And the walls will come crumblin' down

Sandusky is filled with iconic infrastructure.
Andy Ouriel
Dec 23, 2013


Problem is, many buildings are aging blights, posing severe safety risks to those living, playing or driving around them. City officials have either fronted costs or collaborated with private developers to raze or rehabilitate these problematic properties. Some structures should soon come crumbling down. And one is even undergoing a Cinderella-like transformation.

The Register compiled information from officials and related documents in examining five city properties either starting or slated for construction.

Keller Building
West Shoreline Drive in downtown Sandusky


• DEMOLITION END DATE: Late 2014 n COST: $550,000 in city funds

• HISTORY LESSON: The Keller Building played an instrumental role in Sandusky’s march to become a paper-producing mecca. Around 1880, The Sandusky Paper Co. began, starting as three separate buildings consolidated by the Hinde and Dauch Paper Co.