City bins become personal dumps

Residents complain about large deposits in recycling receptacles.
Andy Ouriel
Dec 28, 2013


People are using free recycling containers as their personal dumping grounds.

Several people recently called in to the Register newsroom complaining about recycling bins stuffed and overflowing with plastic bottles, magazines and other reusable products.

The bins, dubbed Greener Corners, promote recycling use in about 30 locations throughout downtown Sandusky.

But the receptacles, debuting about a year ago, aren’t meant for people to unload large amounts of reusable products.

Rather, they’re intended for people to dump a single item — a soda can or newspaper, for instance — after they’re done with it.

The receptacles can only hold a limited amount of materials and are emptied on a weekly basis.

“Residents have been using some of these public containers as their own personal trash drop-off sites, accounting for frequent overflow of the containers,” Greener Corners spokesman Aaron Klein said.

Executives at FSI Disposal, the company contracted to empty these bins, acknowledge the problem as well.

“We are getting bags and bags of material,” said Mike Walksi, FSI Disposal’s sales and service manager.

It’s possible continued abuse of the bins could lead to their removal.

Greener Corners relies on sponsorships from local businesses to pay for the bins, meaning taxpayers avoid all costs.



A similar thing happens in Huron. We saw a man in a white Lincoln town-car pull up to the bin at the main street Shell. He opened the trunk, removed the trash bags and put them in their trash bin. I've seen a desk chair dumped in the trash container at Faben's, too. They don't want to pay for the extra ticket. There is no end to people's abuse of these things, so remove them and save yourself the hassle.


Just get rid of them.. You can't have anything nice in Sandusky anymore.. That city's DONE!

Raoul Duke

Just wait until the homeless start to poop in them.


Duh! Who didn't see this coming?

Stop It

If it truly is recyclable, I don't see a problem because $$ is made from those. If they are throwing rotting garbage away to avoid the cost of pick-up, that's where stuff goes downhill.

The article doesn't clarify.


Excellent point. As usual, the Register has done a half-baked job with its reporting and investigation. Is the problem that TOO MANY recycalbes are being deposited? If so, then the solution is education and/or bigger bins. (By the way, I thought the whole idea was to encourage us to recycle.) If, on the other hand, the problem is that people are using the bins for garbage dumps, then that is an entirely different problem requiring a different solution.




While we're at it, let's get the stores and restaurants downtown to enclose their dumpsters. Along Shoreline Drive, it's dumpster after dumpster blighting what is otherwise generally an architecturally attractive row of buildings. Water Street Grill is the biggest offender and theirs is on the public street! Do they have permission to do that? Then, there´s the city's own dumpsters out in the open at the Paper District Marina. It's like the place is run by trailer trash who don't know how to manage trash!


Not much different then the bins on each end of the city. Or every dead end street. Dose anybody need to mention Olds Street, or the empty lot in MacArthur Park. All dumping grounds. And the city foots the bill to hull it away. Another good use of tax payer money.

Dr. Information

Trash of the city using things for their own personal use. Whoever said you cannot have things like this anymore is right. It gets abused by the lazy people who don't want to pay


It's like all government programs. Some people abuse the system because they have no stake in the outcome. My problem is that this abuse has become generational. It is a learned and accepted practice.


People are dumping freely all over the place. All dumpster should be under lock and key especially the ones at the marina. If it is overflowing, they need to order in another dumpster to take care of the over flow. What did the city expect when they took away the recyclable bins? The city wants you to recycle and then they take the bins away. It is a downright shame people take liberties with their dumping.


How much taxpayer money went into these recycle bins? Was it some Fed grant? More waste.


So you can't read when it says sponsorships no taxpayers. You guys are so quick to throw this taxpayers bs around without reading anything give it a rest. You just figured out taxpayers footed the bill for a lot of things. Where was you 10 or twenty years. I know false news say it so but we didn't start footing the bill just now.