isn't being collected, at which time then the city's view of sole involvement might be more accurate. In any event, I agree that there's a problem and to suggest that we just whisk it away to save on another excessive annual expense, more thought needs to occur first.

T. A. Schwanger



Good point.

RESOLUTION NO. 018-10R: It is requested a Resolution be passed approving the Erie County Solid Waste Management District Draft Solid Waste Management Plan; and declaring that this Resolution shall take effect under suspension of the rules as contained in and in accordance with Section 13 of the City Charter.
The Commission voted to pass this Resolution in immediate effect and in accordance with Section 14 of the City Charter.

The Erie County Solid Waste Policy Committee has recently completed a proposed Plan update which must be approved by the largest municipality in the County plus a certain percentage of the remaining political subdivisions. After it has been approved locally, it will be forwarded to the Director of the Ohio EPA for final approval. The major Plan updates pertaining to the City of
Sandusky include revising the City’s solid waste district ordinance to mandate that all trash haulers offer subscription curbside recycling, establishing two (2) recycling drop-off locations within the City, and the Solid Waste District assessing each improved property in the City of Sandusky $2 on annual basis to cover the cost of maintaining the two (2) City drop-off locations.


Well, after further investigation, I've learned that the $2 fee per year was never initiated by the county, and therefore was not collected. So, while the costs for 2014 have been projected to be around $65,000, the city stands alone in the disposal of the recycled material which many times includes items not within the parameters of the program.


Didn't Duke Fultz indicate that with a minor tweak these recycle stations could turn a profit? Re-bid the bins and keep them. Basic common sense.

dorothy gale

Why can't we have recycling centers with regular hours, conveniently located, and staffed with an employee or two to monitor what is getting thrown into the bins? Getting rid of options is not the answer.